Blogmas Day 19 – Primark Haul

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day 19 of December!! Today's Blogmas is all about a Primark Haul and I uploaded a video showing you guys what I got. I love Primark, I miss it so much! They always have a variety of items at such great prices!! I used to enjoy… Continue reading Blogmas Day 19 – Primark Haul

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My Biggest Primark Haul Yet!!!

Hi everyone,  Oh my goodness, it is Friday again! It comes back so quickly!! I hope you all had a lovely week and I wish you all a lovely weekend! And with St. Patrick's day tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it !! Be safe!! Anyways, today's blog post is all about a Primark Haul video… Continue reading My Biggest Primark Haul Yet!!!

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Testing PRIMARK Makeup – FULL FACE Makeup Look

Hi everyone,  This week I uploaded a video all about Primark Makeup. Back in April I picked up some products in the hopes of making a video and a blog post like this ... so here goes! You can watch the video right here of me applying Primark makeup and you can see all my… Continue reading Testing PRIMARK Makeup – FULL FACE Makeup Look


Primark Fashion Haul

Hi everyone,  Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!  I came over to write up a little short blog as I am importing some footage for future videos and will start editing my weekly vlog soon. On Friday I uploaded a Primark Fashion Haul and I would love to share it with you all… Continue reading Primark Fashion Haul


Primark Haul

Hi everyone, A new video was uploaded yesterday and I was so excited to share it with you all! It was of what I got from Primark last September! I really hope you enjoy watching! I always love watching other primark hauls, so I was so excited to have my very own one up! Primark… Continue reading Primark Haul