Blogmas Day 9 – NEW VIDEOS!!

Hi everyone,

I hope all is well! I am bringing another post today and hoping that tomorrow’s post will include more content related to Blogmas!! I did tell you guys, or warn you that my blog posts would not all be festive!

However, I guess one of the videos I will be sharing here today is VLOGMAS so that does count as Christmas themed, no?

Yes today’s post is just updating you on two NEW videos that I have uploaded on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! I wished to share them here as well!

First one being is WEEK 1 of VLOGMAS 2020. I like uploaded a weekly vlog, and this did not change for vlogmas! i cannot vlog a day and upload a vlog a day, I think I would over stress myself with everything that I am juggling right now, so a weekly vlog will do. And FUN FACT I have actually been uploading weekly vlogs all week this year!!! It’s the first time I have managed and it was a new year’s resolution so so far I am acing it!!

So yes here is the first weekly vlog dedicated to VLOGMAS this year, I hope you enjoy watching –

And that’s not all, I just uploaded my first beauty video of the week where I shared me unboxing two gift sets from I heart Revolution – The Chocoholic Gift Set as well as the Chill Gift Set! So if you wish to see what I am going on about then check out this video –

And basically that’s all for today, I do hope tomorrow I will be able to sit down and full on write one of the blogmas post ideas I have on my long list on my sticky note app on my laptop! Apologies for the very long sentence!!

Good night everyone and stay safe!

Love Kezia


Blogmas Day 6 ☃️🎅🏻🎄- Vlogmas Week 1!!

Hi everyone!! 

I hope you are all doing well!! Day 6 is here! I hope you have been enjoying my blogmas posts!

But I did say that I will be trying out something else which I never have done. And that is VLOGMAS!

I have missed vlogging so much and Vlogmas was my excuse that I should start vlogging again. Before moving to Stirling I had every intention to vlog but as I got here and time really flew past quick, lots of things happened which influenced my choice in not vlogging until now.

I really enjoy vlogging and I just love having memories of where I go and what I do and who I meet. So now that I am in Stirling, living abroad and having a new experience every day … like cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and travelling to new places and of course learning a lot because the reason as to why I moved was to do my Masters – I would love to have a memory of all of it.

Last September like I wrote I had every intention to vlog, and well things happened and this had nothing to do with Stirling, and it just lowered my motivation on everything. Thankfully I still filmed my main channel videos that I love doing. But vlogging is more personal and I just didn’t feel myself to vlog.

I hope to one time open up about my story and will one day do it most probably. It basically evolves around my future in psychology. It is such a vast area yet so tough to get a career in. And I am already 24 years old so yeah seeing time pass and seeing that I still have a long way to go it just puts you down sometimes! Having doors constantly shut closed can really do a number on you!

vlogmas 1

But anyways !!!! My motivation came back to vlog and so here I am bringing you a Vlogmas this year! Mine won’t be uploaded per day but per week. So in this vlogmas week 1 you will get day 1, 2 and 3 of vlogmas. The next vlogmas, which will be uploaded next Monday the 11th, will include a whole week of vlogs – 7 days!! So in total I will have 4 Vlogmas videos on my channel and the last one will be uploaded on the 26th of December and by then I would be in Malta because yes I am going home for Christmas!

So in this Week 1 you simply will see me heading out to attend my placement that I have to do along with my course, study at the library and bake coconut balls. Yes my vlogmas won’t be that Christmassy until next Monday as I have an exam then but hopefully after I will get to do more exciting things!!

So I hope you like my Blogmas and Vlogmas this year!!

I really enjoy creating content and this really helps me and motivates me and sets my day in a more positive state!!!

I hope you all have a lovely Day 6 into December and thank you so much for reading and/or watching my videos!! 

I would love to know what you are doing today !! Comment down below!! 

Until tomorrow,

Love Kezia