Malta Fashion Week 2019 – Outfit #1

23/05/2019 – MFWA 2019 

Hi Everyone,

So as I said, a day after each day I attend Malta Fashion Week I will come here and write up a blog post all about the outfit I wore on the day!

And so here is my outfit blog post for the outfit I wore yesterday.

I will not be attending all the days during fashion week as it is quite impossible for me having a full time job. However, I will be attending Malta Fashion Week on 4 different days! And yesterday was the first day that I attended!

As I wrote in my previous blog post I am sponsored by New Look Malta for the outfits I am wearing during this year’s fashion week!

So here is the first outfit –

Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Photographer – Viktor Vella –
Photographer – Viktor Vella –

Let me tell you a little about my outfit from New Look

Top – Cameo Rose White Ruched Crop Top

Trousers – Light Green Linen Look Crop Trousers

Jacket – Black Crop Denim Jacket

Bag – Stone Woven Straw Effect Half Moon Bag

I love these trousers, they are so comfortable and the top is so cute and just fits right, as you can tighten it as much as you like!! It does get a little chilly during these shows, so then yes I need to wear a jacket!! And a cropped black denim jacket … you can never go wrong with it!! This outfit, i loved paired it with a black bag and chose this straw bag, as straw bags are a big thing at the moment!!

And here are some other photos of my outfit taken from Samira who’s a blogger – 🙂

I also wore handmade earrings from Wood and Tassel Handmade Jewellery … just love these green ones so much, so unique!!

What did you think of my outfit? Comment down below !! And again I would like to thank NEW LOOK MALTA and Hudson Group Malta for sponsoring me and my outfits during Fashion Week !!

And here are some photos that were taken by photographers with some other lovely influencers!!

Photographer – Viktor Vella –
Blogger – Samira –
Photographer – Viktor Vella –
Blogger – Samira –
Photographer – Mark Soler Msphotography – &
Blogger – Maxine –

And that’s it for my first outfit post at this year’s Malta Fashion Week!!

Thank you so much for reading!! The next show that I will be attending will be on Sunday !!

Love you all !!

Love Kezia


Want more info, details and updates on Malta Fashion Week, check out their website and Social Media! –

Malta Fashion Week website –

Malta Fashion Week Twitter –

Malta Fashion Week Instagram page –

Malta Fashion Week Facebook page –

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