Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well, taking care and staying safe! Life as we know it has changed, and it seems that we need to start seeing how to live and adapt to a new reality. I know that right now we may not be going out as we used to, though I am using this time in Quarantine to spend time with myself and get to know me more. That also includes my style, and am styling my wardrobe and adding new pieces.

Some pieces that I have added where in collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery. And today’s blog post is going to be a review on 4 clothing items from this brand. They have a variety of things, from Joggers to Loungewear and T-shirts.– which I know that we are living in right now!

I selected four items as I said and here are my thoughts on them!

Camel Leggings Crop Top Loungewear Set – Milana

The first item is a Loungewear set in a camel shade. I got mine in the size Small and the trousers fit a little big but will fix them. Yet I wish I got the top a little bigger as I love that baggy top! But it still went well together. The material, is not my favourite yet for a loungewear set it’s cute and comfortable to stay in whilst at home binge watching Elite on Netflix! It costs €22.95 and I like that you can buy them as a set!

Black Mesh Floral Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress – Kellen

The next clothing piece is this black dress right here. I paired it with a white strappy heel! I love this dress, the arms are so cutely designed! The only thing that was uncomfortable was the polo collar as it was a little tight, though it did loosen up once I wore the dress! This dress would be so cute to wear for a dinner date or a fancy party which I really want to go to right now – would give me a reason to dress up! The dress costs €22.95 and I think for the price it is worth it!

Wine One Shoulder Tie Side Midi Dress – Lola

Another dress that I picked up was this wine number! It’s unlike anything that I have in my closet! I love the design of it, it comes with one sleeve and then you wrap the other side around! The skirt part at first I was like mmmm maybe not, but once I put it on, I loved the way the dress fit! It’s honestly a dress that represents glam and can be worn for lovely occasions! The dress costs €20.95 which is quite worth it!

Black ‘In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind’ Print Crew Neck T-Shirt – Cordelia

I love this t-shirt, so happy that it has been added to my collection and will be wearing it a lot in the next couple of summer months! Not only do I like it’s material and it fits really well, but I love the slogan on the t-shirt and I stand by it! “In a world where you can be anything BE KIND!!!” It’s a quote that resonates me and it’s something that we should all remember, we are all human, words are so powerful, so it’s so important to use them kindly! It also reminds me of the beautiful Caroline Flack, let’s try and be kind to each other! The t-shirt costs €8,95!

So yeah! Those were the pieces that I wished to share with you all today! I think that overall, I loved what I received from Femme Luxe Finery!

I also wish to share that I uploaded a video about all these items if you wish to also see it 🙂

I would like to thank FEMME LUXE FINERY for the lovely opportunity to collaborate with them, and I look forward to our next collaboration!!!

Which was your favourite piece?

Thank you all for reading!! And thank you for all your support!!

Love Kezia


Pamper products you might need during this Isolation Period!

Hi guys !!

Let’s see how much I will keep up to my blogging schedule, because if you didn’t know, I am trying to write up a blog post every Saturday!!

How are you all today? Me … not bad I guess, just a little confused. Malta is doing really well with regards to the COVID-19 situation, we even are getting some restrictions lifted starting from next Monday. Like clothes shops and shoe shops are reopening. You cannot go into changing rooms to try clothes or shoes, masks need to be worn and only a limited amount of people are allowed in the shop at once.

I mean it’s a start. Yet, I feel confused as to what I can do and what I cannot do. Like am I allowed to mix with other people? I mean I still live at home with my parents and brother, and well do not wish to put them at risk, so am practising strict isolation measures whereby I meet NO ONE. I mean I do go to work twice a week, and when I am home I take precautions and this means yes, that I don’t get any hugs … which I really miss !! I mean I do hug Nemo, she is my only proper contact and she’s not a hugger or a cuddler which makes it even worse.

This no hugging or cuddling is affecting me I think. Anyways point of the story, I am confused. Anyways, one thing I know how to do is pamper myself and I have found 3 products which have pampered me and made me feel better! These are the following –

#1 These are the Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner from Jo Hansford. I received all these items in the Lookfantastic Beauty Box I am subscribed too. I chose to subscribe to something like this, cos I thought …”hey it might introduce me to some new products.” And it has!!

So their scents might not be my favourite I felt that they were strong fruity scents but my hair did love them!! It was soft, shiny and not frizzy! I have highlights in my hair and these products did brighten them up and keep my lights ashy rather than go all brassy! Highly recommend you check this brand out!

#2 The next products is this Coffee Scrub!! I just featured this in my recent video on my YT Channel! I will link the video further down in this post!! I found this in the April 2020 lookfantastic box! OMG I loved using this! When I got out of the shower my skin felt super soft!!! I absolutely loved it!!! The only thing I do not like with coffee scrubs is how messy they can be! But so worth it!! It’s waiting for me in the shower to use it again!

#3 And my final product for today is this Starskin Face Mask! – OH MY GOD! IS ALL I HAVE TO STAY! First of all I have never used a sheet mask which includes 2 steps ! This one does! The first step was to use that capsule which came with pure camelia oil and I kinda used it all !! You only are meant to apply a little bit of drops but yes I used it all!! And then step 2 is applying the sheet mask! And let me tell you I can easily say that this is the best sheet mask I have ever tried in my entire life! Again, this was found in the April 2020 box of Lookfantastic and I loved it!!!! I highly recommend this mask!

YOU NEED TO TRY IT OUT! It gives you that pampered spa feeling!

Anyways, those were the three products I wished to share with you all for this week!! Have you tried any of them? Please let me know in the comments down below!!

Anywhos, that’s all for me today! Before I go I wish to share with you what videos I uploaded this week on my YT channel

Last Weekly Vlog uploaded –

Then we had on Wednesday a full face of Primark Makeup tested out –

And then yesterday I uploaded my unboxing of the April 2020 Lookfantastic Beauty box –

And I of course post everyday on my Instagram & Facebook Page, so you can always follow me their!! Oh and I have tik tok too!!!

I hope you are all taking care!!! Thank you all for your amazing support!!!

Join me again for another blog post *fingers crossed* next Saturday!!

Until Next Time!!

Love Kezia


Kezia’s weekly run through …

Hi everyone,

It’s been so long since I last wrote on here, I guess I could not catch up with all the different platforms I have set up KezziesCorner. I also have a full time job and am doing a part time Masters, therefore, my time is already limited. I guess though, I do not have a problem with boredom as I do keep myself busy.

I wish to come back here and start writing again – I love writing and it is something I love doing to help me relax. Especially now with what everyone is going through and how quarantine is our new reality. With that said, I hope you are all taking care of yourselves and staying safe.

So, I was thinking, how should I revive my blog again? I post regularly on my Youtube channel and my social media – but I have this outlet so I need to use it, I wish to use it! So for now, I have decided to post weekly here, either I will post specifically on a product that maybe I wish to write about, or else like today, I will reflect back on the week that passed and share with you my reflections and the videos that I posted during the past week. How does that sound?

So yes, this week was quite a long week, had a lot of work and content come out but also was quite a heavy week full of emotions. Yet, on the positive side of things – as it’s important to reflect back on the positives to help support us – the reality in Malta with regards to the CO-VID 19 is doing very well as the amount of people infected with the virus is decreasing and people are recovering – so that is very good news for our island. So maybe some time soon, of course when the time is right, some restrictions may start to be lifted. So let’s keep hope alive and obeying the health authorities – we are going to get through this!!

So anyways, as I said this week lots of content came out, specifically –

My Weekly Vlog –

And my two beauty videos, which were –

So if you have some time to spare during your quarantine, then let me keep you some company!

For today, this will be all, but join me again next Saturday for some new content right here on my blog!!!

Until then, you keep taking care of yourselves and stay safe!

Love Kezia


Blogmas Day 16 – My Favourite Christmas Movies this year!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well !! I know I have not kept up with this year’s blogmas but I am also doing Vlogmas on my Youtube Channel, and you can always catch up with me there !!

Anyways, today’s blog post is all about my favourite Christmas Movies of this year !! Ones that I need to rewatch or found out about this year! I now do most of my christmas movie watching on Netflix ! Love that little thing!

So let’s begin ..

#1 The Santa Clause

This is a classic and one that reminds me of my childhood, watching it on video cassette – you know those ones that you need to rewind before you can watch them! I loved this series but the first one is such a classic and it is my favourite movie to watch on Christmas Day. It really warms my heart when I watch it as it takes me back to my past, back to when I believed in Santa Clause and I used to leave milk and cookies before I slept for Santa with my brother. Then at 6am on Christmas Day we used to wake up bright and early and just scream to the living room where we have our Christmas tree and we would find the milk and cookies finished and presents underneath the Christmas tree. my parents really did an amazing job on Christmas !!

So yeah this is the best movie to watch on Christmas Day in my opinion!

#2 ELF

Ok this is another classic and one which is irreplaceable … if you have not watched this like what are you waiting for it is a classic must see Christmas Movie! I just love watching it it is just so funny and brings the Christmas Delight! If you need a laugh, then this is the movie for you!

#3 A Christmas Prince

This came out last year and I really loved it – a second and third movie following this have come out on Netflix but I have not watched them yet. But I loved the first one so I must love these two, so they are on my list to watch!! Want to see where the new princess is now, it really reminds me of Princess Diaries, loved that book series, what happened to the movie they were supposed to do?

#4 The Polar Express

Ok so I am going to be honest and say that I watched this for the first time … LAST YEAR! And I would love to rewatch it as I loved it. And I do not know why it took me so long to watch it! It’s such a great Christmas Animation Movie, just too cute and you guys no matter how old you are okay you must watch it. I mean whilst writing this I am watching Klaus on Netflix, my brother told me it’s good so I was like let me check it out and so far it is quite funny! It might be on my top Christmas Movies to watch next year!

#5 The Princess Switch

Oh my I loved this – it made me laugh and it is fun to watch! And also Vanessa Hudgens was in the movie and I was a big fan of her in High School Musical. Whoever remembers that movie, must be close to my age haha! So I gave it a watch and it’s like the classic Lindsay Lohan movie Parent Trap sort of! I loved the idea of the movie and I hope there is like a sequel to this one!

#6 New Year’s Eve

I love watching this because there’s Zac Efron but no I really need to rewatch this, it’s on Netflix and I had loved this when I had watched it at the cinema way back when it came out! It was like the Love Actually movie, where so many actors came together and created a holiday film! So you are not following just one story but you would be following many!

#7 Santa Girl

Haha ok so the acting of this one is a little cringe-y especially that blonde guy but it is a sweet overall movie where we see the daughter of Santa wanting a normal life. So that is like a different twist rather than focusing on Santa Clause. I recommend this as it is different, fun to watch !

#8 I’ll be there for Christmas

This is a sweet movie, been out for a while but still adorable. The little girl is just too cute in it too ! And it’s mostly about a father and daughter relationship that repairs itself during the holidays. Cute family movie, for sure!

#9 Holiday in the Wild

Okay so this one I had started it with Luke but I fell asleep but I really want to see it again! It’s one of the new movies from Netflix this year and it has a cute storyline about this woman finding herself, Need to continue watching it and i slept not because it was not interesting but because I was so sleepy!!

#10 Merry Happy Whatever

Ok so this is not a movie but it is a Christmas TV Series that Netflix brought out! I think it should be here as it won’t take you long to watch it. It’s eight episodes of 30 minutes each. A funny comedy about this family and there’s Ashley Tisdale in it….yes I am a big fan of high school musical, it’s a classic movie that takes me back to my teenage years okay. Anyways, yes if you have some time and are stuck on what to choose to watch, check out this series, I guarantee you will have a little laugh along the way!!

And there you have it, that is my Favourite Christmas Movies for 2019!

What are yours? Would love to know maybe I can get some ideas !! Let me know your answers in the comments down below!!

Thank you all for reading and good night!

Love Kezia


Blogmas Day 5 – My Christmas Wishlist 2019

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well! I bring with you Day 5 of Blogmas – I know that day 2 and 3 and 4 are missing but did not have enough time to write up posts and did not want to just share to not miss a day … if you know what I mean. Also, the air in Malta is quite heavy right now (for all of you Maltese you will understand me when I say this), I do not want to go into it on here, yet I had to just acknowledge it as yes Malta is passing through a heavy period and I hope time will heal and justice will be served!

Anyways, let Blogmas bring some Christmas Spirit to my life and I also hope that it will bring some Christmas Spirit to yours.

Today’s Blogmas is my Christmas Wishlist of 2019. (Hint hint Luke if you are seeing this … :P)

Before, I get started I am mostly doing this for Blogmas purposes and probably most things I will save up and get myself.

What is your Christmas Wishlist this year? Please do share as I love interacting with you guys and after you reading my wishlist it is only fair that I read yours!

Ok … so let’s begin!

#1 – iPhone 11 Pro

Ok so I actually bought this for myself last Friday ~(on Black Friday) and it was a purchase that I did weeks and weeks thinking about it. I have never had an iPhone before so basically I lost my virginity to iPhones now.. and it was a decision in which I weighed the pros and cons of getting it or not. One of the pros was that I finally use the apple OS and get rid of the android OS which to be honest bored me out and I felt stuck at times when trying to install a new app that edits insta stories in such a way but I could not as it was not available on android … BOO!

The cons mostly was the price cos geez louise the apple people are making it espensive! Though then the pro that outweighed everything was THE CAMERA … wow the camera is better than my Canon 1200D SLR !! I am actually debating whether or not to try and film a video on my iPhone, what is stopping me is that I will have to stick it on the ring light tripod thing and if it falls I will have a very sad end of year!

Anyways … did I make a good decision for myself at this point in time? Yes I did and am loving the OS! From the button sounds, to how fast it is, to finally downloading FILMM of Zoe Sugg (then sadly realizing I have to pay a subscription to use all the features) and finally to the CAMERA which when I took my first portrait photo I was just amazed! I still need to use it some more and explore but so far I love it!

I think the funniest moment so far was when I was at a Gestalt Workshop, and it was my first time taking it out and I lowered the volume but then realized … erm….why is it still making the sound??? And no matter how many times I checked whether the sound icon was fully lowered it still made sound … at this point I ended up talking to myself and showed my frustration of WHY AREN’T YOU SILENT! And then my savior came as the girl sitting next to me showed me this really cool feature I had never seen before, apparently on the side there exists this button thing which you push up and down to make it silent or not …. I WAS AMAZED!!! Historical moment so far me and my iPhone!!

P.S. One thing was going to stop me from purchasing this phone … I wanted it in Gold but they only had the Silver in 64GB, then I was going to choose the Purple iPhone 11 but they did not have the colour so I am like erm .. for a little more moneys I will get a better camera …SOLD.

#2 (something a little cheaper) Snake Print Ankle Boots/White Ankle Boots

I already have an outfit in mind … white winter cosy sweater which is a little baggy paired with blue maybe ripped and a white beanie paired with SNAKE PRINT ANKLE BOOTS (preferably in a grey shade) …. I think I would like that. And also, the heel would be a box heel. I see that snake print is in fashion so I want to follow the trend … NO …. I just like them ok and I do not own anything which is snake print … so maybe unconsciously yes seeing that I am not on trend and want to try and be on a trend!

I also love White ankle boots also with a box heel … so either or I would love to add in my shoe collection. In Winter I live in Jeans so I would not mind mixing and matching with different boots !!

#3 Velvet (Padded) Headbands

OMG I have been seeing these everywhere – on celebs like Jessica Alba to the Duchess of Cambridge sporting a padded ZARA headband. The shade I would want it in is either maroon or a dark green – I think that paired with a velvet skater dress (which I do not have) some black tights and black ankle boots would look so cute. Oh and of course wearing a coat because it is winter … supposedly. i say supposedly because Malta is still very warm and you sweat if you try and wear a jacket right now.

(Also after searching a little I also can see that it is one of the hottest must have accessory to have this season!)

#4 Beaded Hair Clip

I have been seeing these worn everywhere. There another Hair Clip trend of the season. I now am seeing ones with words on them too! I guess this was like the seashell choker that was on trend last Summer. Yet I kind of really want to try this beaded hair clip trend simply because when it comes to styling hair … I AM HORRIBLE AT IT! But this is easy, just clip it on and head out and voila you have a cute setting!

#5 Minor in Astrology Palette

I love colourpop … I love Kathleen Lights (she was one of the first beauty youtubers I started watching) and I love all the collaborations between them .. I collect them all and love them all! A few days ago Kathleen Lights released a new collab where she built her own palette with 24 pans with warm-toned neutrals together with popping rich jewel tones. I love how she uses astrology in her collaborations so yes I would love to try this out!

#6 2 in 1 Curler and Straightener

I seem to be thinking a lot about my hair this year! I need a bit of an updated straightener and curler as I find that the ones I have are a little old and do not give the same results as they used to. I had once seen at Primark a 2 in 1 Hair Curler and Straightener but they did not have any in stock. From the reviews I read it looked good but never got my hands on it. Though yes do you guys know any good ones? I also still need to learn how to curl my hair using a straightener rather than a wand — yet i do not want to try on my current straightener as it is not made for that … I think … cos it will damage my hair ? Or am I making things up?

And that is my Christmas Wishlist for 2019.

Again I would love to know what’s yours!!!

Thank you so much for reading!! And thank you all for your constant support!

Love Kezia


Blogmas Day 1 🌲☃️

Hi everyone,

It’s that time of year again!! During the past three years I have done Blogmas and this year will not be the exception!

Blogmas may also get me in touch with writing again as I seem to have abandoned this platform and gave priority to my others. For this I apologize, I do not want to give excuses, however, it could be my denial in the way that I soon have to sit down and write an assignment for the masters course I am undertaking. Please note I have not written an assignment in over a year!!

Anyways, Kezia we are drifting away from the subject of this post and that is BLOGMAS!!!! December is here and today is the first day of the month! I’m so excited to see what this month brings and I look forward to celebrating the holiday season with my loved ones! I will try and post a blog post a day as that is what Blogmas entails! And each day will cover a different Christmas theme!

Today’s post is going to be more of an introduction and with that I shall leave a photo of my advent calendar. This year it is of Kinder, does anyone have the same calendar as me???

I opened the first window and found a white bueno flake. I am not going to lie but it was a little dry. Yet am excited as I think each day will be a different kinder treat, so I cannot complain there.

Also, today marked the first Christmas giveaway that I shall be hosting on my Instagram and Facebook. Throughout the month of December I will have Christmas giveaways and this is to thank you for all your amazing support! I also want to thank the brands who so kindly agreed to collaborate with me!

The first Christmas giveaway is with Wood and Tassel which is a handmade jewellery brand created by a talented Martina! To participate on my Facebook page click here or to participate on my Instagram page click here.

Anyways, I do not have much to add, just that I look forward to seeing where December takes me!! I wish you all a lovely first day in December as well as the rest of the month!

Love you all!



Christmas 2019 at The Body Shop

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? It seems finally in Malta the weather is finally getting colder! In fact, I am writing this blog post whilst hearing rain pouring outside. Best feeling ever!!

November is soon coming to an end, which means that December is right around the corner. This means that Christmas is soon with us – with a month to go!

I cannot believe it, time really does fly by!

So today, I am writing up this blog post to share with you what The Body Shop have in store for us this Christmas 2019! So if you love pampering your bodies and love smelling AMAZING, then continue reading!!

I would like to thank The Body Shop Malta for giving me a tour of their Christmas 2019 products!

This year’s CHRISTMAS SCENTS at The Body Shop!

I will not repeat this in each one but THE PACKAGING of each of these items is AMAZING!!

Juicy Pear – This includes the Body Yoghurt, Shower Gel, Body Butter, Bath Bomb, Body Scrub and Hand Cream. I love this fruity scent! I have been using the hand cream almost every day but have been using another scented one on alternate days.

Rich Plum – Fun fact – the first ever body shop product I bought was a plum body butter! This scent comes as a Body Scrub, Shower Gel, Bath Bomb, Body Yoghurt and Body Butter. And of course as a Hand Cream as well – this is the other one that I have been loving!!!

Warm Vanilla – Vanilla lovers out there I bring you the scent you are most definitely going to love! This comes as a Shower Gel, Body Yoghurt, Body Scrub, Body Butter, Bath Bomb and Hand Cream.

Vanilla Pumpkin – I LOVE this scent!! It mixes what I love about Fall and my love for vanilla – you cannot ask for more! This comes as a Body Butter and Shower Gel.

You can buy all these as individual items, however, The Body Shop have also created the cutest gift sets with these products!!

They also created these festive sacks of the Juicy Pear, Rich Plum and Warm Vanilla scents – they would make amazing Christmas Gifts for your loved ones!!!

Also ….. The Body Shop have released a WIDE selection of ADVENT CALENDARS! I love their designs – they show the first ever The Body Shop Outlet which had opened up in Brighton! There’s also a female santa clause to promote inclusion of everybody! It’s just amazing! So if you love The Body Shop and are looking for your advent calendar for 2019 I would recommend heading over to The Body Shop!

What do you think of The Body Shop? Why not treat yourselves with any of the above? What would you wish on your christmas wishlist from the four scents mentioned above? Will you be picking up something that I mentioned on today’s blog post? I would love to know!!

Thank you so much for reading and I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Again, thank you to the Body Shop for giving me a tour of their Christmas Joy at the Body Shop!!

Love Kezia


DressLily Halloween Wishlist

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I have not written a blog in a LONG time, and I apologise for that. I guess I was giving more importance to my other social media platforms, as well as my Youtube Channel.

I will try to also use this outlet as form of reaching you all!! I will try and write out a new blog post weekly, every Friday. So be sure to be following my blog, so you can get notifications of when I create new content!!

Anyways, as you know September is already half way through which means that October is round the corner. And we all know what comes in October .. precisely at the end of October ……. HALLOWEEN. Now being from Malta, and being the age I am, when I was younger there was not a lot of Halloween Buzz, so we can call it. I think throughout my childhood, I went trick or treating ….. once. Apparently, we were not so welcomed into knowing on doors and receiving candy rather we would have been yelled at to run away!

But, looking at Halloween now it has come a long way and trick or treating is more accepted … what sucks is that now I think I am too old to go trick or treating …. oh well. So then at my age I guess I would go to a halloween party or a haunted ghost tour. Maybe I should try one of these out considering the fact that I never did one of these two things … see halloween for me would be sitting at home and watching a scary movie with a good takeaway … now that’s a great Halloween.

But anyways if I do decide to go out here is a wishlist of cute dresses and outfits that you could wear this Halloween, if you aren’t technically going to dress up in a haunting costume but rather let’s call it a cute outfit which is Halloween themed!

The outfits are from a website called DressLily. They have NEW Halloween outfits which you can access through here – https://www.dresslily.com/promotion/halloween-shop-113.html?lkid=59237568

It’s time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily have high-quality items but they come in low-prices! You can also use the code DLBF20 for 20% off your order!!

So here is my wishlist from the Halloween store at DressLily !!

#1 High Waist A Line Button Skull Print Halloween Dress

Now you all know how much I love cats, so be aware that there’s going to be a bit of cats in this post!! This dress is so cute because it does not only include cats but also pumpkins and halloween related things. It retails for € 20.99 and it would be a cute dress to wear for Halloween with some black tights and black combat boots!

#2 Cat Moon Galaxy Print Short Sleeve Dress

I love this dress because it has a moon with a cat BUT it also has a galaxy vibe going on!! Skater dresses like these go perfect with a pair of black combats. It retails for € 18.99 only!!

#3 Maple Leaves Cat Belted Flared Halloween Dress

Now this is more of a cute dress, it also has some fall vibes going on! I think this is one of the smarter options and it would be a great fall/winter casual dress to wear. It retails for € 21.99!

#4 Black Cats Print High Rise Workout Pants

I included this for those of you who like me love spending halloween cosy at home watching a halloween movie! This would be a perfect form of lounge wear during that time! This retails for € 9.10!

#5 See-through Bang Medium Wavy Synthetic Cosplay Wig

And finally. had to include a wig, as DressLily also have wigs! I love this colour and this style of this very wig. The wig retails for € 29.49 and there are other wigs to choose from!!

And that was my DressLily wishlist! What was your favourite item out of these 5? Let me know in the comments below!!

Thank you so much for reading!!

Love Kezia


Malta Fashion Week 2019 – Ritienne Zammit

MFWA – 29/05/2019

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing great! It’s official, Malta Fashion Week 2019 is OVER! Yesterday there were the fashion week awards – congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

Today, I am sharing with you this post on the last fashion show that was on Wednesday! It was truly one amazing show by Ritienne Zammit.

Ritienne Zammit

Ritienne Zammit participated in Malta Fashion Week before and back in 2017 when I attended my first fashion week I had seen her show and had enjoyed it – the outfits were stunning and as a designer she is amazing! As Malta Fashion Week’s website states, “Ritienne’s dark edge implores to be seen beneath the historical motifs, strong political messages and poetic metaphors, on which her collections are strongly based.”

An interesting fact about Ritienne – She was awarded,‘The Most Outstanding Student of the Year’ Award 2009-10 at MCAST Institute of Creative Arts in collaboration with the Malta Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce as well as the ‘New Designer Award’ in 2013 at the Malta Fashion Awards. 

My thoughts on the show … 

WOW ….. just WOW!!!! I was amazed at her show, at her designs, at the hair, the makeup, the jewellery (by Yana’s Jewellery!). She had a dog in the show and then she had a baby! She had an amazing Queen and King! My god her designs, featuring feasts which are a Maltese Tradition in her outfits she created! She took me to Game of Thrones vibes too, I just was in awee throughout the show! Here are some pieces which struck me –

Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en

Follow Ritienne on her social media and visit her website – 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ritiennezammitfashionhouse/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ritiennezammit/

Website: www.ritiennezammit.com

What do you think of the pieces? Aren’t they STUNNING!?!?

Thank you all so much for reading!! And for all your amazing support! I just have one more post to upload on Fashion Week, that’s of my final outfit at the event! I am just waiting for the photos from the photographer, once I have them I will share my post with you all!!

Until next time!

Love Kezia


Want more info, details and updates on Malta Fashion Week, check out their website and Social Media! –

Malta Fashion Week website – https://www.fashionweek.com.mt

Malta Fashion Week Twitter – https://twitter.com/maltafashion?lang=en

Malta Fashion Week Instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/malta_fashionweek/

Malta Fashion Week Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/maltafashion/

This year’s Malta Fashion Week is being held at Fort St Elmo in Valletta, I love this location!! Their sponsors are Keune Hair Cosmetics, Fashion Beverages, Hilton Malta, Aldo, Air Malta, Jaguar, Land Rover, Coca Cola, Medasia Cabs, Fashiontv gaming group, Campari, Evagarden, Logografix, Medasia Playa, Ving Insurance Brokers, ORLY, Niumee, Michael Kors, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Antonio’s Barber Shop, TVM, Servizi Malta, Nexos, Nescafe, Motionblur, Heritage Malta, The Sheer Bation, Cugo Gran, ILAB Photo, M. Demajo, Hugo’s Hotels, Mediterranean Ceramics, Dr Juice and eXtraStaff Malta. And their collaborators are Malta Tourism Authority, VCA and Arts Council Malta

Malta Fashion Week 2019 – Outfit #3

27/05/2019 – MFWA 2019

Hi everyone,

How are you all today? I hope everyone is doing great! And I hope that you are enjoying my blog posts! I truly missed writing here and I need to get back to it as it is something relaxing to do! Though I miss recording videos for my Youtube Channel but once Fashion Week finishes I will surely get back to that source too!

Today I will be sharing with you all what I wore on Day 6 of Malta Fashion Week 2019. As you know all my outfits are from New Look Malta, I just love the brand and it truly reflects back on me, my personality and my style that I have developed into!

Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en

The outfit I chose for today’s shows was one which I loved. I love my crops tops, but this included a top with string straps, and I just loved its colour and its design! A VERY comfortable trousers which were made of linen and had the paperbag trousers style, paired with nice button detailing. From this outfit I just loved the STRAW bag!! I know how in style they are and you just need to have one in your closet! I also had a jacket which was a very casual white blazer which makes the look together.

Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – https://www.facebook.com/marksoler & https://www.instagram.com/msfotography_official/?hl=en
Photographer – Massimo Cassar – https://www.facebook.com/massimo.cassar

What I am wearing …

Top – I could not find the exact top online however, found the closest one – Linen Blend Crop Top (New look Malta outlets should still have the top in my photos still in stock!)

Trousers – White Linen Blend Paperbag Trousers

Jacket – White Crosshatch Blazer – I forgot to take a photo with it !!! But I did have a boomerang featured on Lovin Malta’s Insta Story wearing it haha !!

Bag – Stone Woven Straw Effect Bucket Bag

What did you think of my outfit? Comment down below !! And again I would like to thank NEW LOOK MALTA and Hudson Group Malta for sponsoring me and my outfits during Fashion Week !!

Here are some photos I took with some bloggers –

Daniela – https://www.instagram.com/danielamicalleffashionblogger
Photographer – MCMifsud Photography – https://www.facebook.com/mcmifsudphotography/
Top – Daniela – https://www.instagram.com/danielamicalleffashionblogger/ , Nicola – https://www.instagram.com/nicolaschembri/ , Samira -,https://www.instagram.com/hey_its_samii/?hl=en Maya – https://www.instagram.com/maya_the_mua/
Photographer – MCMifsud Photography – https://www.facebook.com/mcmifsudphotography/
Samira – https://www.instagram.com/hey_its_samii/?hl=en, and Nicola – https://www.instagram.com/nicolaschembri/
Photographer – Massimo Cassar – https://www.facebook.com/massimo.cassar
From Left to Right – Samira – https://www.instagram.com/hey_its_samii/?hl=en, Adielle – https://www.instagram.com/adiellesuban/, Daniela – https://www.instagram.com/danielamicalleffashionblogger/
From Left to Right – Stephanie – https://www.instagram.com/style_in_transit/, Samira – https://www.instagram.com/hey_its_samii/?hl=en, Nicola – https://www.instagram.com/nicolaschembri/ and Daniela – https://www.instagram.com/danielamicalleffashionblogger/

Thank you so much for reading and for all your support!

Love Kezia


Want more info, details and updates on Malta Fashion Week, check out their website and Social Media! –

Malta Fashion Week website – https://www.fashionweek.com.mt

Malta Fashion Week Twitter – https://twitter.com/maltafashion?lang=en

Malta Fashion Week Instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/malta_fashionweek/

Malta Fashion Week Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/maltafashion/