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Malta Fashion Week 2019 – Isle & Aqua, Yana’s Jewellery, Maria Cutajar and Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

23/05/2019 – MFWA 2019

Today there were three different fashion shows. It started with a runway collaboration from Isle & Aqua and Yana’s Jewellery. Then there was Maria Cutajar’s collection and the night ended with a show from Agatha Ruiz De La Prada from Spain.

Isle & Aqua X Yana’s Jewellery

On one side, we have Giulia Pandolfino, a swimwear designer who launched her Swimwear Brand – Isle & Aqua.Whilst on the other side, we have Yana Azzopardi, a self-taught jewellery designer who was inspired by a family history in jewellery making. She launched her brand Yana’s Jewellery in 2010, and between 2013 and 2018, she opened two shops right here in Malta!

For Malta Fashion Week 2019, they both teamed up together to present a runway collection of swimwear with jewellery pieces inspired by the Tribal woman. The swimwear pieces by Isle & Aqua will focus on texture and geometric layering, whilst Yana’s Jewellery will bring bold colour and design combinations that compliment and contrast each other. 

My thoughts on the runway show …

I loved the jewellery from Yana’s Jewellery. It’s bold, colourful, chunky and there’s also feather earrings! I used to love feather earrings, but what’s more interesting is that they are all so colourful!! Pairing these accessories with swim wear from Isle & Aqua was such an amazing idea. I looked at their show, and it just screamed summer to me! Here are some shots that I took of the show –

Look at how the colours make this black bikini pop!
I was so happy to see feather earrings!!
Aren’t the earrings lovely!?!?
I really loved this, the swimwear and the jewellery matched perfectly! Would love to have this in my closet!
I love the silver bikini combined with the blue jewellery.
Oh and this one …. I am in LOVE WITH !!!!
I love everything about this outfit … but mostly THOSE EARRINGS!!!

Visit Isle & Aqua’s and Yana’s Jewellery’s websites & social media!

Isle & Aqua website –

Isle & Aqua FB Page –

Isle & Aqua Instagram Page –

Yana’s Jewellery website –

Yana’s Jewellery FB page –

Yana’s Jewellery Instagram page –

Maria Cutajar

Before I share with you a bit of information on Maria Cutajar, I attended today’s show specifically for her runway! I had loved her collection she depicted in Fashion Week of 2 years ago!

Maria Cutajar is a Maltese fashion designer and she created her own brand, Maria Cutajar. Her brand features clothes, which are handmade and designed by herself! She studied at Mcast Art and Design Institute, and then went on to earn a Malta Arts Scholarship to continue and pursue her dream in fashion, at the Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy! In 2015, Maria Cutajar was chosen to visit Dubai and had the opportunity to collaborate with Sharjah Businesswoman for her Coral Vibes Collection. By the end of 2016, Maria Cutajar graduated in fashion from the Accademia Italiana and University of Nottingham (UK). 

Now, Maria Cutajar is expanding her own brand and she is working as a part-time lecturer at Mcast in Garment Production, and tailoring. Aside from participating at Malta fashion week, Mid de Fleur (Florence), Materiali di Moda (Florence), Miss in Tech, she also hosted her own event: Forbidden Voices in aid to Domestic Violence. 

My thoughts on her show …

Maria’s show did not fail to impress me. This year, she based the collection around the film, ‘Casablanca’! I just love the pieces which she put together and the colours she used!! The outfits, all shared with me a sense of happiness because of the colours which were used throughout the entire collection. The details in each outfit is also something important to note too. Here are some shots I took of the show, I apologise as they are not the best of photos and I wish I had managed to take more!!

I love the skirt in this outfit!
Look at how the pieces fit together and the colours!
This was such a cute outfit! I loved the shape and cut of this!
This was my favourite outfit by far from Maria Cutajar!
She used a lot of orange in her collection!
I love the top and its design, and I just loved seeing the colour orange paired with this sky blue!

Visit Maria Cutajar’s Facebook Page –

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada – Spain

Today’s MFWA fashion show ended with Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, who is a Spanish fashion designer. Unfortunately, Agatha hurt her leg so she was unable to attend the show! Agatha started her fashion career back in 1981 with a women’s collection in Madrid. From then on, she has developed into the fashion designer she is today and has gained international success when she collaborated with El Corte Inglés. She received fashion recognition from all over the world – Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Italy and many others. Now, here she is portraying her fashion collection right here in Malta. 

Interesting facts about Agatha –

In the 1980s, she was a promoter of the “Movida Madrileña,” which is an artistic and Cultural Revolution.

In 1991, Agatha expanded her brand to not only include women’s clothing but also to include men and children’s clothing. However, that was not all; she has also included ceramics, toys, shoes, linens and towels, makeup, stationary and more! Her stores are found in the major capitals of fashion – Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, New York, Oporto and Mallorca. 

And in 2019, in occasion of the 30th Anniversary of her first fashion show, she inaugurated her Foundation – her brand.

My thoughts on her show …

OH MY GOD … I absolutely loved it, from the colours, to the styles, to the outfits!! I just wish I had taken more photos! But I loved this collection because it represents fun, unique-ness, the headbands are just too cute!! And it also represents to me a sense of peace, calmness and a relaxing feeling. That’s what I felt when looking at her collection, I truly was taken on a journey! Here are the photos that I took –

Those wedges are impressive! I love the blue and yellow in this outfit!
Look at the headband, it’s just too cute!
I love this sweater dress!
Omg the trousers of this outfit is too cute, or should I say too sweet!!
It just shows happiness in my eyes!
I love the skirt in this outfit, I think it’s something I would love to wear and own!
This is such a cute yellow outfit – favourite of the show!
I love the jacket of this outfit!! Wish I caught it at a better angle!
Omg I just had to share this it’s too cute … but wait until you see the one below!
Isn’t this adorable?

Visit Agatha Ruiz De La Prada’s website & social media!

Website –

FB page –

Instagram page –

Twitter –

And those were the shows and my thoughts on today’s MFWA 2019!! What do you think? Did you see anything you like? Let me know in the comments down below!! 

Thank you for reading and for all your amazing support!!

Love Kezia


Want more info, details and updates on Malta Fashion Week, check out their website and Social Media! –

Malta Fashion Week website –

Malta Fashion Week Twitter –

Malta Fashion Week Instagram page –

Malta Fashion Week Facebook page –

This year’s Malta Fashion Week is being held at Fort St Elmo in Valletta, I love this location!! Their sponsors are Keune Hair Cosmetics, Fashion Beverages, Hilton Malta, Aldo, Air Malta, Jaguar, Land Rover, Coca Cola, Medasia Cabs, Fashiontv gaming group, Campari, Evagarden, Logografix, Medasia Playa, Ving Insurance Brokers, ORLY, Niumee, Michael Kors, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Antonio’s Barber Shop, TVM, Servizi Malta, Nexos, Nescafe, Motionblur, Heritage Malta, The Sheer Bation, Cugo Gran, ILAB Photo, M. Demajo, Hugo’s Hotels, Mediterranean Ceramics, Dr Juice and eXtraStaff Malta. And their collaborators are Malta Tourism Authority, VCA and Arts Council Malta

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Malta Fashion Week 2019 – MFWA2019

My MFWA Outfit #1 – Tomorrow will be positing an outfit post!!

Today I attended my very first show at this year’s Malta Fashion Week. I was super excited, nervous and just a bundle of emotions all intertwined together. I had attended my last show 2 years ago, last year I did not attend as this time last year I was writing up my dissertation … time has passed and wow was that a piece of work! However, this year, I was all set and ready to attend. Yes, not all the days during the entire week, but I have chosen four different days where I will be attending and enjoying a show!

The bag is from NEW LOOK !!

Also, I was so happy to see all the other lovely Maltese Influencers. Boy have we grown in number since two years ago! I am happy to see more Maltese creating their own blogs and YouTube channels!! If you are creative and have that curiosity for such activities and are into fashion, makeup, whatever, GO FOR IT!! What are you waiting for?!? 

From Left to Right – @iam_jz, @danielamicalleffashionblogger, @maxinesbeautyx and @hey_its_samii – follow them on Instagram!!!

This year’s Malta Fashion Week is being held at Fort St Elmo in Valletta, I love this location!! Their sponsors are Keune Hair Cosmetics, Fashion Beverages, Hilton Malta, Aldo, Air Malta, Jaguar, Land Rover, Coca Cola, Medasia Cabs, Fashiontv gaming group, Campari, Evagarden, Logografix, Medasia Playa, Ving Insurance Brokers, ORLY, Niumee, Michael Kors, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Antonio’s Barber Shop, TVM, Servizi Malta, Nexos, Nescafe, Motionblur, Heritage Malta, The Sheer Bation, Cugo Gran, ILAB Photo, M. Demajo, Hugo’s Hotels, Mediterranean Ceramics, Dr Juice and eXtraStaff Malta. And their collaborators are Malta Tourism Authority, VCA and Arts Council Malta

I also have some exciting news which I already shared on my social media (which you can join so you can follow anything I share on MFWA!!) but not here yet .. for this year’s Fashion Week events, I am being sponsored by New Look, therefore, all my outfits that I wear throughout the shows are all from New Look. I am so happy that they accepted and gave me this opportunity, I will always be so grateful!! I personally love New Look and still remember when it first opened right here in Malta. It was the first shop where I saw my style grow, even just the shop and its layout was such a breath of fresh air! And that is why I chose this brand and its outfits, and the outfits I chose reflect me, my personality and my style and throughout the shows I attend I will be writing up outfit blog posts too!!! And THANK YOU TO NEW LOOK AND HUDSON MALTA for this opportunity once again!!

So my blog is going to be quite active this week, so be sure to be following it! Therefore, here is how I will be sharing with you my blog posts throughout Fashion Week! After each show, I will post about my thoughts on the fashion shows and their designers. Then the next day I will share an Outfit Blog Post of what I wore at Fashion Week!

I hope you all will enjoy these blog posts and I honestly wanted to share as best as I can, my experience at this year’s Fashion Week right here in Malta!

If you have any questions or comments, kindly leave them down below!! 

Thank you all for your support – as without you all, KezziesCorner would not be the same!! 

See you all in my next post!! 

Love Kezia


Want more info, details and updates on Malta Fashion Week, check out their website and Social Media! –

Malta Fashion Week website –

Malta Fashion Week Twitter –

Malta Fashion Week Instagram page –

Malta Fashion Week Facebook page –

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My thoughts on PUR Cosmetics – 4 in 1 Collection

Hi everyone,

I have not written on this blog for quite a while now and I do miss it! But so many things are going on at the minute, that I could not catch up on everything. Even though I do not update this blog as much as I like, I still am active on my other social media channels. I still upload on my Youtube Channel twice a week and still post on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I apologise for ignoring this outlet – my blog – but I never forgot about it.

In April my domain will probably go back to – as I am stopping my subscription with wordpress as yes I still love my blog but I would prefer using it in such a way without the subscription. In all reality the subscription just gave me a domain name as well as more space to upload photos. I think with wordpress, that’s the only issue I have that I do not have enough space to upload as many photos as I wish. And when it comes to my blog posts I always love taking an amount of photos to display through the post.

Anyways. . . I do not wish to keep rambling, but yes I will try and write more regularly but I do not know if this will be a weekly set of blog posts as I did before. But if you follow me on my other social media, when I do upload a blog post I share it there as well as you can see the other things I get around doing! Nonetheless, I would love to thank those who have been so supportive on this blog and so patient with me!

Ok enough real talk now let’s focus on today’s topic at hand! PUR COSMETICS! I was sent out these three products from PUR COSMETICS UK, (thank you so much to PUSH PR!) and I have been using these for quite some time now and love using them for my simple and natural everyday makeup look and just had to share them with you all!

What I like about them is their concept of including a 4 in 1 concept, meaning it does lots of things in one product. The products themselves include skincare ingredients that should be helpful towards your skin!

4-in-1 Correcting Primer Hydrate & Balance

This primer is great for those who want a matte makeup look, it’s hydrating , oil free and silicone free. It’s moisturising and provides for a long lasting effect, and is lightweight and acts as a moisturiser barrier between the skin and makeup for long-lasting results on all skin tones. It comes in a cream texture that blends so nicely into the skin. I also love its packaging!! So pretty and holographic!

4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer

This comes in 3 shades – Light, Medium and Dark. What I love most about this is it’s a moisturiser, primer, foundation and has SPF-20…that’s amazing no? It’s a hydrating tinted moisturiser that includes sodium, hyaluronate and PUR’s exclusive Ceretin Complex which is a one-of-a-kind ingredient that helps to renew the skin without irritation. You can use it alone for a one-step, natural looking complexion or as a hydrating base for mineral makeup application. I love applying it for work, it just conceals and helps my skin stay protected as well!

4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation with Skincare Ingredients

This product comes in a variety of shades and caters for different skin tones. This product gives you a flawless mineral coverage and has great skincare ingredients. It’s lightweight, applies so easily and acts as a foundation, concealer, powder and has SPF 15 too! It also has been clinically proven to correct, prevent and interrupt skin concerns. Topped on the primer and tinted moisturiser mentioned above, they all just go hand in hand and love applying them together! I love its packaging also, it’s so luxurious!

Have you heard of PUR cosmetics before? Are you intrigued by any of these products? Let me know in the comments down below!!

Thank you so much for reading and for your amazing support, I wish you all an amazing weekend!!

Love Kezia


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My thoughts on the ‘Moodmask™ Get Dewy with it’ from Patchology

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time since I posted over here on my blog and it’s about time I start again. It’s 2019 which means it is a NEW YEAR, so I wish you all the best for the New Year. I have decided that I will be posting once a week right here on my blog so stay tuned for weekly posts every Friday!!

Today’s post is on a Moodmask that I tried from Patchology. The brand is a skincare brand and revolves around creating products which, as I quote them, “will not only fulfil their promise, but fit your life.” They also use the quote – “beauty at the speed of you” and it’s the inspiration for everything they do.

To all my Maltese readers, the website does ship internationally including our home land!!

I would like to thank Push Pr for these products and for introducing me to the brand! Patchology have created this bundle of three sheet masks which are all Moodmasks and are entitled as – Get Dewy With It, Just Let It Glow and The Good Fight. These masks are set to help your skin, by helping in removing any impurities. You can get these masks as a bundle or separately right here –

The masks are all sheet masks which in my opinion are quite convenient, as they are easy to apply and remove! The one I decided on using was the Get Dewy With It. And so in this post I will be talking to you about that one. However, if you wish to see a review on the other two masks, then let me know and I will do a separate blog post on them!

The Get Dewy With It sheet mask revolves around helping your skin be hydrated as “Hydrated skin is healthy skin.” What I liked most about this mask is it includes Hyaluronic Acid which helps your skin stay hydrated and I love my hyaluronic acid!! It also includes Rose of Jericho, Hijiki Algae, Honey and Prickly Pear to further make sure that you will get dewy skin!

Since this is a sheet mask, in my opinion as I said it’s easier to use but also faster to apply. Simply unfold the mask and place it onto your face making sure you get the best fit possible. And then you can go lay on your bed and leave it on for 10 minutes. I left it on surely for more than that as I loved the cooling sensation that it was leaving me with. When you want to remove the mask, simply remove it gently and then rub in the excess serum that you are left with into your skin. There is no need to rinse it off, just let your skin absorb all the goodness that this mask has!

After I applied the mask, I loved how my skin looked, it was glowing and it was dewy as it said. And even after 3 days my skin still felt hydrated. I personally do not drink enough water so this helped a lot. But I should start drinking more water everyday. I would recommend this mask as it has great results but also it’s so easy to use and to apply and to remove. So it would be a good mask for one of your pamper days and it’s only $5!!

Have you ever tried things from Patchology? Let me know!!

Thank you so much for reading, really appreciate it !!!

Love Kezia


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Blogmas Day 20 – Trying out some new Rimmel Products!

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you are all enjoying your Thursday!!

Today’s blogmas post is all about some new Rimmel Products! I received these as I had participated in a campaign with Rimmel. It was all about beauty cyberbullying and I was so happy to be a part of such a campaign in raising more awareness on beauty cyberbullying.

For anyone who’s reading this, please if you’re experiencing this or know someone who is, encourage them or try to yourself speak up and stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone take control of how you look at yourself and how you feel about yourself! You are special, you are beautiful and you are amazing !! Take care of yourself and don’t push yourself aside because of someone else’s words!

So yeah, Rimmel London Malta kindly then shared with me these products and would love to share my thoughts on these products with you all! But before I do so, I would love to say a BIG thank you to Rimmel London Malta for this amazing opportunity!!

The products came in this cute makeup bag!! And here are the products we received.

Rimmel Maxi Blush – I received this beauty of a natural pink blush in the shade exposed. I love how it blends out on my skin and is just a cute everyday pink shade!

Rimmel Wonder Wing Eyeliner – I love this eyeliner, my old one was getting a bit old so I needed an updated one! I love that it creates a pitch black line and has a pointed tip.

Rimmel Wonder Swipe 2 in 1 Liner to Shadow – I love this product as it is both a liner and an eyeshadow. It is in the shade Instafamous and is this beautiful gold for the perfect holiday look. I love using it as a liner on top of black eyeliner and I could blend it out to use as an eyeshadow.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Wonder Wing Mascara – I have tried this mascara before as I bought it back in Scotland and I love it. It has a unique 2-sided brush which helps create a perfect winged look or flared out look. It helps lift up your lashes and is smudge proof. I do notice that it is a little clumpy so you have to be careful of that but apart from that i love it and have been reaching for it!

Rimmel Stay Satin Liquid Lipstick – So I love that they came up with this new line of liquid lipsticks with a satin formula. I love their matte lipsticks but I love this formula even more!! This shade is in For Sure and I think I am going to use it for my New Year’s Look!!! If you didn’t know that Rimmel brought out this formula, then Get To Know!!!

Tomorrow’s video will be featuring these products so stay tuned to see these products live in action!! Until then, I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you tried any of these products, let me know what you thought of them!!! Don’t forget to visit my Facebook Page and Instagram to participate in my Givaways that I have going on!!

Love Kezia


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Blogmas Day 19 – Primark Haul

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a wonderful day 19 of December!!

Today’s Blogmas is all about a Primark Haul and I uploaded a video showing you guys what I got.

I love Primark, I miss it so much! They always have a variety of items at such great prices!! I used to enjoy catching a bus and going to the local Primark in Stirling at the Thistles Shopping Centre when I lived in Scotland. I remember after my placement, I always used to go and just buy like a small thing that costed a pound or so, like that I would be happy!!

I love this teddy bear jacket that I got from there, watch my video to see the story I had that came with, I think it’s an interesting one!! I also love how there’s not only clothes but also shoes, room decor and I also managed to get my hands on some christmas decorations they had going on! I got most of them from the Primark that’s found in Edinburgh! I also managed to get a bed sheet, which I cannot wait to use! You could watch my video right here to see everything that I got and also it’s a Try on Haul so I also try out the clothes I got! –

Anyways, who of you out there like visiting Primark? Let me know in the comments down below!!

Love Kezia


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Blogmas Day 18 – This year’s Christmas Tree.

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry that my blogmas post of day 18 is coming a day late, but I didn’t manage to write up one last night after work!! Anyways, I still wanted to put one up and I hope that today’s won’t be late! I hope you all had a lovely Tuesday and of course wish you a lovely day today as well!

Today’s blogmas post is focused around my family’s Christmas Tree of this year. Unlike other years, were we put up our normal fake Christmas tree, this year my mum said lets go ahead and buy a real one!

The experience of buying a real one in Malta is not quite common. Malta’s climate doesn’t support evergreen trees. In fact the people who import these trees into their shops, are imported from abroad! And my dad asked whether it’s possible to try and plant the tree after the festivities are over, but was told that such a thing is impossible due to Malta’s dry and warm climate. It doesn’t snow here as well, so that is another factor as to why evergreen trees are not able to live on the Maltese Islands, which is a pity. I love watching vloggers from abroad who go and pick their Christmas tree, and make it a fun day out, whilst something like that we cannot do in Malta. Yet we went to a plant shop in Attard and picked one from a shop.

We got home and opened it up in our sitting room and I swear I never saw such a pretty tree ever before! We decorated it two days later as we needed to get some new decorations as the ones we had were old but also weren’t enough to cover such a large tree!!

We chose to decorate it with bronze and pink bobbles but also put up angels too. We then later on added present bobbles too. We wanted to keep it simple and not add tinsel either, and we have some lights also going on but unfortunately in the images they weren’t picked up so much as I took the photos during the day!!

How is your Christmas tree this year? Let me know in the comments down below!! Thank you so much for reading and for supporting my blog, it means a lot!! Don’t forget to visit my Facebook Page and Instagram to see what giveaways I have going on at the moments and a New video will be coming out today at 9pm on my Youtube Channel!! Thank you once again for everything!

Love Kezia