Bitter Gold Nails – Review

Hi Everyone, 

My it has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. With a final exam and last assignment due to hand in it has been such a rush and time flew by. I also am moving back home soon so that is kind of bringing anxiety and nerves but happiness too. So bare with me whilst I undergo yet another change!

Today’s blog post is all about this Nail Polish that I have tried from Bitter Gold Nails. It is basically a hardener that you put on your nails to help them grow strong. Now I had been doing acrylic false nails for over 2 years and I loved them. But with moving to Stirling I decided to stop doing them and since then my nails have been weak and paper thin.


Since September I started applying nail polish and well they started getting better but not as best as I had hoped. But then Bitter Gold Nails approached me around March and I decided to give this product a shot.

I used it for over 4 weeks and I am impressed by the results so I wanted to come over here to share with you my thoughts on the product.


What does Bitter Gold Nails do? 


It contains Silica and Biotin which helps strengthen and harden the nail as it grows. It protects the nail from damage and it also prevents nail breakages and promotes nail growth.


It has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which will help the healing process of the dry skin surrounding the nail. This will make it less tempting to bite.

Bitter Sweet

However, it comes with a harsh bitter taste that will help you to not bite your nails. This will help in keeping your nails healthy and chew free.

My thoughts … 

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 22.45.13

After 4 weeks of using it I have noticed my nails have gotten stronger and because of that some have grew longer. I have had a little breakages but I guess that’s normal considering how paper thin my nails had been when I started.

What I liked doing is applying the Bitter Gold Nail polish as a base, then go in with my
Rimmel London Nail Nurse Base & Top Coat 5 in 1 and then I applied the colour nail polish and then use the Rimmel Nail Polish again.

After 4 weeks … Left Hand

Now before using the Bitter Gold I used to use the Rimmel Base & Top Coat instead but it did not provide my nail with the strength they needed to grow and chipped quite often. However, paired up with the Bitter Gold Nail Polish the two worked perfectly together!

Right Hand 

As for the bitter sweet taste I am going to be honest, I was so scared to bite my nails but when I did, I did not taste anything. So I don’t know if maybe it is because I applied it as a base coat but I did not taste any bitter taste. But just in case, don’t!

I am going to keep using this, and I will keep updating you all on my Instagram, I have an Instagram Highlights called Nails, so that is where I keep all my photos of my nail journey you could say!!

Do you guys bite your nails? Do you keep them long or short? Would you ever consider buying this product? Let me know in the comments down below!! 

Thank you so much to Bitter Gold for letting me try out this product! I give it a THUMBS UP!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Love Kezia

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