Shimmery Makeup Tutorial ft. Born Pretty Store

Hi everyone,

Today’s blog post is all about a Shimmery Makeup Look I created thanks to some products from Born Pretty Store.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 09.03.21

Born Pretty Store is a website that sells a variety of products, from makeup to nail items and mobile accessories etc. I have made previous videos & blog posts about their website and you can check them out right here –

I also have a 10% DISCOUNT CODE that you could use at checkout and on non sale items – KEZZH10

I would like to thank Born Pretty Store for giving me yet another opportunity to collaborate with them!

The products I reviewed this time from their website were – 

2 Piece Face Brush Set 


These retail for $2.59. I found that these brushes are a little small to apply any foundation or powder. I tried blending out my concealer which I liked how they blended it for me. And I also tried applying bronzer and highlight with them.

However, I didn’t get the finished effect I usually get with my other products. The highlight applied better than the bronzer but I think that these brushes look really cute on your vanity with their rhinestone packaging.

6 Piece Gradient Rainbow Unicorn Colorful Handle Eye Makeup Eyeshadow Brushes Set


This retails for $3.99. I think these brushes are so cutely decorated with that perfect unicorn print. You get a brush for your brows, eyeliner, 2 flat brushes, a crease brush and a pointed brush perfect for the inner corner. 

I loved these brushes more than the other face brushes of before. I found that the brow brush and eyeliner one applied the products well. There is no proper blending brush in this set however the flat brushes are great to work with. Overall I think you can get good use out of them and they are so cute too!

1Pc Glow Shimmer Liquid Highlighter 


This retails for $2.59. I applied this not as a highlight but as my base colour on my eye look. So I applied it using the flat brush from the unicorn brush set.

I felt that this product was a little patchy when applied and took a little long to dry. However, I loved the finished effect and how it made my eye look pop even more!

1 Pair Handmade False Eyelash Black Long Thick Curly Artificial Eyelash


These retail for $2.99. I found that these lashes were so easy to work with. The packaging they came in was really practical too.

I love how these applied and that they had a natural effect to them. They lasted long and when I applied mascara on them so to blend my real lashes with them, they stayed on really well. These are my favourite eye lashes that I have tried from born pretty store for sure!

Missy Young Fashion Matte Liquid Lipstick in Shade 5


This retails for $2.59. I loved the colour of this lipstick, it’s such a lovely deep pink shade. I love how it applied, it wasn’t patchy or flakey and it dried down to a complete matte finish.

I tried the kiss proof test, and the lipstick didn’t transfer. For only $2.59 I think these lipsticks are such a bargain!

The final look – 



Have you ever tried any products from Born Pretty Store? Comment down below!!

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Trying out Beauty Big Bang’s Metallic Lipsticks

Hi lip lovers,

Look who’s back with a LIPSTICK blog post? MEE!!

As you know, or if you don’t, I love love LOVE lipsticks! They are my favourite makeup products!


So today, I shall be writing a little something something about these Metallic Lipsticks from BeautyBigBang. Remember I have a 10% DISCOUNT CODE – KEZZ10 – that you can enter at checkout!

Beauty Big Bang ever so kindly sent me these six Metallic Lipsticks to try out. You can check out my video which shows you how they applied and how they swatched onto my lips.

Here are my thoughts –


Firstly, I love the packaging they come in. The tubes are made up of rose gold packaging and that was already a win for me. They all have this sweet sweet scent that reminds me of the Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes.

The lighter shades I found that they weren’t as pigmented as the darker shades when applied on the lips on their own. BUT when I applied a matte lipstick and then applied Candy Champagne on top I simply loved the effect.

Candy Champagne on top of Sweetie from Milani

Now this I didn’t do on camera but if you follow my Facebook Page then you would have seen what makeup look I created last weekend. And indeed I applied the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in the shade Sweetie. I let that dry and then I applied the Candy Champagne shade from BeautyBigBang and I loved the effect!

What I also noted from the lipsticks was that they are a little bit sticky when applied onto the lips. Therefore, applying a lip balm to moisture your lips beforehand will help decrease the sticky effect.

The lipsticks last long and do not transfer. They do dry down to a matte finish. The glitters of course of the lipstick does transfer, but they’re glitters so I really don’t mind that!

I think that these lipstick are worth trying out especially now that there are so much Festivals going on and you want to create that Mermaid and Sparkled look!

The shades mentioned (In the same order as they appeared on the video) – 
Shade #32 – Chill Mauve


Shade #36 – Rose Gold On Acid


Shade #31 – Candy Champagne


Shade #34 – Stripper Pink


Shade #35 – Delirium Purple


Shade #33 – Cloud Pink/Blue



Which shade was your favourite? Comment down below!! 

Thank you so much for reading. 

Love Kezia


Stellar Cosmetics – Review

Hi everyone, 

Today’s blog post is all about a new makeup line called – Stellar Cosmetics. 

You can find them over on – 

Facebook –

Instagram –

Etsy –

Stellar Cosmetics sells vegan and cruelty free pressed glitter pigments; and it is based in Malta. This I found to be pretty cool as it is a Maltese line!

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 18.00.15

They have a variety of glitters from pinks to purples to golds. I would like to thank them so much for sending me these 4 beautiful shades.

So far I have only tried one out but I wanted to go ahead and write up a blog post about them.

The shades I received were:


Princess – a rose gold shade


Capricorn – a dark rich green shade


Strawberry Sugar – A dark pinky red shade


Gold Digga – A gold shade

They were packaged well and when opened weren’t damaged whatsoever!

Today I tried one and created a makeup look –



For this look, I used the Gold Digga Shade and used it alongside the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. I applied the glitter onto my eyelid which already had eyeshadow on (Primavera – from the Modern Renaissance Palette).

My favourite products from this look!

I applied it using an eyeshadow sponge applicator with some Glitter Fix Liquid and I placed the glitter on my lid.


I found that I had to dip the sponge applicator a couple of times to pick up the product. However, in the end I was happy with how it applied. The glitter didn’t move around and I did not have any fall out and didn’t have glitter all around my face – which is not what we want.

It is quite important in my opinion when working with any glitter that you take your time and do it gently.


The glitter also stayed in place all day. I did use my Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray so even that might have helped it more in not moving and remaining where I wanted it to be.

Overall, I loved how the glitter applied. I didn’t get any reactions when using the glitter and it stayed in place all day. I did have to go back and forth to create the finished look I wanted as the sponge applicator didn’t pick up a lot of glitter at once.

It also came off really gently when using my makeup remover from Vichy.

17838680_10211063086665730_35715208_o (1)

If you liked what you read and the makeup look I created then I would recommend you visiting Stellar Cosmetics and trying the glitters out for yourselves. I look forward to trying out the three other shades! Also, during the month of April – when ordering 3 or more pressed glitters you will be entitled to FREE domestic shipping.

Thank you once again Stellar Cosmetics!

What do you think of the glitters and the makeup look I created? Comment down below!

Thank you so much for reading !! Happy Sunday!

Love Kezia