7th Heaven – Dead Sea Mud Mask – Review

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I did a blog post all about 7th Heaven and spoke about the Manuka Honey Peel off mask. You can check it out right here.

Today, I shall be talking about the Dead Sea Mud Mask.


Unlike the other mask I tried, this was a Mud Mask which meant that it was going to be messier than peel off masks. But, I wasn’t disappointed by the end result that it left me with.

Minerals found in the Dead Sea help clean our impurities and open blocked pores for cleaner and softer skin. So I am all about unblocking those pores and getting rid of them!


The main ingredients found in this Mud Mask were –

Dead Sea Salt – 

A mineral found in the Dead Sea. Dead sea minerals leave our skin feeling relaxed and nourished. I have tried multiple products from Arad which had it’s main ingredients from the Dead Sea. And I loved using their products, they did help my skin become cleaner.

The nutrients from the Dead Sea in this face mask help cleanse our pores, moisturise our skin and draw out any impurities, dirt and grime that we end up with because of today’s modern lifestyle.

Sea Kelp and Seaweed – 

These are, “large algae which grow in the seas and oceans around the world, or on rocks below the high-water mark.” Seaweed is, “high in nutrients, is a fantastic detox agent and could even improve the health of your heart. This slimy green plant could be a vital part of your beauty regime.”

The Seaweed and Sea Kelp in the face mask helps with moisturising our skin, “whilst fighting the signs of aging, helping you banish those wrinkles for good.” It can also be seen as a natural exfoliant, and helps with washing away the dead skin cells to leave your skin, “feeling fresh, clean and renewed.”

Lavender – 

Lavender is commonly used to treat skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis (which I am accustomed to!) and other inflammatory conditions.

Mud masks in general help with your daily cleansing routine in keeping your skin “super clean” and “less prone to blemishes and uneven skin tones.”

My thoughts – 

I applied the Mud Mask after having cleansed my face with my Vichy Normaderm Facial Cleansing Gel. 

I then applied the mask on a dry face using a flat foundation brush. I left the mask on for approximately 45 minutes. I KNOW I should have only left the mask on for 15 minutes as that it what it states I should do but it felt so cooling on my face I just wanted to leave it on. That and I was watching an episode of Saving Hope that I couldn’t pause it until it was finished!

But I really love how it left my skin looking so clean and so smooth. Throughout the day I felt my skin feeling refreshed and healthier. I do really recommend this mask and I prefer this one over the Honey Peel off that I tried before!

Have you tried any masks by 7th Heaven? Comment down below!

Thank you so much for reading! 

Love Kezia



Blogmas Day 8 & 9 – Christmas Decorations and Spa Night

Hi everyone,

I finally decorated my room and also a Christmas Tree.

A little background about my family – we do not decorate every year because of somebody we lost a while back. But this year, I managed to convince my parents that we should decorate for us. We are still here, and I am sure he would want us to.

Anyways, with that being said I was allowed to put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with bits and bobs. I am also excited to see what Nemo will do about it. Nemo is our cat, she is 2 years old and she just loves playing! So far she has just stolen one Christmas ball and ran around with it! Hilariously cute!!

I usually only decorate my room with little things here and there. I also have more fairy lights!! But I just remembered I did not take a photo with them on!!

The Christmas tree is in our sitting room, so now I enjoy going there to stay watching a show or two. Here is a photo of me watching Scream Queens – such a weird and funny show!


Yesterday, after work and voluntary work I came home and had a nice shower. We do not have a bath, which is such a pity! I would use so many bath bombs if I could!

So instead of soaking up in bubbles of fun I put on a face mask.

My boyfriend’s dad went to England and got me some goodies from Superdrug. One of them being relaxing face masks to try out!


I tried the Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Mask. It contained ultra purifying dead sea minerals and nutrient rich seaweed that combine to penetrate deep into the pores in your skin to improve its vitality!!

It truly did make my skin feel super soft, destressed and relaxed. It’s Vegan and Paraben free which is always a plus too!

I swear my skin has never felt softer!!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this Blogmas Post. Short & Sweet, just the way I like it!!

How has your December been so far? 

Thank you for reading!

Love Kezia