Blogmas Day 1 🌲☃️

Hi everyone, It's that time of year again!! During the past three years I have done Blogmas and this year will not be the exception! Blogmas may also get me in touch with writing again as I seem to have abandoned this platform and gave priority to my others. For this I apologize, I do… Continue reading Blogmas Day 1 🌲☃️

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Blogmas Day 1 – My thoughts on Cocoa Locks

Hi everyone,  I can imagine what you are all thinking, Kezia where have you gone?  Well that's a good question! Since my last blog post, I started a new JOB and I GRADUATED in Scotland ... so yeah I am quite busy and getting back into my routine after coming back from abroad! I am… Continue reading Blogmas Day 1 – My thoughts on Cocoa Locks