Blogmas Day 8 – Favourite festive candles.

Hi everyone, 

I hope all is having an amazing Saturday! 

Today’s blogmas post is sharing with you all my five favourite festive candles !! I just love candles, I love lighting them up and leaving them on whilst I work on my laptop! They just add to provide a sense of relief and relaxed feeling in me! So below you will find two candles from Yankee, and 3 which were handmade. Two years ago I had gotten these candles from Kandle Handmade Scented Candles meaning before I left for Stirling and had loved some of her scents.

At the moment she stopped making them but I love her scents!! And I guess maybe you can find these in other candle places. If that makes sense! I only have Creme Brulee left and I just don’t wanna burn it cos it’s just amazing and they really fill the room up with their amazing scent!! 

#1 Creme Brulee – warm creamy vanilla custard pudding drenched with creamy buttery caramel sauce.
#2 Cinnamon Sticks – has an intense aroma of freshly ground cinnamon bark. 
#3 – Baked Apple Spice – warm spiced apple fragrance and this blends together with notes of clove, cinnamon and ginger, sweetened with maple syrup and vanilla.
#4 Christmas Spice – It is a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, balsam, fir and warm spices. 
#5 Christmas Cookie -Buttery rich, vanilla scented, holiday sugar cookies.

The last one is the one I am burning right now!! But I love these scents for the Christmas Time! They are just warm, calming and wonderful scents for Christmas Time!!!

What are your favourite scented candles for the holidays? Let me know in the comments down below! Thank you all so much for reading!!! 

Love Kezia


My favourite 5 Spring Essentials

Hi everyone,

Since we have crossed over onto the new Spring Season I thought of posting a Spring Blog Post. However, what’s better is that I will not be doing this alone.

This blog post is a collaboration with Deborah from Distorted Priorities.

She will be doing a post all about ‘3 Wardrobe Essentials for Spring’.  You could check out her blog post right here –

I on the other hand am going to be sharing with you all ‘My favourite 5 Spring Essentials’.

Spring Eye Palettes



Let’s start off with my favourite Eyeshadow Palettes that I love using during Spring. Now I can never choose just one so I picked 3!

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette


This has such cute pink shades and light shadows. I love the shade called Divinity. I love using this to highlight under my brow bone!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette


I love the scent of this palette – so peachy! I love the peach, pink and purple shades. It also has those top 3 colours – Bless Her Heart, Tempting and Charmed I’m Sure – which are perfect for creating night time makeup looks too.

Kylie Cosmetics The Royal Peach Palette


This may be similar to the Sweet Peach Palette however I love the blue shade – Royal – which is a shade that I never had in my collection until I picked up this palette. I also love Seashell which is a metallic finish pink champagne.

Pastel Nail Polishes 


I love using pastel shades on my nails! It just reminds me that the sun is coming out and summer is soon with us! I love all these shades here. I love essence Nail Polishes – I think they are one of the best formulas and are so affordable!

I get my nails done.  However, currently the Crunch Cake shade is the one I have on my toes.


From Left to Right

Elf Nail Polish in Mint Cream

Essence I Love Trends Nail Polish in Sunny London

Essence I Love Trends Nail Polish in Crunchy Cake

Essence the gel Nail Polish in The Whisper of Spring

Rimmel I love lasting finish Nail Polish – Fancy a Dip



I know chokers have been in fashion for so long however I think that chokers are perfect for this season!


Pair it with a crop top and ripped jeans and your favourite sneakers! There’s a casual look for you but you can use chokers for a night out outfit too. Picture a crop top and skirt and accessorise with a choker!

I bought all these from Ebay and the two underneath the floral choker were from H&M.

Spring Candles 


Now I know that candles are usually for those cold months however, I love using these scented candles all year round to spice it up at home!

During spring I love putting on flower-y scented candles and here are the 3 that I will be lighting up these coming months!

Yankee Candle – Fresh Cut Roses


Kandle Handmade Scented Candles – Magnolia Bloom


Bomb Cosmetics – Rose Blush Scent with Love

Spring Perfumes


We can’t not include some perfume scents for Spring. I love putting on perfume whenever and wherever. These are the 2 that I shall be over using during these months.

Essence also do perfumes, did you know that? They both smell lovely and summer-y especially the Like a Million Miles Away Perfume.

Essence Like a New Love Perfume


Essence like a Million Miles Away Perfume


And those were my Spring Essentials. Now you might be wondering why I have not included any lip favourites to wear during Spring. And the answer is because I will be doing a video related to my favourite Spring Lipsticks next Wednesday, so stay tuned for that!

What are your Spring Essentials? Comment Down Below!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Love Kezia



Hi Everyone, 

As you might have realised I have found a liking towards scented candles!


I need a candle lit in my room to motivate me to either work or to make my room look more cosy – I guess I like giving it some sort of ambience and the candles do this!

I already had wrote a post about three candles I purchased from the same place I will mention below; that I have loved and finished! If you would like to check it out you could do so right here –

Blogmas Day 10 & 11 – New Candles & a New Video!!

I purchased these candles from this Facebook page called Kandle – Handmade Scented Candles.


I chose these four scented candles and so far I have only tried one. However, they all smell great! The one I tried was the Creme Brulee and I absolutely love it!

Something else that I love about these candles are the packaging! They come in a cute jar that you can easily keep after the candle has been used up!! They also come with a label and a picture which I think adds to my liking towards them!

The candles I bought were – 

Baked Apple Spice 


This is described to be a warm spiced apple fragrance and this blends together with “notes of clove, cinnamon and ginger, sweetened with maple syrup and vanilla.”

I chose this because it feels like a candle you MUST have for winter!

Creme Brulee 


This is the one I have lit right now! As soon as you lift off the tin a lovely vanilla scent comes out!


It is said to have a “warm creamy vanilla custard pudding drenched with creamy buttery caramel sauce.” This I definitely can smell; it is a strong vanilla scent, so if you are a vanilla lover I truly recommend this one!

Home Sweet Home


This scent is supposed to be “a super-spicy heartwarming blend of cinnamon and cloves, softened with rose and ylang ylang”. I am looking forward to lighting this up, hence why when creme brulee finishes, this is the one I will go for.

I guess it will make your room feel cosy and home-y!

Magnolia in Bloom


I chose this scent because whilst looking for a winter-y candle I thought why not get a spring related one too!

I guess it’s always good to prepare early!

It is said to have “a complex sexy magnolia scent” together “with top notes of mandarin, ylang ylang, grapefruit, freesia and hyacinth; middle notes of tuberose, magnolia, plum, and lily; on base notes of white musk and vanilla bean.”

This all sounds so great and spring like no? I cannot wait to light it up too!

I honestly love these handmade scented candles!

I also would like to share with you that I am hosting a GIVEAWAY on my Facebook Page KezziesCorner thanks to Kandle – Handmade Scented Candles! 

I am giving away the Mango Papaya scented candle. It is a blend of sweet tropical mango and fresh papaya.

Remember – you have to be Maltese to participate! Good luck to everyone!!

Thank you so much for reading! 

Do you love scented candles?

Have a lovely day!

Love Kezia




Vlog #2 – The Week I got new candles !

Hi everyone, 

Yesterday I uploaded my second weekly vlog for 2017!

So far I am managing to keep up and am really enjoying the process of vlogging and editing my weekly vlog! I also love the idea of vlogging every day – this helps in keeping memories!

So here is what I was up to last week – 

Please stay tuned for an in depth post of the candles I bought tomorrow! And for all of you who are Maltese take part in my Giveaway on my facebook page! Click here!

Tomorrow no video will be uploaded onto my main channel as I feel that since I have uploaded quite a bit of videos this past week I wish to wait a bit until I release a new one!

A new video will be up on SUNDAY!! So stay tuned for that and a blog post tomorrow and hopefully another one on Thursday too!

I hope you all are having a lovely week! What were you up to last week? 

Thank you so much for reading my blog posts or watching my videos or both!

Love Kezia


Blogmas Day 10 & 11 – New Candles & a New Video!!

Hi everyone,

The days are honestly flying or zooming by!! I cannot believe that in 9 days I will be in Rome with Luke – our first holiday together !! I am so excited!

Anyways today’s blog post is going to consist of new candles and a new video that I just uploaded.

Let’s start off with my new candles that I bought from Kandle – Handmade Scented Candles ( – A Maltese Store.



I am so happy with my purchases. I bought three all related to the winter cold/Christmas months ahead!
I bought Christmas Spice which is burning at the moment. It is the only one I have tried but so far I am in love with. It is a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, balsam, fir and warm spices. The owner told me it is one of the most popular scents, and I couldn’t disagree with her! I love it!
The scent is simply relaxing and lovely to have in your room. (Follow me on Snapchat – kezikezi)
I also got Campfire Marshmallow, it should be a sweet-and-smoky toasted marshmallow fragrance with clear vanilla marshmallow notes on a strong base of smoky campfire. I am looking forward to trying out this one as well!
Finally I got Cinnamon Sticks which should have an intense aroma of freshly ground cinnamon bark. See I love cinnamon so I figured why not!
So yes I now have a lovely choice of candles to choose from!
Now moving onto the new video that I just uploaded a few moments ago!
A while back I had uploaded a Filmora Video Editor Review & Demo and I have been using Filmora ever since!
Recently they just came out with a new Effects Pack, as now they are coming out with one every month!
I would like to thank Filmora for giving me this opportunity to review such an effects pack as I love it – it is so cute and Christmas-y it also includes New Year’s Special Effects!
The pack I am writing about is the Holiday Collection Effects Pack – you must try it out!
Have a look at my video where I talk about how to install it and the lovely effects it comes with!
Have you ever tried Filmora? 
Do you like burning candles? 
Thank you so much for reading my blog post!! 

Have a lovely Sunday !! 

Love Kezia 


Blogmas Day 21 – Dad’s Birthday, Sushi and a Candle, Christmas Nails and OH I REACHED 500 SUBBIES

Hi guys !!!

How are you all doing? Christmas is soon upon us … cannot believe how quickly it has shown up !!!

I have so many orders online that I will have to wait for until they come … because yes besides buying gifts for others I decided on treating myself.

I just have to wait a little bit until they arrive … please pretty please they will not take long to arrive !!!

Yesterday was a long day but I finally felt relaxed in such a long time !! In the evening I mostly spent it with my dad as it was his 61st birthday 🙂 But in the morning … well have a look what I was up to 🙂

I did not have work in the morning, therefore I did not have to wake up early – BUZZING!!!

I stayed filming a video which will come up tomorrow, here is a little sneak peak:



Then mum and I went to Pama which is this new shopping centre in Malta. We bought my dad a birthday present – a mobile with keys of course – yes better late then never.

Then I grabbed this amazing candle:


It’s from Dainty & Heaps in the scent of Black Cherry and OMG I am in love. I am not usually a candle person but I think I am now !!

I also got myself some yummy sushi from Zen Sushi – I think I got a rocket spice roll or something – they had six pieces and they were DELICIOUS!! ( I had already eaten more than half when I took the photo :p)


Do you guy like candles or sushi??

Then I went to work, came back home, edited, uploaded and scheduled my video to tomorrow and slept!!!

Did not even watch one single TV SHOW because I replied to all my lovely comments and BY THE WAY – BTW –

I reached 500 SUBBIES ….. THANK YOU so much to EVERYBODY that subscribed to my channel I truly appreciate!!

Thank you for subscribing to my channel:

And before I forget I had to share with you my christmas nails, so here they are:


Anyways that is all for now 🙂

Hope you are having lovely christmas holidays !! Happy holidays to you and all your loved ones 🙂

Until next time, 

Love Kezzie