Testing out Iris Beauty NYC – Makeup – Review

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having an amazing day! Today’s blog post is a review on Iris Beauty. This brand is well known for their contact lenses. However, the products I am reviewing for you all today are all eye makeup products.


I would like to thank Iris Beauty for this opportunity to review their products. They also gave my lovely followers a 15% Discount Code! Simply enter kezia45 at checkout to get 15% off your next order.

The products I tested out are –

Flirtatious Look Magnetic Eyelashes


I never tried magnetic lashes before until I tried out these. This concept is amazing, false lashes without the need to apply glue – such an amazing invention!! They are less messy to apply and connect together thanks to the magnets which are on the sides of the lashes. To see me apply the lashes watch my video on my Youtube Channel, I linked it down below!

I still need to keep practising on how to apply the magnetic lashes as I do not yet apply them well or quick. But I think there is room for improvement and with practice I will hope to get better.

The set I got were called the Flirtatious ones and they are just gorgeous and give a natural looking effect. I recommend these and if I ever get good at applying these I might be very happy to not have to apply glue with false lashes!

Perfecting Eyebrow Brush 


I love this eyebrow product and have been using it in my everyday makeup routine! This product is smudge proof, fade proof, waterproof and is long wearing. The tip of the pen makes it easier to fill in your brows and create any bold or wide or thin shapes that you desire.

What is interesting is that it has coconut oil which helps the formula! The shade I got is chocolate mousse but there are other shades that you can choose from!

Ultra Defining Eyeliner 


This eyeliner is amazing. It is super pigmented, waterproof and dries down so fast! It is creamy, smooth, glides so easily and has a precision tip that helps with the application. This helps in creating a perfect cat eye!

It is available in three shades – a blue/brown/black. The one I got is the black one called Jet Black! A great pen eyeliner!

So these were my thoughts on these products. Here is the video I did showing you guys how exactly they test out! Hope you enjoy watching!

Have you guys ever tried anything from Iris Beauty? Let me know in the comments down below!!

Hope you enjoyed reading, thank you for doing so!! 

Love Kezia


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