Blogmas Day 5 – 3 Outfits & 1 Pair of Boots ft. Downunder Malta

Hi everyone, 

How are you all doing? It’s December 5th already, can you believe it? Today is VIDEO DAY which means a new video came out on my YT Channel and I wanted to share more about it right here! 

It’s a November 2018 Lookbook which shows 3 outfits but all with the same pair of shoes! I got these shoes thanks to Downunder Malta and if you didn’t know (then get to know!) cos Downunder is a shoe shop in Malta, specifically in Paola. I have done previous blog posts, featuring there shoes – 

As you can see, I have made previous posts about their shoes which I think are of amazing quality, comfort and are all priced at an inexpensive rate! 

But today I did things a little different – I chose these pair of Winter Boots which have a heel and are so comfortable and such a nice detail with the buckle, and I paired them with 3 different outfits! 


I paired the boots with a jumper from Primark and a denim jeans from New Look. Then I added my Zaful Teddy Bear Jacket to be all cosy! 


In Malta, it hasn’t gotten that cold but I guess you can add a cosy jacket on top of this outfit instead of the thin jacket I used from Bershka. Underneath we have a crop top and belt from Primark and a pair of ripped jeans from New Look. I love how the frills at the bottom of the jeans go with the boots! 


I love this outfit, I got my velvet-y black off the shoulder top from New Look and my boohoo pink skirt with button detail in the middle, with some black tights and my Jennyfer jacket as my date night outfit. This plus my boots I think make a perfect match!! 

I love how you can dress down the boots and dress them with a cute outfit too! I love them, they are my favourite boots in my winter shoe closet at the moment!! 

You can watch these outfits and the boots in action right here on my NEW VIDEO on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL –  

Which was your favourite outfit? Let me know in the comments down below!!  Thank you so much for supporting my channel and for reading my blog posts, I hope you are enjoying my Blogmas 2018 posts!! And thank you so much to Downunder Malta for the lovely opportunity to work with them! 

Love Kezia


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