Blogmas Day 6 – My Christmas Tree

Hi everyone,

I recently arrived back from work as I am writing this on Monday, however, this was scheduled for Day 6! And so I am posting it now!

Today’s post is going to be photos from this year’s Christmas Tree. We bought it from Big Mat and it’s really pretty, though I wish it was slightly bigger! Our decor is quite minimalistic especially this year. Sometimes this time of year is harder for some and I am aware that this year due to the pandemic it is harder for all. Yet for my family besides all this, something else is making it harder to celebrate so the decoration was kept at the minimal.

Personally, I love the idea of a Christmas tree as it gives me support when I am on the sofa near it watching a movie or reading a book. There is something about it that creates joy and comfort. Do any of you feel the same way?

And what about your Christmas Tree, what does it look like?

That’s all for today as I have to prepare for my online class tonight and hopefully I will come back and write Blogmas Day 7 too! I kind of am enjoying this writing on my blog especially now that I get to write next to my lit Christmas Tree.

Love Kezia


Blogmas Day 18 – This year’s Christmas Tree.

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry that my blogmas post of day 18 is coming a day late, but I didn’t manage to write up one last night after work!! Anyways, I still wanted to put one up and I hope that today’s won’t be late! I hope you all had a lovely Tuesday and of course wish you a lovely day today as well!

Today’s blogmas post is focused around my family’s Christmas Tree of this year. Unlike other years, were we put up our normal fake Christmas tree, this year my mum said lets go ahead and buy a real one!

The experience of buying a real one in Malta is not quite common. Malta’s climate doesn’t support evergreen trees. In fact the people who import these trees into their shops, are imported from abroad! And my dad asked whether it’s possible to try and plant the tree after the festivities are over, but was told that such a thing is impossible due to Malta’s dry and warm climate. It doesn’t snow here as well, so that is another factor as to why evergreen trees are not able to live on the Maltese Islands, which is a pity. I love watching vloggers from abroad who go and pick their Christmas tree, and make it a fun day out, whilst something like that we cannot do in Malta. Yet we went to a plant shop in Attard and picked one from a shop.

We got home and opened it up in our sitting room and I swear I never saw such a pretty tree ever before! We decorated it two days later as we needed to get some new decorations as the ones we had were old but also weren’t enough to cover such a large tree!!

We chose to decorate it with bronze and pink bobbles but also put up angels too. We then later on added present bobbles too. We wanted to keep it simple and not add tinsel either, and we have some lights also going on but unfortunately in the images they weren’t picked up so much as I took the photos during the day!!

How is your Christmas tree this year? Let me know in the comments down below!! Thank you so much for reading and for supporting my blog, it means a lot!! Don’t forget to visit my Facebook Page and Instagram to see what giveaways I have going on at the moments and a New video will be coming out today at 9pm on my Youtube Channel!! Thank you once again for everything!

Love Kezia


Blogmas Day 4 – How I wish I could decorate for Christmas…

Hi everyone, 

I hope all is well and you are having a lovely Tuesday! So today I thought I would start up the blogmas posts specifically focusing on Christmas, because I think it’s about time! 

At home, we kind of haven’t decorated yet. Usually we would decorate on the 8th December, that’s our Christmas tradition of decorating. Yet, as the years went by, decorating was done less and less. Losing somebody close to your family, can do that. Why should I decorate when that person’s gone? That’s a question I am sure that a lot of people ask when losing someone close to them and Christmas becomes another normal day of the year. 

Yet even this being so, I try my best to bring that lost Christmas spirit back into our house. Even though I do not do this in a pushy, non-forceful way. I usually decorate in my room little bits but I take it as my role to do the Christmas Tree. But I haven’t done that yet and so this post is if I had my home, what would be my favourite decorations to put up. I hope that makes sense, in my mind it does anyways. 

#1 The Christmas Tree 

I couldn’t choose between these two but I guess I would want it a bit big, and I like the ones that are readily covered with snow. And I love the idea of putting silver or gold bobbles or ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree. I also prefer that gold light wrapped with it. I would place it either near a fireplace or if my future house would have these large windows as the second picture, I would place it right in the corner. I can dream ok! 

#2 Silver Ornaments 

As I said, I would love to fill up my Christmas tree with silver ornaments of different styles, shapes and sizes! I especially love those silver bobbles that come in a glitter style!! I think those are too cute!  

I love these types of ornaments too, those shaped as Christmas trees, or snowflakes or angels. I think with the bobbles of above, they would go perfectly and some gold light! 

#3 Fireplace Decor 

I would definitely want a fireplace to decorate and I would use stockings for sure. I like the idea of white beige stockings but then the traditional red stockings are also cute especially paired with my white Christmas tree !!  I think I would also add some fairy lights with how the fireplaces are decorated in the photos above! 

#4 Christmas Wreath 

Now I don’t like the normal green ones that we all see but like i enjoy a white Christmas tree I like white Christmas wreaths as well. But then I would love to see red included in it too! And what would be perfect is if like that last image above, they would include fairy lights as well!! I think that would be perfect! 

#5 Candles … and lots and lots of Candles!! 

Ok so first we have those candles which are decorated so cutely, I would put these all over my house!! I love all these above, they’re all so different and beautiful! 

But then I would also have those scented ones from Yankee, which smell perfectly!! These are the scents I would love to smell! These all must smell so christmass-y!! But then I actually got the Christmas Cookie and it’s burning at the moment whilst writing this post! I love it!! 

So you could say that this is the only Christmas decor put up in my room haha!! And that’s it for my if I would have my own house, what Christmas decorations are a must for me! I hope you enjoyed reading, I hope to put up a blog post on my actually Christmas decor later on in my blogmas journey! 

What are your favourite Christmas decorations? Let me know in the comments down below!! Thank you so much for reading and for your amazing support!! 

Love Kezia