December Makeup Favourites

Hi everyone, 

So December is over and I am not going to repeat how quick it passed and how we cannot believe its 2017 already, as I am sure that I am not the only one who is aware of this!

I have loved so many products and have tried out so many new ones too.


But the products I shall be mentioning are all products I have used throughout the month of December, ones that I love.

These are all makeup products.

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My December 2016 Favourites are – 

The Beauty Treats Roses Eyeshadow Palette


I received this palette in a Sweet Sparkle Box. I didn’t think I would still use this palette however I have and did!


The shades are all so pretty and from the photo you could see which are my favourite! I love that dusty pink/red it is gorgeous especially loved using it during the Christmas Season! The shadows all blend well and even though there is fall out it is something I can deal with!

ELF Blush – Tickled Pink

This is a fave oldie I have had for years! I love this blush, it is so subtle and natural. I love adding it to an all natural makeup look, you know to just add colour to the face. I miss ordering from elf, it was such a good and reasonable brand. I really must check again to see if the shipping rates have lowered, but last time I checked they were sky high!

Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer


I love this Primer, I don’t really understand primers sometimes, but I can see that this does something! It really helps minimise my pores, reduces shine and creates a lovely base for my foundation and the rest of my makeup look!

Max Factor Miracle Match Blur & Nourish Foundation


This goes hands in hands with the primer. I have tried the primer with other foundations, however I never tried this foundation with other primers. The primer as I said really sets a nice base, and the foundation settles so well with it. I love the coverage that it has, it also lasts long and yes there is some shine after a few hours, but nothing a little powder can even it out!

Rimmel London Clear Complexion Transparent Powder


This is a monthly favourite. I used to love the Rimmel London stay matte powder however I now switched to this one. I feel this is less heavier and more gentle on the skin. I love setting my under eyes and eyelids as well with this powder. And who wouldn’t love it for its inexpensive price!

Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Curl Mascara


This is an oldie too and I absolutely love it. The wand is just good enough to hit all them lashes! It doesn’t transfer on the lid and creates such nice volumed lashes!

City Color Highlight Trio Palette


This highlight palette I have found myself to levitate to a lot recently. I also got this from my Sweet Sparkle box! So yes thanks to the Sweet Sparkle box I have found new items that I adore!


As you can see from the photo I LOVE those 2 lightest shades, I like mixing them in together to create that natural highlight glow!

Milani Matte Lipstick in Naked


I have been loving this lipstick for work, for running errands, going to appointments; basically for an everyday makeup look that is natural and quick! This just gives the right amount of pink shade to my lip. The formula is all matte and lasts for a while too. Yes of course you will need to reapply it after eating as it does brush off.

Essence XXXL Longlasting Velvet Matte Lipgloss in Silky Red


This is such a cute lipstick. I actually got this at the Essence event I attended with my friend Christabel and she actually got two of these. She was so nice as to give me one and I thank her for that! The formula of this lipstick is so nice and creamy. Yes you need to reapply it constantly throughout the day as it is not long lasting however it gives the loveliest of shades. That pinky red! Also it smells like a vanilla cupcake!

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Point Zero


This was one of the lipsticks Kathleen Lights made! I love this it is such a lovely dusty brown perfect for autumn/winter. I guess if you are used to pinks everyday, this would be different. The formula of the satin lips is amazing and lasts long too!

So those were my December favourites, what were yours? 

Thank you so much for reading!! 

Love Kezia


Monthly Faves – December 2015

Hey everyone !!!! 

My goodness, January is already passing by so quickly, a week has already passed!!

How have you spent your first week into 2016?

A new video has been uploaded on my youtube channel:


This time it is the monthly faves. At least this time the video of my monthly favourites did not go so late up in the month – goals!

Products that were mentioned:

P.S. Love Makeup Bag
Roberto Cavalli Perfume
ELF Mineral Blush – Tickled Pink
Rimmel Match Perfection – Soft Beige
Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder – Silky Beige
ELF Kabuki Brush
P.S. Love Limited Collection Makeup Palette
Essence Liquid Eyeliner
P.S.Love Volumising Ultra Black Mascara
Rimmel Kate – Shade 5 Rossetto
ELF Mineral Lipstick – Ripe Rose

Other favourites:
Roberto – Cat Plushie
Candle – Dainty & Heaps – Black Cherry
Sweater – Jennyfer
Favourite TV Show – The Royals

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What are your favourite products for December? 

Love Kezzie



Blogmas Day 1

Hey guys, 

How are you all doing? So I have had this great idea pop in my head. Since I do not vlog as I do not have a proper camera to do so and I am shy of doing it anyways I decided to do Vlogmas – Blogmas.

I will be writing and sharing with you guys things that I would have shared with you on a vlog but in writing. I love writing and this way I will be even posting more often on my blog.

Wow I think I am writing the word blog way TOO many times. I apologise.

Anyways so let us go ahead and get started with Blogmas Day 1.

My days usually aren’t all that exciting so this might bore you. Today I just woke up as usual at half past six in the morning and got ready for work. Of course I was in the best mood ever to start the day – NOT. However, the one thing that gets me going is when I am in my car, driving to work and stuck in traffic. No I do not get agitated, instead I just stay singing with the songs on the radio – I find this extremely helpful.

The day went by as usual, working as a Learning Support Assistant with three kids in Grade 6. They had a history test today and poor them they had quite a bit to study. But I created a set of powerpoints which in my opinion where so cute. So hopefully that helped!

In the break I had a fright as a girl came to me with a nose bleed and I forgot whether to keep the girl’s head up or down – so had a panicky moment there. Turns out none, but to keep the girl’s head upright as usual. She’s okay though.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.44.59 PM.png

Then as usual finished one job and went to the next and that ran smoothly. I just was anxiously waiting to go home though and continue reading – GIRL ONLINE by ZOE SUGG and a cup of tea.

My boyfriend wanted me to go to buy a controller for his new ps4 he bought last week however I just was too cosy to get out of bed. What a bad girlfriend I am.

Something that I realised today was that I do not have an Chocolate Advent Calendar to open each day – which is quite upsetting to my childlike self.

Also, here is a photo of my awesome Salmon dinner that my dad made: Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.45.21 PM

What do you think of BLOGMAS Day 1? What did you do on the 1st of December 2015? Let me know in the comments down below 🙂

Until next time,