Blogmas Day 3 – My Christmas Wishlist

Hi everyone, 

It is already Day 3 into Blogmas☃️🎄!

And you know what, when you are doing these daily blog posts you really realise at how quick the days can fly by. I also have one more week until my exam. Ahhh!!

So today’s blog post is my very own Christmas Wishlist. Please comment down below with your wishlist, I would love to know! 

So let’s begin …. 

#1 A New Coat 


My winter wardrobe has enough tops, what I want now is a new coat. And not just any coat but a longer one than I would normally wear. Since I am a little short 5ft5/6 I forgot 😛 I don’t have the courage in wearing long coats, but I think I can get away with a 3/4 coat….

Anyways I found this photo and I kind of like the style of it. I like the colours that it comes in, grey and black with that pink added to it. Yeah I would love something like this rather than always being in the same constant jackets all winter round. And see this is affecting me more now since I am living in Scotland and having to embrace the cold and harsh winter here … ok not that harsh …YET!

#2 Knee High Black Boots 


UUUU I have been wanting a pair of these since last year but again since my height ain’t that tall I always stay away from getting myself to buy a pair. However, I tried one recently and loved it but I was like, I don’t afford one right now so I am saving it for my wishlist!

I would love pairing it with a plain dress and adding these boots would make my outfit even more interesting. And I think every woman should own a pair, don’t you think? And I think having a little heel similar to the one in the photo would look amazing!

#3 Patterned Trousers

My style is something that I still am figuring out however, one thing I know for sure is that I am stuck in wearing jeans everyday. I want to change that and would love to try out a pair of trousers maybe a little striped.

I know that really isn’t winter-y but I guess I wouldn’t mind a pair of plain maroon trousers, I could easily pair it with a black top and my new coat. Look at me already imagining outfits with my imaginary clothes …

#4 MAC Rouge En Snow from the Snowball Collection

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 18.13.28

Every Christmas I stock up on new Red Lipsticks and the Rouge en Snow shade from the Snowball Collection from MAC stole my heart. It looks like a lovely red shade that I would love to use on Christmas Day. I think it the perfect Christmas Red for 2017!

#5 A Vlogging Camera 

I really want to invest in a vlogging camera but, I don’t see myself doing it. However, I really want a vlogging camera as I really enjoy vlogging and hopefully you will all soon see a vlog come up. Fingers Crossed! However, up to now I have always vlogged using my mobile phone so yeah. I think it might be time for an upgrade but yeah Kezia cannot pay for it herself at the time being.

But I guess this one is one of those items you put on your wishlist which you know you won’t be getting. But yeah just in case I really love the Canon PowerShot SX720 HS Digital Camera or the Sony A5100 in white (I think I would prefer this one). They all look really sleek and perfect for vlogging!

And that is it for my wishlist. I always love doing it in 5s. I think that is far more than enough! So now I will be sharing this with my family and Luke and they better get moving! HAHAHA …. Just Kidding!! I miss them so so much but I will see them soon because YES I will be going home for Christmas!! YEY!!

Anywho’s don’t forget to check out my blog every day for a new blog post a day this month cos it’s BLOGMAS!! 

And don’t forget to comment down below on what your Christmas Wishlist is!! 

Thank you for reading!! 

Happy Sunday!! 

Love Kezia




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