Malta Fashion Week 2019 – MFWA2019

My MFWA Outfit #1 – Tomorrow will be positing an outfit post!!

Today I attended my very first show at this year’s Malta Fashion Week. I was super excited, nervous and just a bundle of emotions all intertwined together. I had attended my last show 2 years ago, last year I did not attend as this time last year I was writing up my dissertation … time has passed and wow was that a piece of work! However, this year, I was all set and ready to attend. Yes, not all the days during the entire week, but I have chosen four different days where I will be attending and enjoying a show!

The bag is from NEW LOOK !!

Also, I was so happy to see all the other lovely Maltese Influencers. Boy have we grown in number since two years ago! I am happy to see more Maltese creating their own blogs and YouTube channels!! If you are creative and have that curiosity for such activities and are into fashion, makeup, whatever, GO FOR IT!! What are you waiting for?!? 

From Left to Right – @iam_jz, @danielamicalleffashionblogger, @maxinesbeautyx and @hey_its_samii – follow them on Instagram!!!

This year’s Malta Fashion Week is being held at Fort St Elmo in Valletta, I love this location!! Their sponsors are Keune Hair Cosmetics, Fashion Beverages, Hilton Malta, Aldo, Air Malta, Jaguar, Land Rover, Coca Cola, Medasia Cabs, Fashiontv gaming group, Campari, Evagarden, Logografix, Medasia Playa, Ving Insurance Brokers, ORLY, Niumee, Michael Kors, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Antonio’s Barber Shop, TVM, Servizi Malta, Nexos, Nescafe, Motionblur, Heritage Malta, The Sheer Bation, Cugo Gran, ILAB Photo, M. Demajo, Hugo’s Hotels, Mediterranean Ceramics, Dr Juice and eXtraStaff Malta. And their collaborators are Malta Tourism Authority, VCA and Arts Council Malta

I also have some exciting news which I already shared on my social media (which you can join so you can follow anything I share on MFWA!!) but not here yet .. for this year’s Fashion Week events, I am being sponsored by New Look, therefore, all my outfits that I wear throughout the shows are all from New Look. I am so happy that they accepted and gave me this opportunity, I will always be so grateful!! I personally love New Look and still remember when it first opened right here in Malta. It was the first shop where I saw my style grow, even just the shop and its layout was such a breath of fresh air! And that is why I chose this brand and its outfits, and the outfits I chose reflect me, my personality and my style and throughout the shows I attend I will be writing up outfit blog posts too!!! And THANK YOU TO NEW LOOK AND HUDSON MALTA for this opportunity once again!!

So my blog is going to be quite active this week, so be sure to be following it! Therefore, here is how I will be sharing with you my blog posts throughout Fashion Week! After each show, I will post about my thoughts on the fashion shows and their designers. Then the next day I will share an Outfit Blog Post of what I wore at Fashion Week!

I hope you all will enjoy these blog posts and I honestly wanted to share as best as I can, my experience at this year’s Fashion Week right here in Malta!

If you have any questions or comments, kindly leave them down below!! 

Thank you all for your support – as without you all, KezziesCorner would not be the same!! 

See you all in my next post!! 

Love Kezia


Want more info, details and updates on Malta Fashion Week, check out their website and Social Media! –

Malta Fashion Week website –

Malta Fashion Week Twitter –

Malta Fashion Week Instagram page –

Malta Fashion Week Facebook page –

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