First Impressions on 3INA – The Eyes Collection

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Today’s blog post is all about 3INA’s The Eyes Collection. I would like to personally thank 3INA Malta and the Hudson Group Malta for these products!

If you are from Malta, remember you can visit one of the 3INA stores at – The Point, Sliema; The Pama Shopping Village, Valletta and in Qormi near Kiabi. 

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The Eyes Collection comes with a variety of products focusing simply on the eyes! There’s an eyebrow kit, eyeshadow palettes, eye gloss, gel eyeliner and even duo shadows. 

You can watch my video here where I create a makeup look showing all the products – 

Here is a little review on the products –

The Eyebrow Kit Shade 401


This kit comes in 4 different shades. Mine was in the shade 401 which matched my brows really well. It costs €15.95 and you get a wax, powder, tweezers and two brushes. So I think for that price – you get your money’s worth.

I really love combining the wax with the powder. Both products filled in my brows well and provided with a smooth and easy application because I am horrible at doing my brows. I really love the tweezers the kit comes with, it really plucks my eyebrows well!

The Duo Eyeshadow Shade 607



There are 12 different Duo Eyeshadows you can choose from. I got mine in the shade 607 and it comes in a mix of light and dark green. I love the light green shade, perfect for highlighting your inner corner as you see if you watch my video.

These cost €10.95 and I really think that if you are looking to create a fast makeup look before school or work, having a duo eyeshadow comes in handy!! You have your base and crease colour all in one.

The Eye Gloss Shade 503 –


There are a total of 4 different shades of eye glosses. They cost €9.95 each. I never tried anything like this and was confused as to how I would apply it. I used my finger tips rather than the sponge that it comes with, when I applied it on my lids.

It states that you can either apply it on its own or else on top of eye shadow. I applied it on top of eye shadow and it felt sticky but blended nicely. But I still prefer using my powder shadows rather than eye glosses. Let’s keep the gloss for lip glosses on the lips.

The Eyeshadow Palette – 102



You can choose from 4 different palettes that comes with six different shades. The palette that I got was Palette 102. It features a yellow, greens and purples. I love these colours together and I created a sort of colourful look as you saw from my video if you watched it.

The palette retails for €14.95 and I find that the powders really work well. They blended in nicely with each other, had a little fall out but that isn’t such a problem. Overall I liked this palette. And this is why I like 3INA so much, it’s because I get to go out of my comfort zone and use colours I wouldn’t usually choose.

The Gel Eyeliner Shade 801


There are 4 different gel eyeliner shades and each retail at €9.95. I got mine in shade 801 which is a lovely dark brown shade. The formula of this gel eyeliner is a really good one, easy to apply, not patchy but pigmented all the way and doesn’t smudge or transfer.

I like trying out different gel eyeliner colours as I usually go for a black eyeliner.

And those were the products I tried from The Eyes Collection from 3INA.

Have you tried out any of these products from 3INA? Or any products from 3INA? Comment down below!! 

I really hoped you enjoyed reading!! Thank you so much for doing so!

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