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Vlog #4 – Come and have a look at what I was up to last week!

Hi guys !! 

So as most of you know I have started posting weekly vlogs on my youtube channel –

And every Monday I post a Vlog which encapsulates what I have been up to in the last week.

This week I find that it was quite a relaxed and boring week! I did not have much to do nor did I go out that much as I have done in previous weeks when I vlogged. So excuse me if it is slightly boring!

This week should be more exciting as I have a party coming up – although I will not be vlogging it as my phone probably will just capture everything in black!!

This week my children also start their exams – my children meaning the kids I teach. No I do not have kids of my own hehe but I do take care of plenty!!

Anyways here is the video – 

How was your week? 

Thank you for reading & watching.

Love Kezzie


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Vlog #3 – Follow me Around <3

Hi everyone, 

How are you all doing?

So I used to write what I was up to in blog posts but now, ever since I started vlogs I am very vague at writing what my life consists of.

So I just want to let everyone know that a new vlog is up and you can watch what was I up to during last week.

What did you do last week?

All in all my week was not too bad apart from finding out that I have to change my year plan on going to England to study Neuropsychology in September.

I have to admit it has upset me a bit and put my brain in a rollercoaster as I do not know yet what I will do.

But anyways – I wish you all a LOVELY week.

Thank you for reading.

Love Kezzie


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Vlog – January 2016 – Week 1 !!

Hi everyone, 

I am currently cosy in bed writing this vlog with a cup of tea next to me!

How are you all?

My god the first week of January flew by so quickly!! Like I cannot believe it! And even today !! I had work all day however the hours just rushed by! My friend told me she wishes for her super power to be to slow down time!!

So today is Monday and part of the new year and new me of 2016 comes with me uploading a VLOG a week. I am new to this and this is the second one I am posting!

I was so happy with the feedback that I got about last week’s vlog that I posted and am so excited to share with you my second vlog!

This week was not too busy! I only had work everyday but not long hours!! I had work on Monday to Wednesday from 7 to 12 … which is not a lot in my eyes! Then on Thursday and Friday I had work from 8:15 to 2/3 pm. However on Thursday straight after I had to rush to an interview … in the vlog you will  see how I was feeling!! And on Friday we had an after school meeting that lasted up until 4:30pm. It was so boring in my eyes!

I also received some packages which I cannot wait to make videos about! My mum and I also went food shopping for Gluten Free foods and I took you with me!! And you also see the rice Luke’s dad cooked for me that I love so much!! I also managed to film two videos for the upcoming weeks on my youtube channel –

Sorry I took a break from writing … to sip my tea … mmmm nothing beats a cuppa tea :3

Anyways here is my vlog, hope you guys can comment down below and let me know what you think of today’s vlog 😀

See you all next time,

Love Kezzie


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I just uploaded my #FIRST #VLOG!!

Hi everyone, 

How are you all doing? Goodness, I cannot believe my christmas holidays are all over!!! I went back to work today !!

So I have been thinking about this for a while, and I always said after the New Year I shall try it out. And I am veryyyyy excited about all of this!!

I started VLOGGING!! Now to not make it boring for everybody, I am not going to be doing a vlog a day. Instead I will only be doing one vlog that goes through my entire week!

I did this because sometimes my days can be boring. However, this first one only covers the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of January. Surprisingly I actually did quite a bit. But mostly because I was off work for the christmas holidays.

I want you guys to comment down below sharing with me some FEEDBACK because I would really appreciate it. I never did this and I am recording with my Nokia Windows Phone which does not allow me to film with great quality. But in my eyes it was watchable.

Please let me know what you think of my first vlog. 

Hope you enjoy it and if you like it give it a thumbs up.

Thank you all for your lovely support, love each and every one of you!!

Love Kezzie