Blogmas Day 2 – First Christmas Giveaway

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? How have you been settling into a new month?

Today was a busy day and then I got a little confused with some changes in my day. I am a planner, so when things change from my plan of the day, it takes me some time to adjust and adapt to these changes happening. Something I might need to work on … next year though, far too tired for this year!

Anyways, as I said today’s post would slightly be more Christmas-sy!! And so here it is!!

Each year during the month of December I am so thankful as I get to collaborate with some of my favourite brands of the year and together we produce some lovely giveaways for you all! I just wish to give back something to a community who supports me everyday! I am so grateful for the corner I have built and I feel blessed each day! Thank you so much for supporting me on whichever social media platform, so here is something small to thank you!

The first giveaway is with a shop called Beauty Cosmos which is found in Fgura, I love working with this store! If you want to participate either visit my INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK PAGE for more info and of course to participate!!!

And stay tuned on my social media and youtube channel for more surprises to come!!

For today, that will be all. I am exhausted and I think I am going to get cosy and watch a tv show, might watch an episode of For Life. Who watches that show? Absolutely love it and cannot wait to watch this episode as a big shift was made in the show!!

I hope you all had a good day, I wish you all to take care, stay safe and have a good rest of day, or a good night!

Love Kezia