The Incredible Face Mask by MayBeauty UK -Review

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I hope you are all doing well. This week I wrote a total of 3 blog posts and next week I am planning to write 2 more! So I hope you are enjoying my blog’s content!

Today’s blog post is all about ‘The Incredible Face Mask” by Maybeauty UK. I received some samples of this mask from MayBeauty and I have tried it out twice so it’s time for me write up a review about what I thought about this mask. Thank you so much to MayBeauty for sending out these samples!


You can order it right here – – the website offers free shipping worldwide!

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What is The Incredible Face Mask? 


The mask claims to clean the skin and remove impurities and dead skin cells that are stuck in your pores. The mask is absorbed by the skin, leaving a nice and smooth surface once the mask is peeled off.

Additionally, the mask removes Blackheads, prevents Acne and  removes excess oil and sebum. 

Once I had read this I was intrigued and excited to try it out.

How to use it … 


Apply the mask on a dry face. I applied it with this brush that came with the samples. I found that this brush helped me apply this mask quite quickly! Be sure to NOT apply the mask on your eyebrows because it can remove facial hair!

Allow the mask to dry for 30-45 minutes – I love leaving it for the whole 45 minutes and love watching a tv show in the mean time. It is very relaxing.


Once it has dried up then you can start peeling the mask off your skin. You should notice that attached to the removed mask, their should be blackheads and dead skin cells on it. That will show that it did a good job!

Once you remove the mask, make sure to rinse it with some warm water and you should feel your skin soft and clean.

My thoughts … 

So like I said I tried the mask twice and the application process with the brush I got helped me apply it quickly. However, I dropped a little in the sink, and it can get kind of messy, so be careful.


I like leaving it on for the entire 45 minutes and then I start peeling it away. I love peel off masks because they are not messy to wash off unlike clay masks. My first experience with this mask was kind of a little bit painful because when I removed the mask around my cheek area I did cringe a little because pulling it off was harsh and left my skin a little bit red but no other irritation. But the second time I applied it, it hurt less because I evened out the application across my face to have an equal layer all around.


Looking at the mask peeled off, I did find blackheads and dead skin cells attached to the mask so I knew it worked. My skin felt soft and clean and so clear after applying it for the second time! I will definitely be using the other samples I received because I loved the result!

How my skin looked after removing off the mask!

You could visit MayBeauty’s website to see some other products that they offer. There is a Face Gel, Pore Mask and even some hair products!! 

And that’s today’s blog post! Are you intrigued to try this mask out? Let me know in the comments down below!

Again, I would like to thank MayBeauty for the samples!

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Blogmas Day 12 – Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer & Miracle Match Foundation Review

Hi everyone,

I recently bought two new products that Max Factor recently came out with and have tried them out twice so far.


The products I am talking about are the Smooth Miracle Primer and the Miracle Match Blur and Nourish Foundation.

I have previously tried out the Face Finity 3 in 1 foundation, and that is still one of my favourite foundations to use; it gives such lovely coverage and you can make do without applying any concealer!

I have read many great comments about these so I was very excited to try these out.


Let’s start off with the Smooth Miracle Primer. It comes in a tube with a pump. I prefer pumps to tubes where you have to squeeze to push the product out. I feel that with a pump you can control how much product comes out.


The primer comes in a similar texture form of a moisturiser.

I used my fingertips to apply the primer onto my face and blended it in circular motions.

I noticed that when applying it, it left my skin feelings soft, smooth and not at all sticky.


It did not leave any redness, which is surprising as whichever primer I tend to use always leaves me with a red face. However, this one did not.

It did decrease the intensity of my pores, which is primarily why I wanted to try out this primer.

Therefore, this is a primer which I shall start using regularly as I did not feel it to be sticky and it also helped my foundation stay in place. And it also helped my overall makeup look stay in place for a long amount of time.


Now, let’s move onto writing about the Miracle Match Blur and Nourish Foundation. I got mine in the shade 5o Natural.

Thanks to the primer the foundation blended smoothly onto my skin.

The foundation states that it is a medium to full coverage and can give a lovely natural finish and this is helped by the “translucent particles” that are found in the foundation. They allow, “the skin’s natural highlights to shine through”. These reflecting particles also help, “the skin to radiate and blurs imperfections.”


I applied the foundation with a Milani Foundation flat Brush. I found the foundation to have a medium coverage. I love foundations that leave your skin natural looking and this foundation gave that result. It also blended very easily onto my skin.


It did minimise the appearance of enlarged pores (not completely hide them but minimise them) and therefore I was a happy trooper with that result!

Primer & Foundation with a Translucent Powder on top 

Overall, both products gives the skin a radiant finish, minimised the appearance of pores and does not give a sticky feeling whatsoever. They easily blended onto my skin and sat perfectly throughout the day.

They are a little price-y so if you would like to invest in a new primer & foundation I recommend these.

Have you tried out any Max Factor products? Have you tried these out? What do you think of them? 

I really hope you enjoyed reading! Thank you so much for doing so.

Have a lovely day!

Love Kezia