My Gluten & Egg Free Diet!

Hi everyone, 

So yes, I am intolerant to Wheat and Egg foods.

Was it a life changer? Of course!

On a daily basis I used to enjoy an egg or some pasta! I love pasta, one of my favourite dishes!

I knew something was wrong with my body. The constant itching, the bruises, the spots! There was something inside, my body was fighting a battle and it was losing!

The worst I think was the itching. I needed to scratch – my back, my hands, my legs! The worst was my head !!

It was horrible! Even in public had to sneak away to just scratch!

Besides that I had bloating and worst of all I felt tired! I felt tired when I did not even do anything that should make me feel this way!!!

And so I did a food intolerance test … I did this in August and from then on I found out that I was intolerant to Wheat and Egg!

It was a shock and a relief! A relief because now I know why my body is acting the way it is acting! But a shock because I had to change my food diet, and those 2 food groups I loved and adored!

I mean especially eggs – I only knew how to fry an egg, boil an egg and scramble one too!

Going from one day thinking you can eat anything to the next having restrictions – it was hard! I think the hardest point came when I could not eat whatever I liked in restaurants whilst my friends ate anything that they liked!

Also cakes – good bye to cakes! No more going out with my friends to take some cake because I would not be able to !!

I live in Malta and gluten free things are still being introduced in local restaurants. There are a few places which I can name on my ten fingers who can offer a wide range of a menu for us – food intolerance peoples – but these are very limited!

I know of places who serve gluten free pancakes or gluten free cakes – but then they would have egg in them so still I would not be able to!

Then there are a lot of restaurants who serve gluten free pasta and pizza but then the price of these would be more than the other ‘normal’ foods! Ridiculous!

I however, have gotten used to this change! Yes I do break it sometimes and suffer the consequences later but I just cannot be too strong when there is my favourite cake standing in front of me !!

Anyways, I made this video about some gluten and egg free foods that I take daily and wanted to share it with you! I will be doing a story time video based on this new change in my life and all that I said above !! Please comment below if you would like to see this !!

Here’s the video – 

I hope you like it ! This was also a collaboration with my friend Elle on youtube.

Here’s a link to her channel –

Here’s a link to her video –

Thank you so much for reading !!

Talk to you laters!

Love Kezzie


How to be Single – Love Chit Chat

Hi everyone,

Yes today is Video day over on my channel – however I am sick at home so I had the time to myself for a bit.

I have done multiple things which if I had went to work would have never had the time or strength and energy to do them!

I am so glad I actually stayed watching a Movie on my own – it has been so long. Mostly because I have not found a good movie in what seem like ages !!

I also managed to read 3 books in the course of less than 2 weeks!

Kezia never does that! She’s picky when it comes to food and also you guessed it with books, movies, TV shows you name it!!

I have been wanting to write about the books I have read but didn’t really feel that motivated. When posting something here I want to make sure that it is worth posting and it is interesting to probably the few readers who read my blog – and guys I love you for taking the time to reading my blog. I really enjoy writing and honestly I am angry at myself for not using my time in writing so much! I miss it but it seems that I only want to do it when the passion for it is there, and today I found it!


The movie – How to be Single – stars actresses who I love – Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson & Leslie Mann amongst others who did a really good job in communicating with the audience and sharing such a wonderful story!

This is basically about the main character – Alice played by Dakota – trying to live and trying to find herself as an independent woman who does not need a man in her life. She wants to do the basic things in her life like unzip a dress by herself! And she figures out all this by the end of the movie!

I loved the ending because she finally got to do the hike at the Grand Canyon! I was so impressed by sort of the ending to the story with a life lesson to the audience.

I am in a relationship and I am so happy with him. We met last year and it was something that happened so randomly.

Like I am the type of girl who falls for someone easily – I admit that! And I used to be the girl that the first guy I meet – that’s it – He’s The one. The end. But I guess you figure these things out the hard way – by getting your heart broken. I did refuse to believe it was over when one relationship ended and pined for it to go back to the way it was. But it didn’t and it did take me quite a while to grasp the concept of letting go and moving on. I guess it is extra hard if you are an over emotional and over sensitive person.


But don’t worry, goodness I promise you it is not the end of the world. Sometimes life can strike you and you just have to say everything happens for a reason unfortunately. We all do have our own destinies and no one told us it would be a walk in the park!

Anyways when I met Luke he really surprised me, I never expected that we would even last this long. But he just has everything about him that makes him genuine, caring, loving, understanding and the list goes on. Sometimes we laugh at how similar we are. I am so thankful to have found him. Obviously with every relationship you start there will always be that fear of it ending. Especially if you have stuff that happened in your past that will make it harder for you to trust that this time it will be different.


I tell my friends that if he’s the one it won’t end and the relationship will only blossom. Even I have my stupid fears that come in the way sometimes but it could be those exact fears that can ruin and harm the entire relationships. So don’t act upon them and try to trust yourself and the person you are with that if it’s meant to be it will be.

Even though I am in a relationship we all want that “me time”. Heck I want it! I love staying at home in my PJ’s catching up on Geordie Shore or watching the Finale of Quantico.

But then of course I know that since I love him I am going to miss him and will be craving his cuddles A.S.A.P. But when being in a relationship we should not forget who we are and get lost in it. Do not change for anyone because it is not worth it in losing your identity!

Being single allows you to discover more about yourself and is a time in your life which I think we all need. I see it as a time before we find the right guy. We should not push it and think that the first guy you are ever going to meet will be the one. Just as we have heard many times – you have to kiss quite a bit of frogs to find the right one.

The movie really pin points all that there is to being single – the partying, one night stands, getting drunk but in the end even those who find being single is the only way to go will turn to finding companionship.


Us humans thrive to find love and be loved by someone else. I don’t know if maybe the media would not promote love as much as it does, would we be so influenced as much as we are to find love and fall in love with someone else?

Anyways yea I just wanted to write today because the movie inspired me to do so.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Don’t forget a new video will be up SOON!

Love Kezzie


Vlog #7 Valentine’s Weekend

Hi guys !!! 

How are you all doing?

I posted my weekly vlog on Monday however here I always write about it like three days after…

Anyways this vlog was so boring in the beginning but when it came to the weekend I actually did something!!

You also get to see how I spent Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend!!

Hope you enjoy watching!!

Love Kezzie


Blogmas Day 3 and 4 – Friendship Issues and Being Sick . . .

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? Are you enjoying the first few days of December?

I did not blog yesterday as my day went like this – got up, work, work, home, read, went to my bf, slept. So as you can see nothing interesting to write.

Okay I am lying – my bf’s dad came back from the UK and bought me so many goodies that I was so shy because I was so overwhelmed! I never expected him to get me so much stuff, and it was all amazing.

I will dedicate a blog/video to it, so I will not be sharing it with you here. But can I say that I was so shy that all I did was say thank you. I felt so overwhelmed because he was so sweet about the entire thing. His mum also got me a chocolate advent calendar of Frozen which is super cute.

Anywho’s I did however, capture a selfie from yesterday . . .

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.10.55 PM.png

See I am trying my best to capture a photo a day.

Anyways and today at work we had a school outing, where we went to a football ground and the children had loads of fun and well organised activities. By the end of the day they were all so tired and even though us teachers did not do any exercise whatsoever I felt exhausted.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.12.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.12.55 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.13.01 PM

Anyways when I finally got to my second job I was not feeling good at all!! After an hour I had to ask my coordinator if I could go home and so I did. I had a headache that is still going on right now and my throat is feeling funny. I do not like getting sick and I bet everyone does.

I tried falling asleep but I couldn’t. I bet you a million euros that I will go to sleep once my boyfriend comes over and we will start watching a film. Instead of sleeping I finished GIRL ONLINE by ZOELLA!! I absolutely loved it and definitely want to read the second book when I get the chance to.

Have you read it?

And if you have I guess you might find my next paragraph like I am copying her but I truly think that writing something somewhere, anywhere just helps you feel better instantly.

Lately I have been having these disagreements with my best friend and I feel that we are drifting apart. We used to see each other every day last year as we were in the same UNI course. However, this year we both started working full time jobs so we only get to see each other once a week. We even rarely talk on Whatsapp when we used to talk non-stop.

I am trying because I was the one who started the conversation yesterday. And okay she did talk back and then I took until this morning to reply. But then after that radio silence.

Apart from that chat we are also both in this group chat. And see she mentioned a party that she wants to go to and it happens to be on the day of my christmas staff dinner that I already paid for and really want to go. So of course I could not go. She basically ignored what I said and just talked about something else with the others. Only one of my friend’s actually acknowledged my response.

Anywho’s I then say that the party was really good last year, you know to seem like I am bummed that I will miss it. Then I say about how I am not feeling well and that I had to leave work.

You would think your friends would tell you a simple GET WELL SOON. . . but nope nothing. Instead they just continue talking as if I did not send anything.

That made me feel so lonely and alone. I do not know why I am friends with them sometimes when they treat me like that. Friends do really drift apart and we do change. There’s a chapter in GIRL ONLINE about this and she really does explain it well. That friends outgrow one another. Like Penny and Megan.

You should really read the book if you haven’t. I really RECOMMEND IT!!

Anyways I will end this blog post with something extremely funny, and that is with the new family member: Bart who grows grass on his head. And this grass grows extremely quickly.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.13.12 PM.png

Happy weekend



Blogmas Day 1

Hey guys, 

How are you all doing? So I have had this great idea pop in my head. Since I do not vlog as I do not have a proper camera to do so and I am shy of doing it anyways I decided to do Vlogmas – Blogmas.

I will be writing and sharing with you guys things that I would have shared with you on a vlog but in writing. I love writing and this way I will be even posting more often on my blog.

Wow I think I am writing the word blog way TOO many times. I apologise.

Anyways so let us go ahead and get started with Blogmas Day 1.

My days usually aren’t all that exciting so this might bore you. Today I just woke up as usual at half past six in the morning and got ready for work. Of course I was in the best mood ever to start the day – NOT. However, the one thing that gets me going is when I am in my car, driving to work and stuck in traffic. No I do not get agitated, instead I just stay singing with the songs on the radio – I find this extremely helpful.

The day went by as usual, working as a Learning Support Assistant with three kids in Grade 6. They had a history test today and poor them they had quite a bit to study. But I created a set of powerpoints which in my opinion where so cute. So hopefully that helped!

In the break I had a fright as a girl came to me with a nose bleed and I forgot whether to keep the girl’s head up or down – so had a panicky moment there. Turns out none, but to keep the girl’s head upright as usual. She’s okay though.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.44.59 PM.png

Then as usual finished one job and went to the next and that ran smoothly. I just was anxiously waiting to go home though and continue reading – GIRL ONLINE by ZOE SUGG and a cup of tea.

My boyfriend wanted me to go to buy a controller for his new ps4 he bought last week however I just was too cosy to get out of bed. What a bad girlfriend I am.

Something that I realised today was that I do not have an Chocolate Advent Calendar to open each day – which is quite upsetting to my childlike self.

Also, here is a photo of my awesome Salmon dinner that my dad made: Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.45.21 PM

What do you think of BLOGMAS Day 1? What did you do on the 1st of December 2015? Let me know in the comments down below 🙂

Until next time,



Chit Chat – Graduation, Boyfriend’s Birthday = Busy Week!!

Hey guys,

Photo on 27-11-2015 at 2.57 PM

How are you all doing? You might be saying, ‘Where has Kezzie been?” Well I had such a busy week and did not feel like writing at all. Which mind you, is something that I love, I love writing. I find writing as a means of expression, I am someone who does not express all her feelings out loud. So with the use of this blog, I find myself being able to express a variety of emotions that sometimes I cannot do so out loud in the real world.

I had a tough week which was filled with mixed emotions. Things happened in my life which sometimes make me think, what is wrong with me? Why am I having these crazy thoughts in my brain, is something not right? Moreover, being a Psychology Graduate I start noting down all my symptoms and try to classify them with a disorder. It is insane sometimes.

Last week I graduated and finished my Degree in Psychology. See last year I graduated with a B.A in Philosophy and Psychology therefore it was not an honours degree. So this year I took an extra year to get a Degree which was the same as a B.Psy honours. So, yes I graduated twice in 2 years. And this year’s graduation should have been more special and filled with more smiles. But instead I just felt empty inside. Last year I had photos galore, I had celebrations that lasted for 2 weeks and we just could not stop talking about how fun this time of year is. This year it just seemed empty, and the only time I felt really happy and felt like I accomplished something was during the ceremony itself and when I went to receive my Degree from the dean. That was a proud moment, but that cheerfulness only lasted for minutes because then I rushed after to my boyfriend’s Science Faculty’s 100th Anniversary. So that was my Graduation celebration – it was over. And over the coming days I had to sit at home and when I had time scroll through my Facebook Newsfeed page which was filled with graduation memories of my other friends and think where are my photos of my graduation, this year? I barely have any.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.07.44 PM.png

To make matters worse I got into an argument with my boyfriend but that passed. After all, what is a relationship without some arguments here and there. We do disagree sometimes but it does not happen enough. Last week was also his birthday so I was busy with that, and I planned him a little surprise event where we had Laser Tag and had so much fun. That cheered me up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.07.07 PM.png

Anyways due to my upsetting mood I did not post a new video however I did not share my latest video on my blog however will do so in a new blog post. Because this blog is a chit chat blog.

Hopefully now my mood will turn around as today in Malta, the Point (a shopping centre) is hosting the first ever Black Friday and will hopefully go check it out later on today !! #excitement

Stay tuned for more



My Weekend – Friday To Sunday – Themed Party – Karaoke Night – Relaxing Sundays

Hey guys !! 

So I know I just wrote up a blog post but that was meant to be put up yesterday. However I was not able to do that as I was away this weekend. I went to a UNI Weekender that was organised by a science community. I do not attend university as I will be graduating this year however, my boyfriend is studying biology and chemistry and he invited me to go and so I did.

IMG_3983 (1)

It was a fun filled evening with so much things to do !! On Friday we went up at around five where we checked in Preluna Hotel which was amazing. We then attended an Ice Breaker near the sea front but that wasn’t much fun as the place was too small and there were so much people. So we bounced early and went off to dinner. Being wheat and egg free and still getting used to it, I found it hard to pick what to eat but then I settled for some chicken, potatoes and rice.

We then headed upstairs where we got ready for the themed party that was happening that evening. The theme was to dress up as a character from a TV show. I went as a cheerleader from Glee. Was meant to be Brittany but I did my makeup way to smokey to be Britney as I wanted to do a smokey look that evening. My boyfriend went as Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.52.43 PM

IMG_3982 (1)

The party was amazing. Once the photos come up I will definitely share them with you all. We drank a little cos you know, it was an open bar. But above all we danced the night away. It was an amazing party, and I had not danced like that in a long time!!

Then Saturday morning we went down for breakfast which was delicious! I took some cheese, potatoes, baked beans and sausages. It was yummy! We then went out for a walk then slept a little as we were all tired. My boyfriend attended a workshop to thinking back now I should have gone as it was all about lateral thinking! But oh well! We then went out for lunch where I took spaghetti that was gluten free with chicken. It was not that good as the pasta was so hard! Us girls then went for a nice hollistic message. The masseuse told me that I need to relax more but that is something I already knew!

We then rested again and went down for dinner. Dinner last night was harder to choose from, and I ended up only taking some rice. But at least they had ice cream and I chose the Pistachio flavour! Last night we then had Karaoke Night and again once the photos are up of the event I will share them with you all! It was my first karaoke experience and it was so much fun ! We sang Oops I did it again, Where is the love, Somebody Like You and so much more that by the end of the night my voice was no more !!

It was so sad to wake up then this morning and realise that the weekend had come to an end. We had breakfast which I do not know why but I preferred it more yesterday. Then we checked out and left. When I arrived home and unpacked I realised that I left my brush at the hotel, and it was one that my mum gave me that she used back when she was my age. So was a little upset then but that passed I guess. Someone always has to leave something behind and this time it was my turn to do so.

IMG_3985 (1)

So now I am home and I had a shower, put on some candles and just sat down replying to all the lovely comments I received on my youtube channel videos !! Thank you so much to whoever has subscribed to my youtube channel and followed this blog. I really appreciate and brings me great joy. Anyways that’s all for today, hope you enjoyed this blog post, it is something new hehe.

Thank you guys for everything xoxo


Tuesday Blues – Wheat and Egg Allergy – My Reality

Hi guys,

I have three days off from my Full Time job and I don’t know. I am feeling a little under the weather and being a psychology graduate I decided to delve in a bit into how and what I am feeling.

On Saturday I had my follow up appointment with my doctor who is overseeing my health. It turns out I am allergic to wheat and eggs. Therefore I had to change my meals which I have to be honest is extremely hard. I was first told about this at the end of August in Summer. I started off my detox – as you first have to clean your body off the harmful substances that you have taken – in my case the wheat and egg proteins.

I started this process well and was taking my pills which included a vitamin pill which gave me loads of energy, a livercare pill to clean my liver and another pill to clean my body. I was doing great but on the 12 th september I had my wisdom teeth removed so my detox took a back turn from then. I stopped my pills as my throat closed, I could not swallow any pill properly. It was like I was fearful of swallowing pills which I am not surprised with as my mum suffers from this fear too. But anyways after my operation which was so painful as I removed both the top wisdom, the right bottom wisdom tooth and a bottom molar from my left. The healing process was so painful, I could fill my stitches and eating was the hardest thing I had to do! I went back to eating wheat and eggs as I made scrambled eggs as they were soft to eat. And white bread without the crust and wheat pasta. Clearly of course this was my fault as all this could have been avoided.

And after that I started saying I guess if I take some foods with wheat or egg it would not be a problem. But it turns out it is and on Saturday I was told that I must go on a detox again from wheat and eggs and have to be strict for two months! I also have been given new medication which are liquids rather than pills which do the same thing.

I don’t know this is such a big challenge. I have to say bye to my hamburgers from McDonalds. Fast food outlets are out of the question, even pizzas are a no go. It is going to take time to get used to it, to prepare meals and be satisfied but I am trying. Just this morning I took two slices of toast – yes the bread is wheat free – I took chicken pieces, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 1.54.29 PM

I just have to get used to it and face it as my new reality.