New Products from Essence Cosmetics – Autumn 2018!

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How are you all doing? This is my last post to be written as a 24 year old. This is crazy cos I still don’t feel 24, let alone feel as though I am turning 25 …. I dunno!

Today’s blog post is all about some new products coming out/have come out by now this Autumn 2018 from Essence Cosmetics. If you are Maltese like me you can find essence products in stands in pharmacies and in supermarkets such as Pavi, Pama, Savemart and the list goes on. You can find the list right here on their facebook page!

I would like to thank Essence Cosmetics and Pharma Mt for these products! 

I tested out these products on my latest youtube video, which you watch right here –

The products which were new are these –


Prime and Studio Mattifying + Pore minimising primer with black clay 

I love this primer! I never tried a primer before which had black clay in it, but I enjoyed the formula of this primer as it created a great base to my foundation! It did minimise the appearance of my pores which I was all for!!

#Instaperfect foundation


I love this foundation’s coverage! It has amazing full coverage and it hides away redness and blemishes! You can clearly see in my video how it hid one of my spots! The only thing I don’t like about this foundation is its packaging, like why does it come like that? A pump would have been more ideal and even the size of it is odd as you don’t get much product.

Camouflage+ matt concealer

I love essence concealers and again this one was a thumbs up from me! I loved its coverage, it has very full coverage as it can also cover tattoos! I love the applicator and it blends nicely!


These 3 products that I just mentioned work well together and they are a perfect trio!!

Too Glam to Give A Damn eyeshadow Palette


Ok so the palette is cute. Some shades I like, like the big highlight shade, it is so pigmented and I loved it mostly for an inner corner highlight. The matte shades worked well however, I had a slight issue with the dark purple shade. It kind of blended into nothing.

Melted chrome eyeshadow in Steel the look


I loved this melted chrome eyeshadow!! It is so pigmented and applied on the lid omg you can see how pigmented it is from me applying it in my video!! It just applies well and adds a lovely pop to your makeup look!

Need a miracle volumising and strengthening mascara


Ok so if you have been following me for a while you would know, I Love mascaras from essence and this did not fail my high expectations! I loved it, the wand worked well and it separated my lashes and volumised them! This is probably gonna be a fave of mine to use this autumn!

Go for the glow highlighter palette


This is a cute packaged palette and it comes in a mirror with three shades. Personally, I wouldn’t use all three shades, I would just use the lighter one. As for the other two I guess you could use them as blush and bronzer but since they are shimmer products I fear that they would increase the appearance of texture in the skin and that’s why I prefer using matte bronzers and blushers. But the light shade works as a nice subtle highlight and you can intensify the glow by applying fixing spray and then applying the highlight while your face is still drying!!

New Lippies!! 


Melted chrome liquid lipstick in copper dropper

This lipstick is a cute copper metallic shade. It applied so nicely on the lips and it is so pigmented and not patchy! I love my matte lipsticks, but might add this on top of  a matte lipstick in the middle as I don’t often use metallic lipsticks on their own!

Colour boost mad about matte liquid in Mad matters

I LOVE this formula and this shade! I want all the colours from this collection!! The applicator and packaging is amazing and it is not patchy or drying and dries down so fast!! I love it and this shade screams autumn to me!!

Velvet Matte Lipstick – Shade 06

I love this shade and formula too, it is a velvet matte! I love this shade too!!


Glitter on Glitter off Peel off nail polish in dazzle dazzle

I love this peel off glitter nail polish, I wish they did peel off nail polishes for all the colours because the removal is so easy! I appreciate they did it with glitter, cos usually when using a glitter nail polish it is just so annoying to take off that you end up with glitter for more than a week since you had removed it!!

Cosmic lights nail polish in Welcome to the universe

I loved this shade, a pretty silver. It kind of chipped quicker than the peel off but I loved it still!

And this was the look I created using these products! 

And those were the new products from Essence that I wanted to talk to you about! Have you tried any of these? Do you want to try any? Let me know in the comments down below!!

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Blogmas Day 17 – Essence Cosmetics Buffet

What a weekend, all jam packed !!

And I still need to pack !! I shall be flying off to Rome, therefore I do not know if I will be able to finish off Blogmas! I return on Saturday!!

Apologies if I don’t! But I will try my best!

I would like to start my blog post by sharing with you all an amazing event that happened in Malta & Gozo!


As you all know one of my favourite brands is Essence. I have been buying their products I think since I started using makeup .. so around when I was 16 years old. I used to go down to the pharmacy by walk and buy five pounds worth of products. And Essence is such an inexpensive brand so I managed to collect quite a bit.

I loved their nail polishes, I remember I tried to collect every shade. However, now I have acrylic nails so I do not use nail polish besides on my toes. But I still have some running around my room.


Anywho’s because I am going out of point here! Essence Cosmetics Malta have set up an event called the Essence Cosmetics Buffet. They did it last year but I did not get a chance to go because if I remember correctly it was held once in Gozo.

But this year they ran it three times in three different locations – Pavi, Arkadia Gozo and JB Stores!

See when the event was held in Pavi 2 weeks ago I was meant to go, but I was stuck in bed with temperature. So I patiently waited for the third event at JB Stores, and my friend and I went yesterday and we had so much fun!!

See the buffet basically was that there is a huge box filled with lots of makeup, and you either pay €5 to use one hand or €10 to use two hands to grab as many products as you can and place them in the bag. All the products you manage to place in the bag are yours and those that fall out are unfortunately not!

Christabel took a video clip of me picking out the items and putting them into the bags which I thank her for doing so!! So as you can see I managed to grab quite a bit! Thank goodness for my dad’s genes of having big hands.

But yes there were dads and boyfriends trying to win their loved ones as many makeup products as they can. My friend and I were lucky and got quite a handful of stuff!


I did get some duplicates especially since I did it twice. But I gave some to my mum and some I am keeping for a future giveaway. Wink Wink!! I got the new foundation that I am so excited to try out and the a new powder which I saw a review about which should be good. I got some lip products, nail products and eyeliners. I also got 5 mousse foundation tubs which is hilarious!!

I also got 2 small eyeshadow palettes and lots of green mascaras which I have already tried and loved. I use them first then cover it up using black mascara! The green mascara really separated and lengthened my lashes!!

Also, with every ticket to participate in the event we got a perfume for free. That is so amazing!! We really got our money’s worth!!

If you would like to see a blog post/video showing you guys what I managed to grab let me know in the comments down below !!! 

Thank you so much for reading!! Have a lovely day!

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Collective Makeup Haul

Hi everyone !!

So today I decided to upload a BONUS VIDEO. As my upload schedule is every wednesday’s on my youtube channel – !!

But I decided to upload this today as I filmed this I think three weeks ago and it was long over due !!

In today’s video I decided on showing you guys what I recently got from BH Cosmetics and Essence.

It was my first time ordering from BH Cosmetics and I got the Carli Bybel 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette and I also got BH Liquid Foundation. However this I got it in the incorrect shade!

Then I also showed you what I recently purchased from Essence. Essence is a German Brand that does makeup which is not tested on animals !! YEY!
I got 2 mascaras, Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara & Essence Multi Action Mascara, which are amazing and two lip liners, Femme Fatale & Cute Pink, and a liquid eyeliner.

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Hi everyone!!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!!

Yesterday I uploaded a new video – this time I am sharing with you my FAVOURITE LIPSTICKS for SPRING!!!

Here are all the swatches of the ten lipsticks I chose:


Elf Mineral Lipstick – Pouty Petal


Makeup Revolution – Rose Gold Collection – Chaffeur



MAC Cosmetics – Matte Lipstick – Whirl


Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Colour – Trap


MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer – Unity


LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Glosses – Dreamy


MUA Velvet Lip lacquer – Dash


Essence – 50’s Girl Reloaded Collection – Back to the 50s IMG_2189

MUA Lipstick – Scarlet Siren


MAC Cosmetics – Matte Lipstick – M-A-CRED

And here is the video –

I personally LOVE SPRING! I love wearing nudes and mauvey shades. As well as coral and red shades. Even though coral is not my favourite colour, but I find with a simple cat eye look it looks amazing !!!

I hope you liked my picks and my video! What are your favourite lip shades for spring?

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Happy weekend!

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