Malta Fashion Week 2019 – Outfit #3

27/05/2019 – MFWA 2019

Hi everyone,

How are you all today? I hope everyone is doing great! And I hope that you are enjoying my blog posts! I truly missed writing here and I need to get back to it as it is something relaxing to do! Though I miss recording videos for my Youtube Channel but once Fashion Week finishes I will surely get back to that source too!

Today I will be sharing with you all what I wore on Day 6 of Malta Fashion Week 2019. As you know all my outfits are from New Look Malta, I just love the brand and it truly reflects back on me, my personality and my style that I have developed into!

Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &

The outfit I chose for today’s shows was one which I loved. I love my crops tops, but this included a top with string straps, and I just loved its colour and its design! A VERY comfortable trousers which were made of linen and had the paperbag trousers style, paired with nice button detailing. From this outfit I just loved the STRAW bag!! I know how in style they are and you just need to have one in your closet! I also had a jacket which was a very casual white blazer which makes the look together.

Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Massimo Cassar –

What I am wearing …

Top – I could not find the exact top online however, found the closest one – Linen Blend Crop Top (New look Malta outlets should still have the top in my photos still in stock!)

Trousers – White Linen Blend Paperbag Trousers

Jacket – White Crosshatch Blazer – I forgot to take a photo with it !!! But I did have a boomerang featured on Lovin Malta’s Insta Story wearing it haha !!

Bag – Stone Woven Straw Effect Bucket Bag

What did you think of my outfit? Comment down below !! And again I would like to thank NEW LOOK MALTA and Hudson Group Malta for sponsoring me and my outfits during Fashion Week !!

Here are some photos I took with some bloggers –

Daniela –
Photographer – MCMifsud Photography –
Top – Daniela – , Nicola – , Samira -, Maya –
Photographer – MCMifsud Photography –
Samira –, and Nicola –
Photographer – Massimo Cassar –
From Left to Right – Samira –, Adielle –, Daniela –
From Left to Right – Stephanie –, Samira –, Nicola – and Daniela –

Thank you so much for reading and for all your support!

Love Kezia


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Malta Fashion Week 2019 – Outfit #2

26/05/2019 – MFWA 2019 


Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!! Here is the outfit I wore at yesterday’s Malta Fashion Week!

I loved this two piece set from New Look. And since it was still a little chilly, it went well styled with an oversized denim jacket!! I paired it with a small red bag which matched the leaf designs on the two piece!

Photographer – Viktor Vella –
Photographer – Viktor Vella –
Photographer – Viktor Vella –

Let me tell you a little about my outfit from New Look …

Top – White Leaf Linen Blend Tie Crop Top

Shorts – Cream Leaf Print Linen Blend Shorts

Denim Jacket – Blue Oversized Button Up Denim Jacket

Bag – Orange Stud Strap Top Handle Bag

Photographer – Viktor Vella –
Photographer – Viktor Vella –

What did you think of my outfit? Comment down below !! And again I would like to thank NEW LOOK MALTA and Hudson Group Malta for sponsoring me and my outfits during Fashion Week !!

Thank you for reading!!!

Love Kezia


P.s … Here’s a photo which shows a very good friend of mine !!! I am so happy for you Christabel, you have accomplished so much !! Love you and thank you for everything !!!

Photographer – Viktor Vella –
And Christa Sansone – Makeup Artist – and a TRUE FRIEND – and

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Malta Fashion Week 2019 – Outfit #1

23/05/2019 – MFWA 2019 

Hi Everyone,

So as I said, a day after each day I attend Malta Fashion Week I will come here and write up a blog post all about the outfit I wore on the day!

And so here is my outfit blog post for the outfit I wore yesterday.

I will not be attending all the days during fashion week as it is quite impossible for me having a full time job. However, I will be attending Malta Fashion Week on 4 different days! And yesterday was the first day that I attended!

As I wrote in my previous blog post I am sponsored by New Look Malta for the outfits I am wearing during this year’s fashion week!

So here is the first outfit –

Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Viktor Vella –
Photographer – Viktor Vella –

Let me tell you a little about my outfit from New Look

Top – Cameo Rose White Ruched Crop Top

Trousers – Light Green Linen Look Crop Trousers

Jacket – Black Crop Denim Jacket

Bag – Stone Woven Straw Effect Half Moon Bag

I love these trousers, they are so comfortable and the top is so cute and just fits right, as you can tighten it as much as you like!! It does get a little chilly during these shows, so then yes I need to wear a jacket!! And a cropped black denim jacket … you can never go wrong with it!! This outfit, i loved paired it with a black bag and chose this straw bag, as straw bags are a big thing at the moment!!

And here are some other photos of my outfit taken from Samira who’s a blogger – 🙂

I also wore handmade earrings from Wood and Tassel Handmade Jewellery … just love these green ones so much, so unique!!

What did you think of my outfit? Comment down below !! And again I would like to thank NEW LOOK MALTA and Hudson Group Malta for sponsoring me and my outfits during Fashion Week !!

And here are some photos that were taken by photographers with some other lovely influencers!!

Photographer – Viktor Vella –
Blogger – Samira –
Photographer – Viktor Vella –
Blogger – Samira –
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Blogger – Maxine –

And that’s it for my first outfit post at this year’s Malta Fashion Week!!

Thank you so much for reading!! The next show that I will be attending will be on Sunday !!

Love you all !!

Love Kezia


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Malta Fashion Week 2019 – MFWA2019

My MFWA Outfit #1 – Tomorrow will be positing an outfit post!!

Today I attended my very first show at this year’s Malta Fashion Week. I was super excited, nervous and just a bundle of emotions all intertwined together. I had attended my last show 2 years ago, last year I did not attend as this time last year I was writing up my dissertation … time has passed and wow was that a piece of work! However, this year, I was all set and ready to attend. Yes, not all the days during the entire week, but I have chosen four different days where I will be attending and enjoying a show!

The bag is from NEW LOOK !!

Also, I was so happy to see all the other lovely Maltese Influencers. Boy have we grown in number since two years ago! I am happy to see more Maltese creating their own blogs and YouTube channels!! If you are creative and have that curiosity for such activities and are into fashion, makeup, whatever, GO FOR IT!! What are you waiting for?!? 

From Left to Right – @iam_jz, @danielamicalleffashionblogger, @maxinesbeautyx and @hey_its_samii – follow them on Instagram!!!

This year’s Malta Fashion Week is being held at Fort St Elmo in Valletta, I love this location!! Their sponsors are Keune Hair Cosmetics, Fashion Beverages, Hilton Malta, Aldo, Air Malta, Jaguar, Land Rover, Coca Cola, Medasia Cabs, Fashiontv gaming group, Campari, Evagarden, Logografix, Medasia Playa, Ving Insurance Brokers, ORLY, Niumee, Michael Kors, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Antonio’s Barber Shop, TVM, Servizi Malta, Nexos, Nescafe, Motionblur, Heritage Malta, The Sheer Bation, Cugo Gran, ILAB Photo, M. Demajo, Hugo’s Hotels, Mediterranean Ceramics, Dr Juice and eXtraStaff Malta. And their collaborators are Malta Tourism Authority, VCA and Arts Council Malta

I also have some exciting news which I already shared on my social media (which you can join so you can follow anything I share on MFWA!!) but not here yet .. for this year’s Fashion Week events, I am being sponsored by New Look, therefore, all my outfits that I wear throughout the shows are all from New Look. I am so happy that they accepted and gave me this opportunity, I will always be so grateful!! I personally love New Look and still remember when it first opened right here in Malta. It was the first shop where I saw my style grow, even just the shop and its layout was such a breath of fresh air! And that is why I chose this brand and its outfits, and the outfits I chose reflect me, my personality and my style and throughout the shows I attend I will be writing up outfit blog posts too!!! And THANK YOU TO NEW LOOK AND HUDSON MALTA for this opportunity once again!!

So my blog is going to be quite active this week, so be sure to be following it! Therefore, here is how I will be sharing with you my blog posts throughout Fashion Week! After each show, I will post about my thoughts on the fashion shows and their designers. Then the next day I will share an Outfit Blog Post of what I wore at Fashion Week!

I hope you all will enjoy these blog posts and I honestly wanted to share as best as I can, my experience at this year’s Fashion Week right here in Malta!

If you have any questions or comments, kindly leave them down below!! 

Thank you all for your support – as without you all, KezziesCorner would not be the same!! 

See you all in my next post!! 

Love Kezia


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Summer Outfits Collab w/ Debbie from Distorted Priorities

Hi everyone, 

So if you have been following my blog/Youtube Channel you would know that I recently collaborated once again with Debbie from Distorted Priorities.

Today’s blog post is another collaboration with Debbie and I am so excited to share 3 Summer outfits with you all.

You can view Debbie’s blog post with her 3 summer outfits right here –

Here is a sneak peak of Debbie’s from Distorted Priorities outfits




This Summer I have been loving floral patterns, pastel colours, off the shoulder tops, crop tops and high waisted shorts and skirts. Here are my Summer Outfits that I have put together which I had previously worn during these Summer Months –

Outfit #1 






Crop Top – Bershka

High Waisted Skirt – Primark

Shoes – Primark

Watch – New Look

Earrings – Ebay 

Rings – New Look & Bershka 

Outfit #2







Crop Top – Bershka

High Waisted Shorts – Ebay 

Shoes – Primark

Choker – Ebay 

Rings – Primark

Bag – My Grandma’s Closet 

Outfit #3










Crop Top –  Boohoo

Skirt – H&M

Shoes – Primark

Pineapple Bag – Pull and Bear

Choker – Ebay

Rings – Bershka  

Follow Debbie on her social media and blog and show her some love – 
Her amazing blog –
Instagram –
Facebook –

I hope you liked our Summer outfits, don’t forget to go see Debbie’s outfits too. 

Comment down below on what you have been loving this Summer!! 

Thank you so much for reading!! 

Love Kezia



Summer Outfit Ideas

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. Yesterday I posted a video about 3 Summer Outfit Ideas. And I simply wanted to share them on my blog as well!

This was also a collaboration with Carli Kimby

Her Channel –

Her Video –

My video – 

Here are my 3 looks – 

Outfit #1 –





Top – New Look
Jeans – New Look
Shoes – Primark – thanks to my lovely COUSIN!
Bag – my Grandma’s closet
Choker – Ebay

Outfit #2 – 




Crop top – H&M
Skirt – Primark
Bag – River Island
Shoes – Club Sin
Sunglasses – Ebay
Choker – Ebay

Outfit #3 – 




Dress – H&M
Shoes – Deichmann
Choker – Primark
Sunglasses – ALDO

I really hope you liked these outfits! Are you all looking forward to the Summer? 

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Sunday!

Love Kezia


Winter Lookbook 2017

Hi everyone, 

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday !! My goodness aren’t I exhausted !! It’s Sunday evening and I still have a lot of things I need to do so I would be satisfied with what I want to get done before a new week starts again !!

A new video has just been uploaded on my channel and I really wanted to share it with you all as I am so excited for you guys to watch it!

It is also a collaboration with two sweet girls – Typical Twins. You could visit their channel right here –

I haven’t filmed a Lookbook in so long and I actually love filming and editing them! But the time they take is so overwhelming and I really wished that I could film this outside but no one could help me!! So I just filmed it in my room so excuse the quality !!

Here is the video – 

Here are what each of the three outfits consisted of –

Outfit 1 –

Top – H&M
Skirt – Bershka
Knee High Socks – H&M
Black Booties – New Look
Hat – H&M
Rings – Bershka
Earrings – Primark
WatchIt was a present

Outfit 2 –

Black Under Top – H&M
Green Shirt – Primark
Black Booties – Primark
Earrings – Primark
RingsBershka & Ebay

Outfit 3 –

Black Crop Top – H&M
Jeans – H&M
Green Khaki Shirt – New Look
Shoes – New Look
Rings – Bershka

I hope you liked it!! 

Which was your favourite outfit?

Thank you for watching/reading!

Love Kezia


Blogmas Day 1 – A little Tardy !! Try on Haul – New Look, Bershka & H&M

Hi everyone,

Ok so as you can see from the title I shall be starting Blogmas. However, day one was already a fail!!

Yesterday I woke up with a bad stomach virus and now I also have temperature – so yes I started December off with a sicky feeling!

But alas, I shall not let this affect me from doing BLOGMAS! I did it last year and really enjoyed it. So I decided on doing it this year.

Now since today is already the 2nd December I have decided that I will run Blogmas as so – I will write the Blogmas day one on the 2nd December, and then I will write Blogmas Day 2 on the 3rd December … if you get what I mean. If I see this is too confusing I will just put two days together and then I will be fully compensated and would have caught up with the days.

Now enough blabbing !! Let’s get on with the post!!

On Tuesday I went to our ‘Tal-Lira Jumbo Store‘ – Tal-Lira means one pound – so it can be compared to America’s The Dollar Tree or the UK’s One Pound Shop.

I bought several Christmas decorations like a Christmas Tree – very tine one – some more fairy lights, a hohoho decoration, some reindeer ears and another reindeer ornament. I am still placing them in my room and decorating. So once that is all done I will post some photos!

Traditionally our family used to decorate every year on the 8th December but since the years have passed decorating the house seems to have lost its priority. So now I usually do it for myself in my room. I guess it is a little saddening as being in a house not decorated for Christmas really doesn’t set you in the Christmas spirit. But who knows maybe this year will be different!

Anyways, have you decorated for Christmas?

What is you favourite decoration?

Comment down below !! 

I also would like to add that on Wednesday I put up a new video – my Try on Haul from things I bought from New Look, Bershka and H&M.

They are things I bought from when I went to London in September. And three months later I have done hauls on almost everything that I bought whilst I was there – Accomplishment right there!!

So if you would like to see it you can go ahead I will be linking it right here –

Thank you so much for reading!

Hope you all have a lovely day & weekend!!

Love Kezia


London – Travel Vlog

Hi everyone, 

So today, is a rainy and stormy day in Malta so what better day to pass the time then to write up a blog post.

I was still going to do it anyways but in this atmosphere it makes it ten times better. I even have my pumpkin spice candle on, so I am all set to type away.


So two weeks ago mum and I went for a holiday in London specifically in Shepherd’s Bush. We chose that place because it was only ten minutes away from the most amazing shopping centre I have ever visited – Westfield.

Here’s a Travel Vlog I put together – I just took clips of places we went to and also of the outfits I wore each day except for my last day. I do not speak in any of the clips because I simply wanted to enjoy myself there and even enjoy the time with my mum. It was a lovely experience as I never had the opportunity to travel on my own with my mum.

The first day was so tiring. We arrived in London, Gatwick and there was some sort of train strike, so we had to go by bus and went on the National Express. It took so long to arrive to London, Victoria where we then caught a bus to somewhere – I forgot the exact name. But whichever bus we took we arrived at Shepherd’s Bush.

We arrived in England at 10 but we got to the hotel at 5pm !! So yes, we were exhausted especially with the luggages having to roll them around with us.

Anyways, we then rested for about an hour or so; and then our cousin who lives there, picked us up and took us to Turtle Bay which is the number one restaurant I went to in London. I had chicken with sweet potatoe fries – which I fell in love with while I was there – together with Pino Colada – as it was happy hour.

The next morning, we were set to go to Westfield. And when we arrived I was amazed by the building. Its structure, its roof top, it was simply eye watering! I loved it! The shops were the size of a Lidl here.

We don’t have anything like Westfield in Malta. Granted, we have the Point which is our smaller scale shopping centre but nothing like what I saw there.

There wasn’t Primark or H&M to my disappointment but everything else was there.

There was New Look, Forever 21, Bershka, Sports Direct, Debenhams, Mac, Kiko, Inglot and so many others. There were also those elegant shops like Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. I just enjoyed adoring them from outside. The place that I loved the most was Debenhams because inside all you see were different makeup outlets from different brands like Urban Decay, Benefit, Makeup Forever, bare Minerals and many more! Heaven!

To my amazement, I spent most of my money at New Look. This is surprising because I rarely buy from New Look here in Malta mostly because I rarely find size 6 things. They instantly are gone when new stock comes in!14423616_10209203547418411_617362610_o

I also enjoyed going to the Pound Shop and bought some Halloween Decor!

I bought new makeup like Benefit Porefessional !! I have been wanting this ever since it first came out. But we don’t have any benefit outlets here in Malta !! I also bought the Makeup Forever HD foundation! Super happy about that!!

We ate at the food court which had so many choices ! I got chinese which was delicious ! Then we also went to Costa for a hot chocolate.

The next day our plan was to go to Oxford Street. We arrived there I would say half nine/ten and the first shop we go to is Primark. Of course I made sure that we would take the Central line and stop at Marble Arch cos I knew that if I where to stop there we would rightly so end up right in front of Primark!

Primark amazes me, all the people there will be, all the stock that they have. They have everything, everything you would need they would have !! I bought so much that I filled one of those trolleys. It’s funny how my mum was buying mostly for others and here I am with a trolley all for myself.

But see, I never buy any clothes from Malta. Or if I do it’s on rare occasions so I knew that once I would go there, Kezia shall be shopping until she dropping – I know that doesn’t make sense so don’t judge me!!

Anywho’s by the time we came out of Primark it was like 2pm. So yeah we spent so much time in there! We then headed on to find Sports Direct which was so far away from Primark!! We needed to find a Sports Direct because we had to buy something for my dad.

We found that and after we came out we were STARVING! And to our luck we found Marks and Spencer’s food hall right across the street! Once we ate we walked back to the underground station and caught the tube home.

I loved watching British TV at the hotel room with mum. It was a Saturday and they were airing X Factor so we enjoyed both our Saturday and then Sunday evening watching it.

On Sunday was mostly a tourist-y kind of day.

First we took so many photos at the park that was right next to our hotel! The park was all grass and trees and I love that kind of environment!

We were supposed to go to Buckingham Palace and the London Dungeon but we didn’t manage. We spent most of our morning going round Petticoat Lane Market! That market stocks up with great priced clothes!

And it is super long, it seemed to never end!! I got a dress for £5 and then I got a pantsuit and another dress for £2 each! But once we had gotten back home I realised that the pantsuit was torn from the side and the dress’s zip was broken of the £2 one. But have no fear as my grandmother already fixed them and cannot wait to wear them. Although they aren’t autumn clothes!

At Nandos!

Anyways, after the market we found ourselves going to Covent Gardens and we went to Nandos for lunch. I stopped at Urban Decay and got myself the all nighter foundation the concealer!! I was in love!

Then we went to Harrods cos mum wanted to see the shrine that was dedicated to Princess Diana. Whilst we were there I also discovered that there was a HUDA outlet so I bought a liquid lipstick and lip liner!! I had seen so much hype about them I couldn’t resist!

We then set on our way home and we only had one day left!

On Monday we packed and our cousin came for us and took us to her place. We left our luggages at hers and went to High Street which is right behind her house! The street is full of shops. I made my last purchases then had Starbucks cos whilst we were there we never been except for this one time !!

We then headed back to hers and she drove us to the airport – Heathrow. And that was it, soon after we were back home 😦

Anyways hope you enjoyed reading this, hope it wasn’t too long and boring!

Happy Sunday!

Love Kezia


Sushi Night – OOTD

Hi everyone,

So I want to write more on this blog!! So yesterday I promised myself that I would take some pictures in order to be able to write an interesting blog post. Because you know … just seeing words in a blog post is quite … uninteresting.

First I would like sharing my Outfit of the day with you all. Thanks to my boyfriend I got some decent photos.


Jeans: New Look

Top: H&M

Bag: George’s

Shoes: Gift

So yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Sako Sushi which is this sushi place of course and what is cool and unique about it in Malta is that it has a conveyer belt.


Now what this conveyer belt does is, it carries different coloured plates filled with yummy sushi. And each coloured plate will represent the cost of the dish. Each dish contained 3 or 2 pieces of sushi. The plates were: white costing €1.95, purple plate was €3.95, the red was €2.95 and the black was the most expensive which was €4.95 (I could be wrong here).

But we never took a black plate because it was too adventurous for us. And we never took a white plate, because by the time the white plate started appearing on the conveyer belt we were already full.

The interesting part is that while you’re picking and choosing the plate, there is nowhere where it tells you what it is – unless you ask the chef who is right there making them. Because yes the kitchen was right in front of us!! It was so cool.


We did have a menu which showed you items which you can ask the chef to personally make you. But we didn’t opt for that, rather we chose 8 different plates which we had no idea how they would taste.

But I enjoyed every one of them except for the last one which was taste-less.

Here are three different plates we took –

Here are some photos that I took whilst at the restaurant –






Then after we had our dinner we went PokeHunting and I caught a new one plus the CP was amazeballs!!



So I hope you enjoyed my blog post. Like it if you did 🙂

Comment down below of how you spent your Saturday.

Love Kezia