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Malta Fashion Week – Desiree, Ivory & Co and Gaetano

Hi everyone, 

So yesterday I attended Malta Fashion Week once again. It is such a lovely atmosphere, with everyone dressed to impress.

There were 5 shows in all however, I only managed to get photos from 3 of them as the other 2 which were of Carla Grima Atelier presented ABLOOM and Rosita Silk Sense presented Serendipity.

Both were presentations and I did not quite manage to get a good spot and so didn’t end up taking photos. But I can say that I enjoyed watching both presentations.

Rosita’s silk was beautiful, all the shades blended ever so nicely together. Whilst Carla’s swimwear looked great and made me want to be at a beach sipping a cocktail.


An exhibition that I was looking forward to was this one from Desiree.






She presented us with an exhibition of her Hand-Painted bags and shoes. And let me tell you they are amazing, so unique, colourful and fun!



I loved the skylines presenting Mdina and Valletta – the old and new capital cities of Malta.

The first show we had on the catwalk was from Ivory & Co











They gave us a lovely spectacle of bridal wear. I guess every one of us girls imagine that big dream wedding we wish to have. And one of the things we probably spend time thinking about is a wedding dress. And I can say that these dresses would make lots of girls cry with joy! They were lovely and princess like. The dresses each designed so eloquently.

The model’s hair were all done in an up-style and lots had plaits tied nicely round the head.



There also were other dresses besides wedding dresses.




My favourite was the jumpsuit which was white with coloured flowers all around.


And the night ended with a fashion show from Gaetano who presented us with DIVAS. 


And let me tell you, Gaetano did an amazing job in created Diva-liscious outfits!





The colours popped, the sparkles and glitters were shining and the models looked amazing and with that outfit they can ‘Run the World‘.






My favourite outfit of the night – 




I love how the show ended with Claudia Faniello singing Breathlessly – the Maltese Eurovision song of 2017! Claudia looked radiant in that dress!


My outfit (Photos thanks to Neil Psaila)


Top – Primark

Jeans – Bershka

Shoes & Bag – Primark


(Taken with my phone)

What did you think of these outfits? 

Did you like any? Comment down below!

Thank you so much for reading, hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Love Kezia



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Herminas Reea, Parascandalo and Maria Cutajar – at Malta Fashion Week 2017

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing fine! It is Malta Fashion Week here in Malta and this year I am attending the fashion shows and bringing you all the scoop on what is being presented!!

Today’s shows were – (Including my thoughts)

Herminas Reea

Presenting The Gods









The Gods show included so many pieces in Golden Yellow. The models’ hair and makeup reminded me of Greek Goddesses. All of them had a crown or a band on their heads. The show was truly mystical with every piece better than the other.




The dresses each had a different take. With some being all black and lace-y whilst others being golden and shiny.



The final dress though was the centre of attention. A long tail behind, I laid my eyes on the most exquisite and unique ‘wedding dress’ ever. With the front and back both with a Low V cut and the striped like pattern, the dress screamed perfection.


Presenting Vanity Rebels






Marco, did an amazing job in putting together all these pieces for the Vanity Rebels Show. I guess being a rebel means you stand out of the crowd. And my having one of these pieces, you surely well!



I loved how the men had these styled jeans made up of different materials. I think they matched nicely together and really have a wow factor!




The hair was put together all so well with lots of buns paired with plaits. And the models all had that dark lip on to get their rebel inside them going!



From this show, I got reminded on how much I want a denim badged jacket. There was one that literally kept me looking at the model until she left the catwalk! I honestly never saw a ripped denim jacket … until now! I love it! It was my favourite piece out of the show. I want it!

Maria Cutajar

Presenting Boho Goddess





I was looking forward to this show. There were lots of different types of outfits in this show, mostly paired with a pink pair of shoes. There was lots of orange, pink and greys going on.




There was also some knitwear involved paired with baggy loose trousers or dresses. I also loved the models’ makeup and hair. Their lips were covered with a chalky blue and it went with the outfits.



My most favourite outfit of all was a dark red crop top and matching skirt. I can see myself wearing it with the cute matching bag too. It also reminded me of The Carrie Diaries – Remember that spin off from Sex and the City, when Carrie was younger?





The last set of outfits were revolved around the colour pink. I loved how Maria paired a different shade of pink with another and used different materials. Even though the outfits were plain, having those different shades of pink made them stand out even more! And some of the models also had some sort of hair crown on them which I guess screams Boho-ness!


The last outfit was so unique. It was a strapless embroidered dress with a beautiful pattern. I think that it ended the show perfectly!

A big thanks to the following 3 photos by Neil Psaila

My outfit – 

Top – H&M

Skirt – Primark

Jacket – Bershka

Bag – My grandma‘s closet

Shoes – Primark

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 06.28.28

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 06.29.33

Overall, I really enjoyed my first time at the Malta Fashion Week. I hope you will enjoy my blog posts sharing with you the shows from Malta Fashion week which I attend.

Have you ever heard of these brands?

What do you think of the outfits?

Comment down below!

Love Kezia




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Baystreet Malta Fashion Show

Hi everyone, 

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Last Thursday I was invited to a Fashion Show that was being held at the Baystreet Shopping Complex in St.Julians. This was my first ever fashion show that I attended as a Blogger.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 13.20.53
I also met so many Maltese Bloggers – Top Left – Stephanie from – Style in Transit Top Right – Deborah from Distorted Priorities Bottom From Left To Right – Lara from Every Beauty Addict’s Bible , Maria from Maria from Pocalocca’s Blog  and Thereseanne from A Blonde on the Go
And more bloggers! Natalya from Natalya Vukovic and Graziella from Glitter with Gloss 
My Outfit – Top – Lily Loves, Jeans – New Look.
Shoes – ASOS Carvela – my fashionable cousin passed them onto me!


Baystreet is home to a number of outlets and this fashion show featured 20 different fashion brands. 

Original Marines

It started off with a children’s brand called Original MarinesAll the kids were dressed to impress, in either their fun and casual attire or else the little boys’ were all set in their little waist jackets over their t-shirts.

It then moved onto Aldo who only had a few pieces. The women’s clothes were mostly a one piece and all came in one colour.


The shoes were the highlight in my opinion. I loved the second model’s shoes – the pink/nude ones.


After their were some bits from Adidas and Skechers. I loved this sportive set by Adidas. The colours all blend nicely together and those shoes are great for every casual outfit!


Ipanema was the next brand to walk the catwalk. I honestly had never visited this shop but from what they presented it seems to have a love for patterned tops based around the red and blue shades.

I love buying from Jennyfer and that was the next brand to come out. This black leather studded jacket looks amazing!

And I also loved this army green sort of bomber jacket with badges all around!


The shoes that were paired with the army green jacket were a silver pair of trainers. And I loved these – so shiny and bright!


Besides showing casual wear a model also came out with a gorgeous red dress that’s so simple yet the red shade makes it so much better!


There was also this outfit with a red leather jacket over a black and white checked shirt paired with a black pair of shorts and cute black booties. For those of you Pretty Little Liars FANS this outfit really reminds me of Aria! She would totally wear this outfit!


Next up we had Misto and they presented us first with a bodycon dress that had a floral pattern in the middle but then had black and white triangles at the bottom. Even though there was a lot going on at the same time, it made the dress more interesting.


I also liked another piece that had a floral shirt and black trousers but they were paired with a long cream/nude jacket.


I also loved this black dress that was paired with the floral patterned bag. I love the chain that it comes with and the different coloured flowers!


But my favourite were these nude shoes that were paired with a fun coloured dress. I loved the shoes even more!


After there was Dolce Plus. There was a lot of floral patterns and fun shades in the collection that was presented. I loved the floral patterned trousers. I also thought that the high waisted skinny black trousers looked great with the pink patterned top tucked up inside.

Dolce Plus

But my favourite had to be the black floral dress. The colours and the shape of it spoke to me!

Dolce Plus

Then there was London Cafe which showed some formal pieces.

London Cafe

I loved the patterned crop top that was paired with a matching puffy skirt.

London Cafe

Terranova was next and I think the collection was based on tops that had little frills at the end. Vey hippy and festival like!

I loved this outfit from Guess. With their baggy jeans and short red t-shirt.


Calliope followed, and they had some lovely pieces. I absolutely loved the outfit that showed the green patterned jumpsuit. The heels and scarf went really went well the outfit. I don’t know if I could pull it off – but I like how everything blended together.


I also thought that the outfit with the green trousers looked different especially with the top from behind.


A model was wearing this floral patterned dungaree over an off the shoulder white top. Very summer-y and very me! However, I wasn’t too fond of the shoes that were paired with it.

There was also Trussardi that had a lot of smart casual outfits.


Sunlab showed off some bikinis and outfits that were paired with two shoulder bags on each side. I personally do not ever wear two such bags together.


I also loved these pair of black shoes on one of the models.


Bortex had this smart outfit with these striped trousers and blazer. Even the shoes looked great. I never have worn anything like this but I think it would be interesting to try out.


Pedro Del Hierro matched yellow and purple so well together. I never knew that these colours could match so well!

Cortefiel had 2 outfits that had similar colours. One had a red blazer paired with a blue and white striped trousers. Whilst the other outfit had it the other way around! Both outfits looked stunning!

The show ended with lingerie and swimwear from Women Secret. My favourite was this black one piece bikini and that headband! So me!

And then what was cute about the ending of the show was that every model came out with a set of heart shaped balloons which were then left to float around up up and above in the moonlit sky!

Women Secret
Women Secret


I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!

What was your favourite outfit? Comment down below!

Love Kezia



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Dinner Date – #OOTD

Hi everyone, 

If you recall in my previous #OOTD blog post I wrote that I will be posting another OOTD Blog post … and so here it is!


Last Saturday Luke and I went out to celebrate him having finished his dissertation. I am so proud of him … last step Luke!

Anyways, we went to eat at Suruchi in St Julians. It is this little Indian restaurant in Malta that hasn’t been opened for long. The food is lovely however, as the place was so small I got a little bit faint inside as I was feeling too hot. In fact, we ended up taking most of the food home.

On the day I was wearing  –


Top – from Primark – It is a puffy pink nude top but what I like about it the most is that it has these bows tied near the elbow which makes it so unique. It also comes with puffy sleeves.

Jeans – from Bershka – My only white pair of jeans found in my closet. And they are also ripped at the knees and they are high waisted.

High Heels – from Main Street Fashion Wear in Rabat – I love these shoes – they are one of my faves but I hardly wear them. I took this occasion to do so! It’s peep toe and covered in a cute purple and green floral pattern. 


Accessories – Earrings – Accessorize – I hardly ever wear big and dangly earrings but since I didn’t wear any necklaces and my top was all one colour I decided on wearing them.




And here is what we ate – 

Starter – some type of spicy chicken

Tikka Masala
Pilau rice with the Tikka Masala sauce and Naan bread


Do you like Indian? What will you be doing this weekend? 

Thank you so much for reading!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Love Kezia


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Winter Lookbook 2017

Hi everyone, 

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday !! My goodness aren’t I exhausted !! It’s Sunday evening and I still have a lot of things I need to do so I would be satisfied with what I want to get done before a new week starts again !!

A new video has just been uploaded on my channel and I really wanted to share it with you all as I am so excited for you guys to watch it!

It is also a collaboration with two sweet girls – Typical Twins. You could visit their channel right here –

I haven’t filmed a Lookbook in so long and I actually love filming and editing them! But the time they take is so overwhelming and I really wished that I could film this outside but no one could help me!! So I just filmed it in my room so excuse the quality !!

Here is the video – 

Here are what each of the three outfits consisted of –

Outfit 1 –

Top – H&M
Skirt – Bershka
Knee High Socks – H&M
Black Booties – New Look
Hat – H&M
Rings – Bershka
Earrings – Primark
WatchIt was a present

Outfit 2 –

Black Under Top – H&M
Green Shirt – Primark
Black Booties – Primark
Earrings – Primark
RingsBershka & Ebay

Outfit 3 –

Black Crop Top – H&M
Jeans – H&M
Green Khaki Shirt – New Look
Shoes – New Look
Rings – Bershka

I hope you liked it!! 

Which was your favourite outfit?

Thank you for watching/reading!

Love Kezia


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Blogmas Day 1 – A little Tardy !! Try on Haul – New Look, Bershka & H&M

Hi everyone,

Ok so as you can see from the title I shall be starting Blogmas. However, day one was already a fail!!

Yesterday I woke up with a bad stomach virus and now I also have temperature – so yes I started December off with a sicky feeling!

But alas, I shall not let this affect me from doing BLOGMAS! I did it last year and really enjoyed it. So I decided on doing it this year.

Now since today is already the 2nd December I have decided that I will run Blogmas as so – I will write the Blogmas day one on the 2nd December, and then I will write Blogmas Day 2 on the 3rd December … if you get what I mean. If I see this is too confusing I will just put two days together and then I will be fully compensated and would have caught up with the days.

Now enough blabbing !! Let’s get on with the post!!

On Tuesday I went to our ‘Tal-Lira Jumbo Store‘ – Tal-Lira means one pound – so it can be compared to America’s The Dollar Tree or the UK’s One Pound Shop.

I bought several Christmas decorations like a Christmas Tree – very tine one – some more fairy lights, a hohoho decoration, some reindeer ears and another reindeer ornament. I am still placing them in my room and decorating. So once that is all done I will post some photos!

Traditionally our family used to decorate every year on the 8th December but since the years have passed decorating the house seems to have lost its priority. So now I usually do it for myself in my room. I guess it is a little saddening as being in a house not decorated for Christmas really doesn’t set you in the Christmas spirit. But who knows maybe this year will be different!

Anyways, have you decorated for Christmas?

What is you favourite decoration?

Comment down below !! 

I also would like to add that on Wednesday I put up a new video – my Try on Haul from things I bought from New Look, Bershka and H&M.

They are things I bought from when I went to London in September. And three months later I have done hauls on almost everything that I bought whilst I was there – Accomplishment right there!!

So if you would like to see it you can go ahead I will be linking it right here –

Thank you so much for reading!

Hope you all have a lovely day & weekend!!

Love Kezia


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Primark Haul

Hi everyone,

A new video was uploaded yesterday and I was so excited to share it with you all!

It was of what I got from Primark last September!

I really hope you enjoy watching!

I always love watching other primark hauls, so I was so excited to have my very own one up!

Primark is just an amazing shop which caters for everything you might need!

I always go in there with the feeling as though I am going to shop like crazy!! Infact I needed two baskets which I filled up in the end.

I honestly do not buy that many clothes, in fact  I can go a whole year without buying any new clothing but then when I go abroad, that is where the magic happens!

I guess I love the bargains that I find ! I think they really are worth it!



My favourite items were by far the star wars Pjs and the pink tote bag ❤ I absolutely cannot wait to wear the Pjs as it still is not too cold for it!


I also have been looking for black simple strappy heels for ages and these are bliss!

I also loved my It’s not me It’s you cat pillow! I obviously had to get it!

Anyways, this was a short post just sharing with you my latest clothing haul video!

I really hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to like & subscribe !!

Love Kezia


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Sunday Lunch & OOTD

Hi everyone, 

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Yesterday, I took some photos while at lunch at Ocean Basket in Qawra, Malta. So I thought I would write up a blog post. Haven’t done one of these in a while so it’s about time I did one!

Here is what I wore:





Dress – Petticoat Lane Market – Was only One Pound !! 

Shoes – Maltese Outlet

Bag – River Island ❤ 

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Ocean Basket offers a range of sea food from sushi to cod to mussels. Basically anything fishy that you wish, they have it!


What impressed me most is that when I asked if they have gluten free bread they said YES. I was so delighted, as in Malta this is not apparent to all restaurants.



I ordered sushi of course. I got tuna maki rolls, salmon maki rolls and vegetable fashion sandwiches. By the end of it I was so full! But I of course had to take dessert, and as I cannot take any cake I opted for a vanilla ice cream.

Hope you enjoyed reading !!

Love Kezia



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New video !! – My first TRY on HAUL

Hi everybody,

How are you all doing? I finally have come up with a try on haul!!!


All the clothes were purchased from Bershka, New Look and Jennyfer.

And the boots were purchased from a random Maltese Outlet.

I really enjoyed filming this and loved trying on the clothes and posing in front of the camera. I have been wearing these all throughout winter! I am in love with my new sweaters and they are a MUST HAVE in winter.

I love the new dangaree I got and I think it is just adorable with a black crop top together with black tights. Of course this is not to be worn on a cold day like it currently is today!!

What do you think of the clothes? 🙂

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!!

Thank you for reading!!

Love Kezzie


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Blogmas Day 5 – Video Day !! And being Sick.

Hi everyone, 

God I hate being sick it just drives me insane. However, even though I was sick I still woke up out of bed, did my makeup and filmed two videos. I edited them BUT my god!

Uploading is causing me to stress out !! One alright went up and will be on next Wednesday. But the other one is taking forever.

And I usually just upload straight from Final Cut Pro X but this time it was giving me errors. Does anyone know how to handle this? I then decided to upload straight off youtube … and the minutes remaining keep dragging on and on.

Nonetheless today’s video is up and it is my Favorite Scarves for the autumn. So here you go and have a look:

Thank you to all my subscribers and everyone who follows me on this blog. I truly appreciate it!!

Also here are some photos from my day:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.19.12 PM
Rice Salad my sweet boyfriend did for me
Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.19.19 PM
Hot Chocolate my dad made for me
Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.20.04 PM
Editing my videos
A preview from next Saturday’s video


Even though I have a blocked nose and a scratchy throat I managed what I had to do today and I am so happy I did.

I was feeling a little down yesterday because of anxiety that is building up inside me, but filming and editing really helped calm me down. I love doing it so much and cannot wait to do it again. I guess you can call them my coping mechanisms to overcome my anxiety and to win over the dull feeling I had. If you get anxious, I truly recommend this website – – you can learn a great deal and if you are seeking help they have therapists waiting to listen to you and your story.

I am also enjoying writing BLOGMAS.

Comment down below on how was your 5th of December? What did you do? How do you feel?

Until next time,