Malta Fashion Week 2019 – Ritienne Zammit

MFWA – 29/05/2019

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing great! It’s official, Malta Fashion Week 2019 is OVER! Yesterday there were the fashion week awards – congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

Today, I am sharing with you this post on the last fashion show that was on Wednesday! It was truly one amazing show by Ritienne Zammit.

Ritienne Zammit

Ritienne Zammit participated in Malta Fashion Week before and back in 2017 when I attended my first fashion week I had seen her show and had enjoyed it – the outfits were stunning and as a designer she is amazing! As Malta Fashion Week’s website states, “Ritienne’s dark edge implores to be seen beneath the historical motifs, strong political messages and poetic metaphors, on which her collections are strongly based.”

An interesting fact about Ritienne – She was awarded,‘The Most Outstanding Student of the Year’ Award 2009-10 at MCAST Institute of Creative Arts in collaboration with the Malta Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce as well as the ‘New Designer Award’ in 2013 at the Malta Fashion Awards. 

My thoughts on the show … 

WOW ….. just WOW!!!! I was amazed at her show, at her designs, at the hair, the makeup, the jewellery (by Yana’s Jewellery!). She had a dog in the show and then she had a baby! She had an amazing Queen and King! My god her designs, featuring feasts which are a Maltese Tradition in her outfits she created! She took me to Game of Thrones vibes too, I just was in awee throughout the show! Here are some pieces which struck me –

Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &

Follow Ritienne on her social media and visit her website – 




What do you think of the pieces? Aren’t they STUNNING!?!?

Thank you all so much for reading!! And for all your amazing support! I just have one more post to upload on Fashion Week, that’s of my final outfit at the event! I am just waiting for the photos from the photographer, once I have them I will share my post with you all!!

Until next time!

Love Kezia


Want more info, details and updates on Malta Fashion Week, check out their website and Social Media! –

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This year’s Malta Fashion Week is being held at Fort St Elmo in Valletta, I love this location!! Their sponsors are Keune Hair Cosmetics, Fashion Beverages, Hilton Malta, Aldo, Air Malta, Jaguar, Land Rover, Coca Cola, Medasia Cabs, Fashiontv gaming group, Campari, Evagarden, Logografix, Medasia Playa, Ving Insurance Brokers, ORLY, Niumee, Michael Kors, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Antonio’s Barber Shop, TVM, Servizi Malta, Nexos, Nescafe, Motionblur, Heritage Malta, The Sheer Bation, Cugo Gran, ILAB Photo, M. Demajo, Hugo’s Hotels, Mediterranean Ceramics, Dr Juice and eXtraStaff Malta. And their collaborators are Malta Tourism Authority, VCA and Arts Council Malta

Malta Fashion Week – TRESemme Collaboration and final fashion shows – Suzana Peric, Nathan Micallef & Ritienne Żammit

Hi everyone, 

Yesterday I attended the last set of shows at Malta Fashion Week. I really enjoyed going to these shows, getting dressed everyday, being in heels and basically all dolled up for an unforgettable evening!

Yesterday, I also collaborated with TRESemme Malta! I really would love to thank them for such an opportunity and for sharing with me some lovely products! Yesterday, I actually did my hair wavy for the evening.

TRESemme was actually one of the main sponsors of Malta Fashion Week and with the help of all the hair stylists, the models’ hair always looked on fleek! As was the makeup by all the makeup artists who took part!



The final fashion shows were – 

Suzana Peric from Serbia presented Dancing in the Clouds.





There were lots of dresses in black and white. Some were in red too. Basically a lot of colour was going on during the show. However, each dress mostly had just the one chosen colour.




I loved the dresses, all were so flow-y and girly. Most of the dresses had floral patterns. All the models’ hair were put in a pony tail and the makeup was kept natural.

My favourite outfit of the show – 


Nathan Micallef who is studying in London, presented us with a presentation entitled Really Not Real. All the pieces were so unique and the models came so close to the audience.




The colours were mostly grey and white and most of the pieces had the emblem of Nathan’s brand. Well done to Nathan for this unique presentation.




The final show was by Ritienne Żammit. She gave us a hint of Maltese in her outfits. She presented with I Love Valletta. I like how she interpreted her home country into her fashion style. Her designs and patterns on the dresses were so unique!









I would love to get my hands on this outfit – I think that even though it is sportive it just is so fashionable! I love it!


The hair of the models were either in a short black bob or else some models were rocking space buns, such a trend right now! I loved their makeup too, so earthy.





My Outfit for the night (Photos thanks to Neil Psaila) – 


What I am Wearing – 

Top – Pimkie

Skirt – Vintage – back when Marks & Spencers was called St.Michaels

Shoes – Clubsin

Bag – River Island

Jacket – Primark


Which was your favourite outfit? Comment down below!

I truly enjoyed this lovely experience and am so sad that it’s coming to an end! I hope you enjoyed my blog posts all about Malta Fashion Week!

Thank you for reading.

Love Kezia