Blogmas 2020 Day 1.


I feel guilty for abandoning this space so often, yet I always look forward to the 1st December where I motivate myself to return here and write.

Writing has always been something I love doing, I loved keeping a journal when I was young, I suggest it to many people who are going through a tough time, yet I find myself not having time to just sit down and journal these days. So maybe as I suggest it to others, and I know its benefits, I should try to find and make time for it.

However, this is a beauty blog where I used to come and write reviews, share my videos, share outfits, however, since we started the month of December, Blogmas is here.

I have a list of posts I can write, some are classic and some may be new, some might not be related to christmas because even though its here, this year Christmas is totally different. The world is different.

The pandemic has changed our everyday lives, I hope that wherever you are reading this from, you are taking care and staying safe. And most importantly keeping in mind that by protecting oneself, you’re also protecting your loved ones and the vulnerable.

Therefore, I start this Blogmas by saying that yes I am ok, exhausted, lots of things happening but overall coping and trying to do my best. And you know what, this is what you can only do, you can only try your best.

So join me in my Blogmas 2020 journey, I hope that even though the pandemic is very much here, we still all have a pleasant Christmas and hope that next year would be better.

See you all tomorrow for a hopefully Christmas related post!

Love Kezia


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