Summer Outfit Ideas

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. Yesterday I posted a video about 3 Summer Outfit Ideas. And I simply wanted to share them on my blog as well!

This was also a collaboration with Carli Kimby

Her Channel –

Her Video –

My video – 

Here are my 3 looks – 

Outfit #1 –





Top – New Look
Jeans – New Look
Shoes – Primark – thanks to my lovely COUSIN!
Bag – my Grandma’s closet
Choker – Ebay

Outfit #2 – 




Crop top – H&M
Skirt – Primark
Bag – River Island
Shoes – Club Sin
Sunglasses – Ebay
Choker – Ebay

Outfit #3 – 




Dress – H&M
Shoes – Deichmann
Choker – Primark
Sunglasses – ALDO

I really hope you liked these outfits! Are you all looking forward to the Summer? 

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Sunday!

Love Kezia


Back to School Outfit Ideas

Hi you lovely ones,

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So I would like to start this post by stating that this is a collaboration with two of my friends from youtube.

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So we decided on doing a Back to School Collab and we are each showing you three different outfits for university/college/school whichever education you are getting !!

Here’s my video –

So here are my three outfits – 


The first outfit is a comfy yet stylish outfit in my opinion. I have paired a white crop top purchased from H&M with a comfortable trousers. This trousers I purchased from a Maltese Outlet and I just love the designs it comes with.

I then wore comfy black sneakers from Primark. These are perfect when you are running between classes.

I don’t think a person should wear clothes which are uncomfortable as lessons sometimes are already uncomfy so having a cosy outfit makes the lesson much more bearable – if you know what I mean . . .


The second outfit is more of a girly outfit you could say. I have a black halter crop top purchased from Boohoo. And a flower patterned skirt which is very flow-ey you could say. I then am wearing comfortable black sandals from H&M.

This is a perfect outfit for going to the canteen and maybe stalking your crush in. HAHA!!


The third and final outfit is probably my favourite. It includes a pink shirt from Primark paired with a pair of black leggings – also from Primark.

Oh my god I now realised that this outfit is all PRIMARK !! Cos even the shoes are – as they are the same shoes I wore in the first outfit.

The comfortable black sneakers which I have to admit I over – wear in winter!! I love driving in them too!!

I also included a school bag from Primark, I love it!!

So there you have it, my back to school outfit picks !!

I hope you liked my video !!

Have a lovely week !! 

Love Kezia


Blogmas Day 8 – How I wish I could decorate for CHRISTMAS

Hi everyone !! 

How are you all doing? We have a public holiday today so I will not be going to work !! Unfortunately, tomorrow will have a long boring day at work. It is going to be a bit tough going back because all I feel like doing is being here in bed. . . literally !!

I was meant to be going christmas gift and decor shopping because yes, it is the 8th December and I have not decorated yet! It is not entirely my fault. . .

Ever since my gran dad passed away those christmas traditions that we used to participate in, like decorating just stopped.

My mum does not decorate anymore and it just does not feel christmassy.

But yes today I was meant to go christmas gift shopping with my mum and nan. And they were going to stop me at this shop which has a mega sale on christmas decorations and I was gonna buy myself some. But I did not go as I woke up with a headache and my body feeling weak. And since we were not only going to this shop but visiting various other outlets I just thought it would be a more intelligent decision to stay home.

But my lovely mum did take a list with her that I composed and hopefully she will be getting me some goodies that I can use. Now me and my mum do not have the same taste in things, but I did tell her what I wanted. So this could be a hit or miss scenario. We will see.

So in the meantime I decided to write a blogpost on how I where to decorate for christmas if I had my own house to do so.

Yey for pinterest!!!!

Let’s begin then . . .

I love candles and if I could I would buy an entire shop. I am so sad that we do not have Lush or Bath and Body Works here in Malta, because I would buy a candle a month … or a week. In a way it is helping me save my money … so for the time being they can stay away from Malta I guess.

I love this picture of a candle with a little DIY! It is so cute and it would help christmasify the room.


I love drinking my cup of tea and this picture just made me stop scrolling down and save it. This is so cute and the mug is adorable too. If I had the time of day to create these adorable things I def would!!


I just think how this fireplace is decorated is amazing! I love the lights, the candles, the wreath going all around. And that board with the stars and the three wise men is it? But I just love how the whole thing is illustrated.


Like I said I love candles and circling these up and putting them on a little vase thing is just adorable! This I would put it on my dining table and there you have it we are all set for Christmas Lunch.


These are my favourite out of all the candles I will be showing you today. It is such a cute idea to do with mason jars. And those tiny wreaths or whatever they are are just adorable! The frosting is such a cute touch!!


This is my dream living room with the christmas tree. And there is another fireplace setting. But what I love the most is the pillow covers and red curtain. It really highlights the christmas feeling.


I just think that these vases are adorable! They send a christmas vibe and are great for anywhere in the house. Them having Joy written down on them is super cute too!


Ok this little lantern is super cute! I just love the way it is decorated even with the ribbon! I love everything about and I think it would be something nice to have around the house or even outside or on the window!!


This has got to be my christmas tree looking wish!! It is just perfectly decorated. The lights and decorations on it is amazing. The material all around it is so softly done. I love it.


This would be so cute to have outside near your main door. It is such a cute and warm welcoming to your guests. Or your awesome postman who brings you such wonderful packages.



I might not have a house to myself yet, but when I do and I cannot wait, it will be nicely decorated.

I guess I understand mum’s reasoning behind her not decorating the entire house. I mean I do miss my grand dad and it is def not the same without him. He used to make christmas so special and I just loved him.

But my mum still allows us to decorate our rooms. Hopefully I will be getting some nice decorations.

Do you like these ideas? Have you decorated? What is your favourite christmas decoration from your house? 

Until Next Time,