Blogmas Day 5 – My Christmas Wishlist 2019

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well! I bring with you Day 5 of Blogmas – I know that day 2 and 3 and 4 are missing but did not have enough time to write up posts and did not want to just share to not miss a day … if you know what I mean. Also, the air in Malta is quite heavy right now (for all of you Maltese you will understand me when I say this), I do not want to go into it on here, yet I had to just acknowledge it as yes Malta is passing through a heavy period and I hope time will heal and justice will be served!

Anyways, let Blogmas bring some Christmas Spirit to my life and I also hope that it will bring some Christmas Spirit to yours.

Today’s Blogmas is my Christmas Wishlist of 2019. (Hint hint Luke if you are seeing this … :P)

Before, I get started I am mostly doing this for Blogmas purposes and probably most things I will save up and get myself.

What is your Christmas Wishlist this year? Please do share as I love interacting with you guys and after you reading my wishlist it is only fair that I read yours!

Ok … so let’s begin!

#1 – iPhone 11 Pro

Ok so I actually bought this for myself last Friday ~(on Black Friday) and it was a purchase that I did weeks and weeks thinking about it. I have never had an iPhone before so basically I lost my virginity to iPhones now.. and it was a decision in which I weighed the pros and cons of getting it or not. One of the pros was that I finally use the apple OS and get rid of the android OS which to be honest bored me out and I felt stuck at times when trying to install a new app that edits insta stories in such a way but I could not as it was not available on android … BOO!

The cons mostly was the price cos geez louise the apple people are making it espensive! Though then the pro that outweighed everything was THE CAMERA … wow the camera is better than my Canon 1200D SLR !! I am actually debating whether or not to try and film a video on my iPhone, what is stopping me is that I will have to stick it on the ring light tripod thing and if it falls I will have a very sad end of year!

Anyways … did I make a good decision for myself at this point in time? Yes I did and am loving the OS! From the button sounds, to how fast it is, to finally downloading FILMM of Zoe Sugg (then sadly realizing I have to pay a subscription to use all the features) and finally to the CAMERA which when I took my first portrait photo I was just amazed! I still need to use it some more and explore but so far I love it!

I think the funniest moment so far was when I was at a Gestalt Workshop, and it was my first time taking it out and I lowered the volume but then realized … erm….why is it still making the sound??? And no matter how many times I checked whether the sound icon was fully lowered it still made sound … at this point I ended up talking to myself and showed my frustration of WHY AREN’T YOU SILENT! And then my savior came as the girl sitting next to me showed me this really cool feature I had never seen before, apparently on the side there exists this button thing which you push up and down to make it silent or not …. I WAS AMAZED!!! Historical moment so far me and my iPhone!!

P.S. One thing was going to stop me from purchasing this phone … I wanted it in Gold but they only had the Silver in 64GB, then I was going to choose the Purple iPhone 11 but they did not have the colour so I am like erm .. for a little more moneys I will get a better camera …SOLD.

#2 (something a little cheaper) Snake Print Ankle Boots/White Ankle Boots

I already have an outfit in mind … white winter cosy sweater which is a little baggy paired with blue maybe ripped and a white beanie paired with SNAKE PRINT ANKLE BOOTS (preferably in a grey shade) …. I think I would like that. And also, the heel would be a box heel. I see that snake print is in fashion so I want to follow the trend … NO …. I just like them ok and I do not own anything which is snake print … so maybe unconsciously yes seeing that I am not on trend and want to try and be on a trend!

I also love White ankle boots also with a box heel … so either or I would love to add in my shoe collection. In Winter I live in Jeans so I would not mind mixing and matching with different boots !!

#3 Velvet (Padded) Headbands

OMG I have been seeing these everywhere – on celebs like Jessica Alba to the Duchess of Cambridge sporting a padded ZARA headband. The shade I would want it in is either maroon or a dark green – I think that paired with a velvet skater dress (which I do not have) some black tights and black ankle boots would look so cute. Oh and of course wearing a coat because it is winter … supposedly. i say supposedly because Malta is still very warm and you sweat if you try and wear a jacket right now.

(Also after searching a little I also can see that it is one of the hottest must have accessory to have this season!)

#4 Beaded Hair Clip

I have been seeing these worn everywhere. There another Hair Clip trend of the season. I now am seeing ones with words on them too! I guess this was like the seashell choker that was on trend last Summer. Yet I kind of really want to try this beaded hair clip trend simply because when it comes to styling hair … I AM HORRIBLE AT IT! But this is easy, just clip it on and head out and voila you have a cute setting!

#5 Minor in Astrology Palette

I love colourpop … I love Kathleen Lights (she was one of the first beauty youtubers I started watching) and I love all the collaborations between them .. I collect them all and love them all! A few days ago Kathleen Lights released a new collab where she built her own palette with 24 pans with warm-toned neutrals together with popping rich jewel tones. I love how she uses astrology in her collaborations so yes I would love to try this out!

#6 2 in 1 Curler and Straightener

I seem to be thinking a lot about my hair this year! I need a bit of an updated straightener and curler as I find that the ones I have are a little old and do not give the same results as they used to. I had once seen at Primark a 2 in 1 Hair Curler and Straightener but they did not have any in stock. From the reviews I read it looked good but never got my hands on it. Though yes do you guys know any good ones? I also still need to learn how to curl my hair using a straightener rather than a wand — yet i do not want to try on my current straightener as it is not made for that … I think … cos it will damage my hair ? Or am I making things up?

And that is my Christmas Wishlist for 2019.

Again I would love to know what’s yours!!!

Thank you so much for reading!! And thank you all for your constant support!

Love Kezia


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