Kezia’s weekly run through …

Hi everyone,

It’s been so long since I last wrote on here, I guess I could not catch up with all the different platforms I have set up KezziesCorner. I also have a full time job and am doing a part time Masters, therefore, my time is already limited. I guess though, I do not have a problem with boredom as I do keep myself busy.

I wish to come back here and start writing again – I love writing and it is something I love doing to help me relax. Especially now with what everyone is going through and how quarantine is our new reality. With that said, I hope you are all taking care of yourselves and staying safe.

So, I was thinking, how should I revive my blog again? I post regularly on my Youtube channel and my social media – but I have this outlet so I need to use it, I wish to use it! So for now, I have decided to post weekly here, either I will post specifically on a product that maybe I wish to write about, or else like today, I will reflect back on the week that passed and share with you my reflections and the videos that I posted during the past week. How does that sound?

So yes, this week was quite a long week, had a lot of work and content come out but also was quite a heavy week full of emotions. Yet, on the positive side of things – as it’s important to reflect back on the positives to help support us – the reality in Malta with regards to the CO-VID 19 is doing very well as the amount of people infected with the virus is decreasing and people are recovering – so that is very good news for our island. So maybe some time soon, of course when the time is right, some restrictions may start to be lifted. So let’s keep hope alive and obeying the health authorities – we are going to get through this!!

So anyways, as I said this week lots of content came out, specifically –

My Weekly Vlog –

And my two beauty videos, which were –

So if you have some time to spare during your quarantine, then let me keep you some company!

For today, this will be all, but join me again next Saturday for some new content right here on my blog!!!

Until then, you keep taking care of yourselves and stay safe!

Love Kezia