My thoughts on PUR Cosmetics – 4 in 1 Collection

Hi everyone,

I have not written on this blog for quite a while now and I do miss it! But so many things are going on at the minute, that I could not catch up on everything. Even though I do not update this blog as much as I like, I still am active on my other social media channels. I still upload on my Youtube Channel twice a week and still post on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I apologise for ignoring this outlet – my blog – but I never forgot about it.

In April my domain will probably go back to – as I am stopping my subscription with wordpress as yes I still love my blog but I would prefer using it in such a way without the subscription. In all reality the subscription just gave me a domain name as well as more space to upload photos. I think with wordpress, that’s the only issue I have that I do not have enough space to upload as many photos as I wish. And when it comes to my blog posts I always love taking an amount of photos to display through the post.

Anyways. . . I do not wish to keep rambling, but yes I will try and write more regularly but I do not know if this will be a weekly set of blog posts as I did before. But if you follow me on my other social media, when I do upload a blog post I share it there as well as you can see the other things I get around doing! Nonetheless, I would love to thank those who have been so supportive on this blog and so patient with me!

Ok enough real talk now let’s focus on today’s topic at hand! PUR COSMETICS! I was sent out these three products from PUR COSMETICS UK, (thank you so much to PUSH PR!) and I have been using these for quite some time now and love using them for my simple and natural everyday makeup look and just had to share them with you all!

What I like about them is their concept of including a 4 in 1 concept, meaning it does lots of things in one product. The products themselves include skincare ingredients that should be helpful towards your skin!

4-in-1 Correcting Primer Hydrate & Balance

This primer is great for those who want a matte makeup look, it’s hydrating , oil free and silicone free. It’s moisturising and provides for a long lasting effect, and is lightweight and acts as a moisturiser barrier between the skin and makeup for long-lasting results on all skin tones. It comes in a cream texture that blends so nicely into the skin. I also love its packaging!! So pretty and holographic!

4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer

This comes in 3 shades – Light, Medium and Dark. What I love most about this is it’s a moisturiser, primer, foundation and has SPF-20…that’s amazing no? It’s a hydrating tinted moisturiser that includes sodium, hyaluronate and PUR’s exclusive Ceretin Complex which is a one-of-a-kind ingredient that helps to renew the skin without irritation. You can use it alone for a one-step, natural looking complexion or as a hydrating base for mineral makeup application. I love applying it for work, it just conceals and helps my skin stay protected as well!

4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation with Skincare Ingredients

This product comes in a variety of shades and caters for different skin tones. This product gives you a flawless mineral coverage and has great skincare ingredients. It’s lightweight, applies so easily and acts as a foundation, concealer, powder and has SPF 15 too! It also has been clinically proven to correct, prevent and interrupt skin concerns. Topped on the primer and tinted moisturiser mentioned above, they all just go hand in hand and love applying them together! I love its packaging also, it’s so luxurious!

Have you heard of PUR cosmetics before? Are you intrigued by any of these products? Let me know in the comments down below!!

Thank you so much for reading and for your amazing support, I wish you all an amazing weekend!!

Love Kezia