What I got for Christmas 2015

Hey guys,

How are you all doing in 2016?!?!

Hope you had a lovely start to the New Year. And hope you will have a lovely year full of love and happiness.

My year started with a quiet day, because on the 1st January with just spending it with family and having a nice lunch. Then yesterday I had a cousin’s day and we had a lovely day making pancakes, going to the outdoor gym, watching teen movies and having a lovely dinner with all our families.

I uploaded a video yesterday on my youtube channel:


And as always I will share it with you guys here!

This time I filmed a What I got for christmas video.


I really enjoyed filming this as I am very appreciative about all that I have received. I got some things from the students I work with at school. They are just the most adorable children!! I was never expecting any of this. I love them all.

So here is the video … Hope you like it 🙂

Comment down below on what your favorite gift was that you received for christmas?

Thank you so much for all your support, really appreciate it all!! 

Love Kezzie