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How are you all doing? I hope you are all taking care and staying safe from wherever you may be reading this!

Here in my country, autumn is not full of coloured leaves and cool air, yet slowly slowly, the climate here seems to be shifting. Slowly but surely.

I have changed my wardrobe from summer to winter, but am still wearing light-ish clothes.

One item which I started wearing again are joggers, especially during the night time. Last time I wore a pair of joggers when I went to get a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte – first time ever trying that out, have to admit was not my favourite, But yes a pair of joggers is an essential must have for your winter closet!

And I may have found three pairs of joggers that I am going to enjoy wearing in these upcoming winter months. And I wished to share these with you especially if you are on the lookout for a good, comfy pair of joggers.

They are from Femme Luxe Finery and you can check out their website for a variety of choices of joggers! I wish to say a big THANK YOU to FEMME LUXE for these items!

Here the joggers I got, I love them all. They all fit great, these are a size 6 and the sand ones are a size 8. However, the size difference was okay as joggers and their style are meant to be a little oversized! They are very comfortable and the material from the inside are cosy and soft too !!! I also love the colours they came in I definitely recommend joggers from Femme Luxe Finery!

Cream Cuffed Joggers

Sand Cuffed Joggers

Light Pink Cuffed Joggers

I love them and I honestly have been living in them! But that’s the best thing is that you can dress them down to a casual stay at home outfit, but then also style them to a stylish outfit to go and get a starbucks PSL.

Thank you once again to FEMME LUXE for the opportunity to try out these joggers!

What do you think of joggers? Is a must have in your wardrobe?

Let me know in the comments down below!!

Thank you so much for reading! Thank you for your support!! Love you all and stay safe!!

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Full Face of $1 Makeup Products ft. Shop Miss A!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well! I hope you also had a lovely Happy International Women’s Day!! I would also like to add thank you for everyone who’s supported my blog, truly appreciate it!


Today’s blog post is all about products from the website called Shop Miss A. Everything on the website sells for only $1! That’s amazing, isn’t it? Also, all the makeup products are also cruelty free!

Here is a video I uploaded of me using the products, so here you can see how they tested out on my face –

Products tested out –

AOA studio Wonder Skin Primer


This primer comes in a gel formula. I personally didn’t like this product because it included glitter particles and also when I used it, it didn’t really do anything to decrease the appearance of my pores. And I need a primer that will help decrease the intensity of those buggers!

LA colours liquid makeup Foundation – Shade Natural 


The pump that it came in didn’t really work well for me. The product came out weirdly and at some points too much product came out. Also, it’s very lightweight and left a sticky feeling on my skin. Overall, I didn’t like this product.

AOA Wonder Cover Concealer – Classic Ivory 


I love this concealer. It applies really well underneath the eyes to brighten up that area. It blends really well and when set with powder it doesn’t crease. In the video you will see me apply this after applying my lipstick as I forget that I had gotten a concealer … whoops my bad!

AOA Perfect Setting Powder- Translucent 


I also love this setting powder and I love the packaging it came in. It worked really well with my concealer. You also get a lot of product for only $1!

Malibu Glitz Powder – Light


This powder saved my makeup! It made my foundation look way better and also added a natural colour on my skin. I loved how it set my foundation and it also made my face feel less sticky! I also love that it comes with a mirror!

2 in 1 Eyeliner and Mascara 


I have never seen such a product but I love the concept of a 2 in 1 product. The only problem was when taking the photos for this blog post I forgot which tube was for what, so I might have confused them and placed the ends wrongly. But both the eyeliner and mascara worked well. I loved how easily the eyeliner applied and the mascara just separated my lashes but it didn’t do much for volume and length.

AOA Studio Eyelashes – Luella


Look at the name of these Lashes = Luella such a cute name. If you have been following me for a while you would know that I get so anxious when applying falsies. I really would love to get good at applying lashes because I love the effect they give. These lashes didn’t give me any trouble in fact, I wore them again in the weekend when I went out for dinner. The applied easily and lasted all night and I also wore them twice already and they still look good!

Amuse Duo Cheek Colour Blush – Colour 2


I didn’t quite like this product. Even though it says it’s a blush I personally used it as a bronzer. I didn’t find that it blended well on my skin and so I didn’t like the final look that it gave me.

Mineral Blush – Colour 2 


This blush shade is so intense but I love it. I found that it blended well into my skin and gave me such a nice add of colour to my makeup look. You just have to be careful as it is an intense colour not too apply too much on your brush.

AOA Wonder Baked Highlighter – Cream Puff 


Again, I love the name of this highlighter, it’s just too cute! And I also really love this highlighter, it gave me a pop of highlight and it was just perfect. Not too much but not too little, simply right!

Amuse Matte Liquid Lipstick – Colour 4 –


I loved this lipstick formula except that it is a little drying. However, that could easily be solved with some moisturising lip balm applied before starting your makeup so that once you apply your lipstick your lips will be moisturised and the lipstick if it’s drying, you won’t fill it as drying as applying on its own. But I love the colour and it wasn’t patchy and just applied so easily!

Also, stay tuned as I got more lipsticks from Shop Miss A so I will be doing another video and blog post simply featuring some lipsticks and lip swatches from Shop Miss A! So be sure to be followed to my blog!

Which product did you like the most? Have you ever tried any of these products or other products from Shop Miss A? Let me know in the comments down below!!

Thank you to Shop Miss A for giving me this wonderful opportunity to review these products and share them with my lovely followers!

Thank you so much for reading and for supporting my blog, I truly appreciate it! Have a lovely weekend!

Love Kezia



Malta Fashion Week – Desiree, Ivory & Co and Gaetano

Hi everyone, 

So yesterday I attended Malta Fashion Week once again. It is such a lovely atmosphere, with everyone dressed to impress.

There were 5 shows in all however, I only managed to get photos from 3 of them as the other 2 which were of Carla Grima Atelier presented ABLOOM and Rosita Silk Sense presented Serendipity.

Both were presentations and I did not quite manage to get a good spot and so didn’t end up taking photos. But I can say that I enjoyed watching both presentations.

Rosita’s silk was beautiful, all the shades blended ever so nicely together. Whilst Carla’s swimwear looked great and made me want to be at a beach sipping a cocktail.


An exhibition that I was looking forward to was this one from Desiree.






She presented us with an exhibition of her Hand-Painted bags and shoes. And let me tell you they are amazing, so unique, colourful and fun!



I loved the skylines presenting Mdina and Valletta – the old and new capital cities of Malta.

The first show we had on the catwalk was from Ivory & Co











They gave us a lovely spectacle of bridal wear. I guess every one of us girls imagine that big dream wedding we wish to have. And one of the things we probably spend time thinking about is a wedding dress. And I can say that these dresses would make lots of girls cry with joy! They were lovely and princess like. The dresses each designed so eloquently.

The model’s hair were all done in an up-style and lots had plaits tied nicely round the head.



There also were other dresses besides wedding dresses.




My favourite was the jumpsuit which was white with coloured flowers all around.


And the night ended with a fashion show from Gaetano who presented us with DIVAS. 


And let me tell you, Gaetano did an amazing job in created Diva-liscious outfits!





The colours popped, the sparkles and glitters were shining and the models looked amazing and with that outfit they can ‘Run the World‘.






My favourite outfit of the night – 




I love how the show ended with Claudia Faniello singing Breathlessly – the Maltese Eurovision song of 2017! Claudia looked radiant in that dress!


My outfit (Photos thanks to Neil Psaila)


Top – Primark

Jeans – Bershka

Shoes & Bag – Primark


(Taken with my phone)

What did you think of these outfits? 

Did you like any? Comment down below!

Thank you so much for reading, hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Love Kezia



Herminas Reea, Parascandalo and Maria Cutajar – at Malta Fashion Week 2017

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing fine! It is Malta Fashion Week here in Malta and this year I am attending the fashion shows and bringing you all the scoop on what is being presented!!

Today’s shows were – (Including my thoughts)

Herminas Reea

Presenting The Gods









The Gods show included so many pieces in Golden Yellow. The models’ hair and makeup reminded me of Greek Goddesses. All of them had a crown or a band on their heads. The show was truly mystical with every piece better than the other.




The dresses each had a different take. With some being all black and lace-y whilst others being golden and shiny.



The final dress though was the centre of attention. A long tail behind, I laid my eyes on the most exquisite and unique ‘wedding dress’ ever. With the front and back both with a Low V cut and the striped like pattern, the dress screamed perfection.


Presenting Vanity Rebels






Marco, did an amazing job in putting together all these pieces for the Vanity Rebels Show. I guess being a rebel means you stand out of the crowd. And my having one of these pieces, you surely well!



I loved how the men had these styled jeans made up of different materials. I think they matched nicely together and really have a wow factor!




The hair was put together all so well with lots of buns paired with plaits. And the models all had that dark lip on to get their rebel inside them going!



From this show, I got reminded on how much I want a denim badged jacket. There was one that literally kept me looking at the model until she left the catwalk! I honestly never saw a ripped denim jacket … until now! I love it! It was my favourite piece out of the show. I want it!

Maria Cutajar

Presenting Boho Goddess





I was looking forward to this show. There were lots of different types of outfits in this show, mostly paired with a pink pair of shoes. There was lots of orange, pink and greys going on.




There was also some knitwear involved paired with baggy loose trousers or dresses. I also loved the models’ makeup and hair. Their lips were covered with a chalky blue and it went with the outfits.



My most favourite outfit of all was a dark red crop top and matching skirt. I can see myself wearing it with the cute matching bag too. It also reminded me of The Carrie Diaries – Remember that spin off from Sex and the City, when Carrie was younger?





The last set of outfits were revolved around the colour pink. I loved how Maria paired a different shade of pink with another and used different materials. Even though the outfits were plain, having those different shades of pink made them stand out even more! And some of the models also had some sort of hair crown on them which I guess screams Boho-ness!


The last outfit was so unique. It was a strapless embroidered dress with a beautiful pattern. I think that it ended the show perfectly!

A big thanks to the following 3 photos by Neil Psaila

My outfit – 

Top – H&M

Skirt – Primark

Jacket – Bershka

Bag – My grandma‘s closet

Shoes – Primark

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 06.28.28

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 06.29.33

Overall, I really enjoyed my first time at the Malta Fashion Week. I hope you will enjoy my blog posts sharing with you the shows from Malta Fashion week which I attend.

Have you ever heard of these brands?

What do you think of the outfits?

Comment down below!

Love Kezia