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Shein Spring Wishlist 2018

Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. This week I don't know how but I would have managed to upload three blog posts in a week! I hope you're enjoying my content as I love writing these up! Today's blog post is something I haven't done in a while. It's all about a list… Continue reading Shein Spring Wishlist 2018

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Blogmas Day 3 – My Christmas Wishlist

Hi everyone,  It is already Day 3 into Blogmas☃️🎄! And you know what, when you are doing these daily blog posts you really realise at how quick the days can fly by. I also have one more week until my exam. Ahhh!! So today's blog post is my very own Christmas Wishlist. Please comment down… Continue reading Blogmas Day 3 – My Christmas Wishlist


Blogmas Day 15 & 16 – Christmas Wishlist

Why can't I keep up with Blogmas this year !!!  Maybe it's because the days are like zooming by in nano seconds !! Please slow down a little, I need to catch my breath!! This Blogmas post is going to be dedicated to my Christmas Wishlist. These are 5 items that I think I need… Continue reading Blogmas Day 15 & 16 – Christmas Wishlist


Blogmas Day 8 – How I wish I could decorate for CHRISTMAS

Hi everyone !!  How are you all doing? We have a public holiday today so I will not be going to work !! Unfortunately, tomorrow will have a long boring day at work. It is going to be a bit tough going back because all I feel like doing is being here in bed. .… Continue reading Blogmas Day 8 – How I wish I could decorate for CHRISTMAS


Blogmas Day 7 – Christmas Wishlist

Hi everyone, How are you all doing? I took a day off work as I still woke up blocked. So hopefully on Wednesday I will go back to work as tomorrow we have a Public Holiday. In today's post I decided to create a Christmas Wishlist. This is all based on Makeup Products that I… Continue reading Blogmas Day 7 – Christmas Wishlist


MUA Autumn Collection 2015

No I have not bought anything YET from this collection but some things are already in my shopping basket waiting for my approval to be purchased. Here are the things which I really want to purchase. Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - Symphonic This shade looks amazing and perfect for the Fall. I would love pairing… Continue reading MUA Autumn Collection 2015