My Biggest Primark Haul Yet!!!

Hi everyone, 

Oh my goodness, it is Friday again! It comes back so quickly!! I hope you all had a lovely week and I wish you all a lovely weekend! And with St. Patrick’s day tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it !! Be safe!!

Anyways, today’s blog post is all about a Primark Haul video that I uploaded this week on my Youtube Channel! I simply love and adore Primark especially now that I can go to Primark whenever I can!

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 20.22.55.png

Primark is heaven as it has everything you need from clothes to shoes to accessories to makeup to home decor to YOU NAME IT! I think they have products which are of good quality and their prices are affordable. Although, I have to be honest, four to five years ago when I came face to face with the first Primark ever things were cheaper so I don’t know maybe Primark has gotten slightly more pricey but the prices are not exaggerated.

I like going to the Primark found in Stirling after I go to my placement. I guess it is a stress reliever from being a student. I just love walking through the shop and seeing all the different amazing things! Make sure to be following my Instagram page where I post instadays of my Primark visits and what I got!

Anyways, so this haul includes things which I bought when I first moved here up until recently. I already have some new bits that i am saving for another future Primark Haul!

Anyways you can watch it right here where I show you all the lovely things I bought from Primark!! I hope you like the video!!

Have you ever gone to Primark? What was your experience? 

Thank you so much for reading and for your support!! 

Love Kezia


Primark Haul

Hi everyone,

A new video was uploaded yesterday and I was so excited to share it with you all!

It was of what I got from Primark last September!

I really hope you enjoy watching!

I always love watching other primark hauls, so I was so excited to have my very own one up!

Primark is just an amazing shop which caters for everything you might need!

I always go in there with the feeling as though I am going to shop like crazy!! Infact I needed two baskets which I filled up in the end.

I honestly do not buy that many clothes, in fact  I can go a whole year without buying any new clothing but then when I go abroad, that is where the magic happens!

I guess I love the bargains that I find ! I think they really are worth it!



My favourite items were by far the star wars Pjs and the pink tote bag ❤ I absolutely cannot wait to wear the Pjs as it still is not too cold for it!


I also have been looking for black simple strappy heels for ages and these are bliss!

I also loved my It’s not me It’s you cat pillow! I obviously had to get it!

Anyways, this was a short post just sharing with you my latest clothing haul video!

I really hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to like & subscribe !!

Love Kezia


Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale – BH Cosmetics

Hi makeup lovers,

Ahhhh so excited to share with you this new video.

I recently purchased from the new collection from Ashley Tisdale on

She released her line I think in the beginning of June on the website. She has 2 eyeshadow palettes called beach goddess and night goddess. In the video I only show one but actually I recently ordered the other one too.

IMG_3506IMG_3508If you would like an in depth review of both of the palettes please let me know, I would be more than happy to do it for you guys!!

She also released a set of lip glosses, I have everyone of them except for one which is like a coral shade, as always I skip that one. Although on this video I only show four and again if you would like an in depth review of these let me know!! IMG_3511IMG_3510

She then also released a set if lip and cheek tints however I did not purchase any. I think the overall price is overpriced. A palette is $18 whilst a lip gloss or the lip/cheek tint are $9 each.

Besides that I have to pay shipping on the website so it is a bit sad that the products in my opinion are a tad expensive.

But nonetheless, the products are amazing. The packaging they come in is gorgeous it is a rose gold packaging which is beautiful!

You could find all these products right here –

And here is my video showing the products I got and swatches.

The products that were mentioned were:
Night Goddess – 12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection – $18
Enhancing Lip Gloss – $9 each
Shades mentioned:
Skinny Dipping
Tan Lines

Hope you liked my video – don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe/follow my blog if you want to see more content from me!!

Love Kezia



Boohoo Haul


Hi guys !!!

Hope you all are doing well. It is video day today and here I am sharing it with my blog followers too. In today’s video I wanted to share with you guys what I got in my recent Boohoo Haul. I was mostly looking for midi skirts because I wanted to spice up my wardrobe.

If you never checked out boohoo then you can do so right here:
This is a website that is used for online shopping and it is based in the UK.

What I bought:

A dark green turtle neck Bodycon Dress

I do not own many bodycon dresses and I am not going to lie. I thought this would impress me a little more, but it did not. I love the colour but I don’t know. I have not tried it on properly for a night out so many I will judge it then.

Basic Midi Skirts in Navy Blue, Black and Beige

Maybe this could have been due to Kim Kardashian influence? She loves wearing these types of skirts and I am trying to widen my style. And this is not what I usually go for however I am loving these skirts and am so glad that I bought them!!

White Shoulder Crop Top

For the price this was I was expecting it to be of richer material. Overall it fit great, the material is the only thing I did not like as it could have been thicker.

Black long Sleeve Crop Top

I think we all need this clothing item in our closets. It is so basic and can be worn with jeans, skirts, maxi skirts, midi skirts, leggings!! Basically it can be worn with everything and it really does make any outfit look great!! So happy with this purchase!!!

Aztec Midi Skirt 

I am so happy I got this on sale!! I am in love with this skirt and the aztec print makes me love it ten times more.

Pink Long Sleeved Crop Top

I am a bit disappointed with this item not because of how it is but because the colour varied a lot from the site! The site told me it is going to be on the cream side, and from what I understood it should have been cream on the white side. But no it was cream on the peach side overlapping to the pink shade. I already own one similar to this that I wore in my GRWM Birthday Dinner video. But whatever I will still wear these as I love crop tops.

Hope you enjoyed my video.


MUA Haul – Autumn 2015 Collection


Hey guys!!

I recently uploaded a blog post stating my wishlist from the new Autumn Collection by MUA. And so I added items in cart, deleted and re-added. And my order arrived and I put together a HAUL video as yes today is video day 🙂

Therefore I hope you enjoy my video.

Thank you so much for subscribing 😌😌😘

Here is what I bought from MUA (Makeup Academy) with all the links to them.

MUA Luxe Utopia Eyeshadow Palette

MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick Twinkle

MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick Glint

MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick Blaze

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – Pink Shimmer

MUA Matte Liquid Eyeliner

MUA Blusher in Bonbon and Candyfloss

Thanks for reading and watching.



Back to School Haul – New Look, Bershka, Calliope, Kiabi

Hey guys!!
So on Saturday I went shopping for some clothes for when I go back to work, well really I am just starting my first full time job this year so it’s a whole new experience and I NEEDED some new outfits for this new path.
But I decided to film this haul as a Back to School because all items can be worn for such school days. All items but one that is, the small heels shouldn’t be used. But come on they’re cute and I needed a smart pair of shoes both for work and graduation.
Items I bought:
Black Ripped Jeans – they are so comfy and a necessary wardrobe item for fall. And for school – see these i won’t wear at work. (Bershka)
White Shirt with a Peter Pan Collar – I love this shirt because of its unique pattern at the back. Great for wearing with a pair of jeans and sneakers. You look both smart and casual at the same time. (Kiabi)
Black and White Patterned Leggings – These are so comfortable during these cold coming months and you should be comfortable both at work and school and these do the job. (New Look)
Maroon & Mustard Shirts – These are so smart and so comfortable to wear. Again these can be worn on trousers/skirts and even a PAIR OF JEANS. I love these and I want them in other colours!! (New Look)
Patterned Jacket – This comes without any BUTTONS and I find that to be adorable. Well the whole Jacket is adorable. Something nice to wear when your outfit is a bit plain and is shouting for some VA VA VOOM. It was a bit expensive and I bought it a size bigger simply because they did not have my size. But I think in winter I wear so much larger clothing with wool so it shouldn’t be a problem. (New Look)
Black Shoulder Bag – I love this bag and i needed a bag so this was a thought item that I needed haha. I love this, the design in the front with the zip is so cute. And you can fit your lunch and your small notebook in it. Great for school and for work. Must buy! (New Look)
Black and White Pointy Small Heels – I think these are adorable and they are comfortable too. They are smart and so elegant and I think they would complete an outfit and make it even more amazing then it already is! i imagine this to be worn with something black, that will make the white pop out even more than it already is. Of course these are not shoes you would wear to school, at least not in my opinion. I bought these essentially for formal work occasions and for graduation (New Look)
Black Pointy Flats – I think these are essentials in any girl’s shoe closet. I mean we all need that one pair of black flats and this is mine. i had another one but now it got too old and dirty and this just makes the whole outfit. It’s casual and comfortable perfect for going to school/work. (New Look)
Black Sneakers with a Platform – I have been looking for these shoes for ages!!! I WANTED them so bad and i have seen them on a friend of mine which only made me want them more. And so I got them. Obviously I will not wear these at work but i would suggest them for school together with ripped jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a beanie ❤ That would look amazing!! (Kiabi)
Be sure to check out my video of my Back to School Haul right here !!
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Thank you so much guys !!
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