Lip Monthly – August 2016 & New Facebook Page – Hit the like button!!

Hi lip lovers, 

I am back from LONDON !! And am determined to be blogging more often – well twice a week at least !!

I even have gone a step further. Since I soon am approaching the one year mark with my youtube channel I decided to spread the word out on my youtube channel.

Yes I have a social media account associated with KezziesCorner but I never associated it with Facebook.

Why? Because everyone that knows me is my friend on Facebook and therefore I did not want everyone knowing about my secret youtube life … until now.

Recently people have been finding my channel and I received such sweet comments from those close to me. So I figured that this is the best time to do so, go out and tell the world i.e. Facebook.

And so I did. I created a Facebook page called KezziesCorner (obviously) and also shared it on my personal account on Facebook, which was kind of a big deal !!

Am I happy about it? I think so!

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Anyways where was I? Ah yes, this post is about the August Lip Monthly Bag.

Now I received my September bag already and since my August Lip Monthly video has come out so late – well my packet actually arrived late – I shall not be posting a september unbagging as I have done for previous bags. But for September only I shall be writing a blog post about the bag. But that is for another day!

Today we are dealing it with the August bag!



Here is the video I did all about it – 

It was a hit and miss really.

The products I received were –

Seraphine Botanicals Rosy Cheeks 95% Natural Lip & Cheek Gel – $20


I don’t like this at all and I don’t see myself using this! It’s very sticky and patchy. Don’t see it working as a proper blush! Maybe a lip tint.

Hilary Cosmetics Dual Color Stick in Tawny – $15


I have used this as an eyeshadow and I guess I like it. But I am not saying I love it.

Lord & Berry Lip Liner in Romantic Rose – $10


Now this I absolutely love! It is a lovely deep pink toned shade! It is creamy and lovely on the lips.

Manna Kadar Lip Crayon – $ 24 (no shade name)



Besides the fact that I hate products that don’t have names, I love this shade. Summer is soon over but nonetheless this colour reminds me of summer! It’s a lovely fun coral shade. It wears nicely however it is not long lasting.


The Retail Value of the bag was $69.

Anywhos, hope you all have a lovely week!

Thank you so much for the love & support you all show!! It means a lot!

Love Kezia


Colourpop Haul/Review/Lip Swatches

Hi Lip Lovers,

How are you feeling?

Ah!!! It’s the first day of the month of SEPTEMBER!! Summer is nearly OVER!!!

Yesterday I uploaded a NEW video up on my youtube channel.

If you are not already subscribed to it, then what are you waiting for – head on over to 

Recently I ordered from Colourpop as they now also do international shipping.

I have ordered twice from their website. Once using “Send On” which is a Maltese company from Maltapost – our national postal company.

What this basically does, is it has PO boxes in America, so you can order from those websites that do NOT ship to your country and first have it send them to these PO boxes then the company will ship them out to you.

I used that the first time, and the second time I used Colourpop’s shipping as it is now available to ship to Malta too.

However, when having it shipped directly here from Malta, I risked paying for customs as well as already having paid the shipping fee on their website which is $25 which is a lot. Unfortunately, I was selected to pay a custom fee of €7 too! Which is kind of ridiculous. When I ordered with Maltapost’s Send On I only had to pay €18 for shipping. As shipping in the US is free, so I did not have to pay any shipping to Colourpop but only the Send On service.

The only negative thing that I can think of coming from send on is that it takes longer to arrive. But if I had to do it again I think I would just opt to use send on. Of course the price of the shipping which you have to pay is determined by the weight of the package. So I had ordered six lipsticks and for those I only paid €18 shipping.

Anyways, enough post talk… here’s my video that I posted.

The products that I mentioned –

Ultra Glossy Lip – Finders Keepers


This is a perfect natural gloss on my colour of my lips. It is not sticky which actually may make it not so long lasting. Therefore further applications of the gloss probably would be needed throughout the day.

But that does not bother me, as lip glosses are so easy to apply … if there is no wind brewing around!!!

Lippie Stix – Lumiere



I love the Lippie Stix formula. If you think that the matte lips are way too drying then I would choose these instead.

I love the finish that it gives, it runs smooth on my lips and makes me feel as though my lips are bare but in fact have a lippie stix on them! The packaging is super cute with a roll in to adjust the applicator.

The shade is a nice everyday pink shade.

Ultra Matte Lips – The formula of this collection is AMAZING. It is so long lasting and you can eat whatever you want because let me tell you – the product doesn’t come off! Yes it may get lighter at the centre of your lips but the overall colour will remain stuck on your lips!

It could be drying, so I recommend that you would apply a lip balm before using them to keep lips moisturized and prepare them for the Ultra Mattes!

Lumiere 2


IMG_4522 (1)

This is a lovely deep pink toned shade. It is a little dark.




This has been stopped and I don’t know the exact reason why. It was a collaboration with Raye Raye who is a famous youtuber !! I love her and have been watching her videos for years now!

This shade is a deep nude/brown.




This can be seen as a dupe for Dolce K from the Kylie Lip Kits. Gorgeous everyday dark nude shade.

Bad Habit



This is such a fun shade! Hints of pink and red to it! Perfect for a nice formal event!

More Better



This one is slightly darker to the previous shade. It is more on the side of the pink and purples! Perfect for a night out!!

I really hope like my blog post and/or video!

Thank you so much for reading and following my blog!

Thank you for watching and supporting my youtube channel!

Love you all!



My favourite Summer Lippies

Hi Lip lovers, 

It is another lip-tastic post!!

I am quite the collector of lip products and so I decided on sharing with you my favourite summer lipstick shades.

I initially had decided that I would only pick 5 lipsticks however, I failed miserably at that! And I ended up picking … 10!!!

Here is the video –

The first of the bunch is a LIP GLOSS! I know shocking! I hardly ever wear lip gloss but ever since Ashley Tisdale released her very own line I couldn’t resist!!

Her line is called Illuminate and you can purchase any of her products on BH Cosmetics. My favourite shade for the summer months is BONFIRE.



The second shade is Wild Watermelon from Revlon. It just screams summer to me !


The third shade is another lipstick. This time it is from the brand MUA. This is one of their latest releases from their – VIVID LIPSTICK LINE – called Red Alert.


The fourth lip shade is one of my first mattes that I ever owned! This is from ELF and it is from the Studio Matte Lip Color Range. My favourite for summer is in the shade called Fuchsia.



The fifth shade is a liquid lipstick. Now as a DISCLAIMER I would like to let you all know – as I also included in this in my video – this lipstick is a REPLICA. I bought this off ebay and I was aware that it would not be real. However, because I tried the product and I actually liked it I wanted to share it with you all.

Now I know there will be others who would disagree with me because I use replica makeup but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And my opinion on the matter is that I actually like how the product turns on my lips.

It is not drying whatsoever nor is it sticky. It does not have any bad chemical smells. Now I know the ingredients I can never find out what it really includes. But just be aware that there are famous brands that nonetheless use harmful chemicals too.

Anyways my favourite shade for the summer is another liquid lipstick this time from Dose of Colours in the shade BARE WITH ME. I had to include a nude.



The next shade is a favourite of mine and even the formula is AMAZING! That being NYX from their soft matte lip cream line. This time in the shade MILAN.



As you can see I love pink in summer!! Now moving on from pink, I had to include an orange coral sort of shade. And I chose MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in the shade ZEST. This screams summer to me!



The next shade is one that I am obsessed it with. Again this is a replica but it is amazing nonetheless. I love its matte effect that it leaves and it is a perfect orange red toned shade. This is from Mac Retro Liquid Lipstick in Feels so Grand.



The ninth shade is from MUA and this time its from again a new range called the Inked Lip Stain in the shade Watermelon. This honestly feels so refreshing on my lips!

And let me tell you, it does leave a lip stain on your lips that no matter if you use and scrub on a makeup wipe to try and take it off it will remain there. You can see my struggle by watching my video!!



(The swatch I have here is not a true swatch as I did not really leave it to dry so it would be a lip stain. You could see how it really stained my lips on my video)

Now for the final shade I chose Panda from Colourpop from their Ultra Satin Lip. Now because of Watermelon – my previous lip shade – panda came off a little patchy. But I am sure it was because of the stain drama I had on before!!

I had to include a purple here even though purple is usually associated with the winter and cold months. But I love purple nonetheless, be it winter or summer!!



So there you have it, my favourite summer lip shades!

I really hope you liked my blog post and video !!

Thank you for supporting me both on my blog and on my youtube channel – I truly appreciate it !!

Have a lovely Sunday.

Love Kezia



Giveaway Winner Announced + What I got in my July Lip Monthly Bag!!

Hi lip lovers,

Today’s post is so exciting for me !

I announced my first ever GIVEAWAY winner in my video right here –

Thank you to everyone who participated, really was overwhelmed by the number !!

As you can see Ally Rich won the giveaway.

My video also includes the unbagging of the July Lip Monthly bag and I wanted to write a little review about the products I received.

Lip monthly is a lip subscription bag where you get 4 items plus a unique bag every month for $12.95. 

The first bag is less and you subscribe for a month per month subscription or for four months or for an annual. Here are some codes you could you –

“2FREE” to get 2 months FREE on Annual Subscriptions!
“1STFREE” to get your first month for FREE on 4 Month Subscriptions!
“LIPLOVER” to get your first month for only $5 on Monthly Subscriptions!

Subscribe to Lip Monthly here!

So this month my bag came a little late !! Literally I received it on Monday 25th July 2016 !! And I filmed the video that very minute that I received it !!



Apart from being disappointed by how long it took I was quite happy with the products that were inside the bag … well except for one.



So we received 2 lipsticks. One was from City Color and I have heard of this brand before but I never really tried any of there products.

The lipstick is from the line called City Chic and it retails for $4.99. The colour that we got was called Heartbreaker and it was a plum purple shade.

It is a very pigmented and moisturizing lipstick. This was my favourite product out of all the bag. And may I note this was also the cheapest item in there!



The next product that we got is another lipstick from the brand called Mirabella. Have you guys ever heard of the brand?

I loved the packaging as I never saw anything like it !! On the lipstick there was also a teal band which looked amazing!

The shade that we got was called Coral Flash and this lipstick retails for $26. Quite pricey if you ask me.

The lipstick was a coral red shade. It is not as pigmented as Heartbreaker from City Color but it applies so smoothly and creamy on the lips. Personally not my favourite colour but it is perfect for the summer !!

The item which was not lip related – as you always get 3 lip items and 1 non lip related item which I think is super great – was an eye shimmer from Bellapierre.




This retails for $15 and it came in the shade Cinnabar. It is very pigmented and it has purple and pink undertones to it. I absolutely love it and I think that it is stunning!

The last item was another lip related item. I was so excited to try this out but was saddened by its quality. Coincidently it was the most expensive item in the bag.


It costs $29 and it is from the brand Cougar Plumper. It is the Volume and Shape Definition. It comes in really cute packaging and you just have to squeeze it out just like one of those glossy lip glosses.

But the taste is horrible, it’s like dish washing liquid. And I applied it to my lips, yes I guess it does plump then but not that much.

But then it stings my lips for a bit but this subsides. I was so disappointed because when I saw it I grew excited cos my lips are so small!

So it being a plumper I was like perfect !!

But anyways!!!

Overall it was a good bag ! And I am still happy with what I got. The entire retail of the bag was $74. 

I really hoped you enjoyed my blog post and if you saw my video, I hope you enjoyed that too!!

Thank you so much for reading and/or watching my blog and/video !!

Thank you for all your continuous support!

Love you guys !! 




What I got in my May Lip Monthly Bag!

Hi everyone, 

A new video is up and it is my MAY LIP MONTHLY BAG UNBOXING!!

I really hope you like it ! I really loved this bag, more than what we got back in April, that’s for sure!

Lip Monthly is a $12.95 month subscription service for your favourite Lip products! Every month you’ll receive a unique bag of 4-5 items from awesome brands such as Stila, Revlon, Glam Natural, Appeal Cosmetics, Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics and more.

Join today using COUPON CODE:

“2FREE” to get 2 months FREE on Annual Subscriptions!
“1STFREE” to get your first month for FREE on 4 Month Subscriptions!
“LIPLOVER” to get your first month for only $5 on Monthly Subscriptions!

Subscribe to Lip Monthly here!

The Products I got were –

Manna Kadar 3 in 1 gloss in shade Manna Babe – $24
So Susan Lip & Cheek Stain – Jello Shot – Hangover _ $24.95
Dirty Little Secret Lipstick in shade Vengeance – $10
Jor’el Parker Face Masrk – $10

Total retail value – $68.95



I hope you liked my video, please comment down below if you have any thoughts on this bag !!

Love Kezzie


Lip Monthly – April 2016 Bag!!

Hi lip lovers,

How are you all doing? I had a really relaxing week so far mostly because I stayed home as I was a little ill. So I did not end up going to work. But today I went back to work, and all those relaxing moments I had seem to vanish away and I am back to being stressed.

Am really not looking forward to tomorrow and Friday simply because I haven’t been to work from morning till 6pm for a week now so I am afraid of it. I do not look forward to coming home and falling asleep and waking up and doing the exact same thing.

Nonetheless, since I work full time at a school this will all be over soon because summer holidays are coming. However mine really will not last long, maybe a week. Because then as one school ends another one opens i.e. Summer School.

Eurh …. hard life!!

Enough chit chat Kezia – Here is the video –

Anyways I am here talk – or in this way – to write about what I received in my Lip Monthly subscription bag this month.

I have to say it is not one of my favourites. The lip gloss it included was super tiny. The lipstick we received was of a similar shade to the one we received in March. And the eyeliner is not that good of a product. And also we got 2 lip glosses and let’s just say I am not too fond of those glosses. I mean come on … who likes it when you put on lip gloss and you are walking near the sea on a romantic date. There is the breeze and the waves of the sea swooshing about. And all you are doing and what you are focused on is the constant irritability of your hair. Constantly sweeping across your lips and getting stuck!!!


Anyways here is a little information about lip monthly –

Lip Monthly is a $12.95 month subscription service for your favourite Lip products! Every month you’ll receive a unique bag of 4-5 items from awesome brands such as Stila, Revlon, Glam Natural, Appeal Cosmetics, Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics and more.

Join today using COUPON CODE:

“2FREE” to get 2 months FREE on Annual Subscriptions!
“1STFREE” to get your first month for FREE on 4 Month Subscriptions!
“LIPLOVER” to get your first month for only $5 on Monthly Subscriptions!

Subscribe to Lip Monthly here!…

The products that I received are the following – 
Star looks Gloss – Cuddle – $9
Hikari Lipstick – Peony – $13
Glamour Dolls Gloss Snob – $1.99
Pencil Me in Eyeliner – Denim – $6.99

Retail Value – $30.98 

I hope you enjoyed watching & reading my video & blog.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Love Kezzie