Lip Monthly – January 2017 Unbagging

Hi everyone, 

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!!

I haven’t written a blog post – apart from writing my weekly video related blog posts – in a while! In a while meaning for a week!

But I thought I should just sit down – or get comfortable on my bed – and write up a blog post. I have been awfully busy with Psychology and studying and preparing that I haven’t had time to focus on Youtube or my blog for a proper good amount of time in a while. I know I uploaded my video on Friday however, I didn’t write much of a blog post. I honestly enjoy writing away over here but anyways this introduction is becoming far too long!

Now where were we? 



Ah yes, so I finally received my January bag from Lip Monthly. It was shipped out quite late and therefore arrived at the end of the month however it was worth the wait as the products are amazing. What’s great is that usually Lip Monthly ship out three items which are lip related and one bonus item however, this month we got 4 Lip Items! I prefer it this way!!


The retail value of this month’s bag was $67.95 and we got some gorgeous lip shades! Lip Monthly also is offering the chance to actually customise some products out of your bag! I keep forgetting which product I customised and if indeed I got the product I chose. But still it is a cool initiative!

What products were in this month’s bag?

Manna Kadar Lipstick – Shade Bliss – Retails for $21.00 

The packaging is so sleek and again it is a lovely light everyday pink! So soft and moisturising. The formula is not a drying one at all.

On the packaging it says it is a priming lipstick, this means that it is both a lip primer and lipstick. I don’t own anything like this and I love the idea behind it! I love how this feels on my lips, so creamy as well!

Lord & Berry Crayon – Retails for $10.00 – Shade Black Red 

The name of this crayon I don’t like at all but then the colour looks amazing!

I cannot find it to be available on the Lord & Berry website so I don’t know whether this product was limited or edition or is sold out!

Hola Neon Velvet Liquid Lipstick – Retails for $17.00 – Shade DF

The packaging of this liquid lipstick is GORGEOUS, looks so high end! I love the gold tap and the font of the brand! I don’t like that the shade name is DF but I guess we can overlook it!

It has a peculiar smell, one that is not so tasteful! It has a soft and velvet-ty formula. Doesn’t transfer either! I love the shade I got, perfect everyday pink for all seasons!

The shade range of these matte lipsticks doesn’t vary however, they all look great! I also love the box it came … again the packaging is so cute!!


Jelly Pong Pong Lipgloss – Shade Necessity – Retails for $19.95 

I love the box it came in, it was so cute. The gloss has a certain smell that reminds me of my childhood. It reminds me of some items I used to get when collecting Groovy Chick magazines!! Weird right?

It is quite a sticky consistency not one of my favourites. I like the colour I got however I do not think I will reach for it much!



I cannot wait to see what the next bag will consist of and whether we will only get lip items from now on! 

What product is your favourite? 

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Kezia


December 2016 Lip Monthly Bag

Hi everyone,

I am finally going to share with you all what I received in my Lip Monthly bag. It did ship quite late and so I received the bag at the very end of the month.

However, I was not disappointed by the products that I received.

In this month’s bag we all received 4 items which were all lip related! This month however we did not receive how much the products were worth and what was the total retail cost of the bag as we have received in the previous months!


A big plus was that we received the gold sealed envelope which is sort of like the envelope one would receive their Ipsy bag!

LipMonthly is a monthly lip subscription service. Every month we get a different bag which hold all the products! 

Cost: $12.95/month

Ships: To the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Australia. However, shipping rates do apply to the UK, Canada, Spain and Australia.

No they do not ship to Malta – they used to however they stopped. I was lucky as since I was subscribed with them before they made this change I still get to receive the bag at a $4.99 shipping fee. So the bag now costs me $16. I thought I would unsubscribe this month but since the bag came with goodies which I am happy with I shall give it another chance!

Coupon: Use Code LIPLOVER to get your first bag for $5

The items we received were – 

Chapstick Total Hydration Natural Lip Scrub ($4.99)




I was so happy to receive a lip scrub as my lips are so dry due to these cold winter days! This is a FULL SIZE product! I have never tried any products from this brand. It has a minty scent to it and it is soft on the lips.

Crazy Rumors Hibiskiss Lip Color in Breeze ($4.99)



Another products that will hopefully benefit my dry lips. It is a FULL SIZE product and when I applied it reminded me of the chapsticks I used to use when I was younger. The scent is a sort of fruity one which sent me back to the past! It feels very refreshing on my lips and not harsh at all.

City Color Lip Gloss With Argan Oil in Girl Next Door ($5.99)



This again is a FULL SIZE product! It comes in a very glossy and shimmery formula; it also has argan oil which I guess should be good no? It is not too sticky on the lips which is a big deal for me as I am not much of a fan of lip gloss. However, thanks to Lip Monthly I am using lip glosses again. The shade is not something I would go for however, this may have been my fault for choosing it.

Now Lip Monthly offers you the chance to customise some products which you will receive in your next bag. Maybe it was because the shades differ on the screen but I thought this shade would be more of a pink nude shade. However, I will learn to love it as I was not disappointed when I saw it on me!

Cougar Mineral Lipstick in Sangria ($10)



This is the most expensive product we got in this bag and again its FULL SIZE! It has a lovely red/pink shade to it. However, on the lips it is more a red with an orange undertone to it which really looks like the shade that sangria has! It is shimmery and creamy and applied smoothly onto the lips.

Are you subscribed to LIP MONTHLY? Have you received the December Bag? 

If not, would you like to subscribe to them?

Thank you so much for reading. 

Love Kezia


October Lip Monthly Bag


Hi Makeup Lovers,

How are you all doing?

Before I start my blog post about what I received in my October Lip Monthly bag I just would like to update you on the new Lip Monthly as they updated their website and subscription service.

They do not ship to Malta anymore if you were to join them now. At the time being they are only accepting NEW subscribers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. You will only receive the bag if you live in other countries if you were previously subscribed with them.

However, now free shipping is not going to be done anymore but you will need to pay a shipping fee. I only know that for England the shipping fee will be $3.99 plus the bag itself which is $12.95 and even for me that is how much I am going to be paying.

Personally I am going to try it out for another month and will decide then if I shall keep the subscription or not. In the bag you only receive 4 items. Three of them will be dedicated to the lips whilst the other will be the bonus item that can either be for your hair, face, hands and anything else.

The October bag came in the cutest of fall-y bags. I actually love the design and the colours.


We got a lip gloss from Cargo Cosmetics in the shade Rio. This is the only product I highly disliked in the bag. Why? Because it is a gloss that does not scream autumn/fall for me. It is a bright orange tanned shade and it is a gloss. I don’t like glosses, but that is just me! This gloss retails for $16.


The next thing we have is a gorgeous smoked orange/brown toned lipstick called Charmed from be a bombshell. Now see this is more my kind of colour during these cold and cosy months. The lipstick formula itself is matte although it does have some shine to it. And it is quite long lasting. There is no scent whatsoever. This retails for $6.




My favourite lip product in this bag had to be the lip liner from Laritzy. The shade (Brick) of it was perfect and it was like a dark red shade. I love the way I lined and filled in my lips. It retails for $18.

Lip Combo

In the video which I will be embedding below you will also see how the lip liner and lipstick also worked so well together and you can create a gorgeous lip shade with them both applied.

The final product was the bonus item which was a baked highlighter in the shade Sunkist. This was from DLS (Dirty Little Secret). It has gold glitter specs to it and I personally feel that I would like it more as an eyeshadow than a highlight. It retails for $14.

Therefore, the retail value of the bag is $54.

Is the bag worth it?

I guess for the products you get and the price you pay it is worth it. But I would have to choose the Sweet Sparkle box over the Lip Monthly bag. As in Sweet Sparkle you get more product for the price you pay.

Here is a video I made showing how the products tested out. 

Have you ever tried out the Lip Monthly bag? Do you want to try it out? 

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you have a lovely week!



What I got in my May Lip Monthly Bag!

Hi everyone, 

A new video is up and it is my MAY LIP MONTHLY BAG UNBOXING!!

I really hope you like it ! I really loved this bag, more than what we got back in April, that’s for sure!

Lip Monthly is a $12.95 month subscription service for your favourite Lip products! Every month you’ll receive a unique bag of 4-5 items from awesome brands such as Stila, Revlon, Glam Natural, Appeal Cosmetics, Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics and more.

Join today using COUPON CODE:

“2FREE” to get 2 months FREE on Annual Subscriptions!
“1STFREE” to get your first month for FREE on 4 Month Subscriptions!
“LIPLOVER” to get your first month for only $5 on Monthly Subscriptions!

Subscribe to Lip Monthly here!

The Products I got were –

Manna Kadar 3 in 1 gloss in shade Manna Babe – $24
So Susan Lip & Cheek Stain – Jello Shot – Hangover _ $24.95
Dirty Little Secret Lipstick in shade Vengeance – $10
Jor’el Parker Face Masrk – $10

Total retail value – $68.95



I hope you liked my video, please comment down below if you have any thoughts on this bag !!

Love Kezzie