Blogmas Day 4 – I heart revolution X Disney!

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? I hope you are all taking care! Yesterday I did not upload but am uploading it a day late. I had a long day, I am finding myself to being tired and exhausted. I don’t know if it’s covid fatigue too besides everything that I am experiencing, we all have our stories. However, I still wished to write a Blogmas Day 4!

It will be short and sweet and I hope that tonight I will upload a new one.

All I wanted to share yesterday was how I uploaded a new video on my Youtube Channel about one of the storybooks from I heart Revolution X Disney collaboration! They created three storybooks – one of cinderella, beauty and the beast and the princess and the frog. These sets would be a cute gift idea for someone who loves all things Disney. And if you are from Malta like me, you can order from Lucy Makeup Store, as they just stocked them this week!

For today’s video I focused on The Beauty and the Beast Storybook and I created a very natural look but I do wish to go back and play with it using more colourful shades as it has a beautiful colour story!!

So here is the video, hope you enjoy watching!!

What did you think of the storybook and the makeup look?

That’s all for now, I hope to see you all later with a new Blogmas Post!

Love Kezia


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