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Blogmas Day 18 🎅🏻☃️🎄 – Christmas Makeup Looks over 3 years!!

Hi everyone!! 

I apologise, however I had to miss a couple days of blogmas!! I hope that the final week of Blogmas I will be all caught up … fingers crossed.

I am back in Malta and just had my final week in Stirling that passed super quickly. I enjoyed going to Glasgow and Edinburgh, I might do a little blog post about that !!

But now I am back home, back in me room on my bed, I just love it!!

Today’s blog post is all about the three makeup looks for Christmas that I have done on my Youtube Channel for the past three years!!

I cannot believe that I have kept on uploading weekly on my channel  – so happy wit h that – and I have over 2k subscribers! I am truly grateful to everyone who has subscribed to my channel!

Anyways I just wanted to put together a blog post with all the three christmas makeup look videos. I never really took any makeup classes and only learnt everything from youtubers like Kathleen Lights, Zoella, Carli Bybel, Shaaanxo and recently Imogenation. So yeah, thanks to youtubers I have gotten some makeup skills over the years and I also love trying out new looks and I especially did so in this year’s Christmas Makeup look (I think).

Anyways here are the makeup looks in the three years – including this year’s – I would love to know which one was your favourite?





One thing did remain constant …. the red lip!! I don’t know how many red lipsticks I bought over this month in a red shade … I am obsessed!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Kezia