Golden Rose Cosmetics – The Metals Collection

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t written a blog post in a while but I was back home for Christmas and then once I came back to Stirling I needed time to adjust and I have some visitors with me so am trying to show them a good time in Scotland!

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 21.17.15

Nonetheless, here I am today with a blog post on Golden Rose Cosmetics. I would like to thank Beauty Cosmos Malta for the products and for giving me yet another opportunity to try out the products!

If you are Maltese like me you can purchase Golden Rose Cosmetics from Beauty Cosmos which is found in Fgura. You can visit their facebook page for more information.

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The products I am reviewing for you guys today are found in the Metals Collection. I uploaded a video on Wednesday testing out all the products. You can watch it right here –

The products that I tried out are the following – 

Golden Rose Lip & Blush Velvet Touch – Shade 02 



Using the Lip & Blush Velvet Touch as a blush and a lipstick!

This is a lovely lipstick and blush all in one. I loved applying it as a blush as it gives the cheek a natural pinky look. And it also blended nicely on the skin with my fingertips. I also liked applying it as a lipstick, it is very lightweight on the lips! It retails for €8.50.

Golden Rose Metals Matte Metallic Lip Crayon – Shade 02 and Shade 05

Shade 05
Shade 05
Shade 05
Shade 02
Shade 02 
Shade 02

I loved these metallic lip crayons especially the one in shade 05! They are so easy to apply and so moisturising on the lips! I loved applying them on their own however, I also loved the look of them applied on a liquid lipstick. They retail at €6.50 each

Golden Rose Smart Lips Moisturising Lipstick – Shade 04 and Shade 12 

Shade 04
Shade 04
Shade 04
Shade 12
Shade 12
Shade 12

These are again so fast and easy to apply. They are so soft and moisturising on the lips and have great colour pay off! If you are looking for that non drying lip product, I highly recommend this line of lipsticks! They retail at €7 each.

Golden Rose Metals Liquid Glow Highlighter – Shade 04 Sunlight 



Using the highlight!

This is such a lightweight highlight. It blends nicely on the skin and creates a subtle glow. If you want a more intense highlight this may not be the one for you however it is quite buildable. But if you are like me I enjoy a more natural glow! This retails at €7.50.

Golden Rose Metals Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow – Shade 105 Mink 



Using the metallic liquid eyeshadow at the base. 

I liked using this all over my eye lid, it just makes your eye look pop even more. I found that blending it with my fingertips worked well. i just loved the effect it gave to my look.


Have you guys tried any products from Golden Rose? Comment down below!! 

I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! Thank you so much for doing so! 


Love Kezia





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