Baystreet Malta Fashion Show

Hi everyone, 

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Last Thursday I was invited to a Fashion Show that was being held at the Baystreet Shopping Complex in St.Julians. This was my first ever fashion show that I attended as a Blogger.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 13.20.53
I also met so many Maltese Bloggers – Top Left – Stephanie from – Style in Transit Top Right – Deborah from Distorted Priorities Bottom From Left To Right – Lara from Every Beauty Addict’s Bible , Maria from Maria from Pocalocca’s Blog  and Thereseanne from A Blonde on the Go
And more bloggers! Natalya from Natalya Vukovic and Graziella from Glitter with Gloss 
My Outfit – Top – Lily Loves, Jeans – New Look.
Shoes – ASOS Carvela – my fashionable cousin passed them onto me!


Baystreet is home to a number of outlets and this fashion show featured 20 different fashion brands. 

Original Marines

It started off with a children’s brand called Original MarinesAll the kids were dressed to impress, in either their fun and casual attire or else the little boys’ were all set in their little waist jackets over their t-shirts.

It then moved onto Aldo who only had a few pieces. The women’s clothes were mostly a one piece and all came in one colour.


The shoes were the highlight in my opinion. I loved the second model’s shoes – the pink/nude ones.


After their were some bits from Adidas and Skechers. I loved this sportive set by Adidas. The colours all blend nicely together and those shoes are great for every casual outfit!


Ipanema was the next brand to walk the catwalk. I honestly had never visited this shop but from what they presented it seems to have a love for patterned tops based around the red and blue shades.

I love buying from Jennyfer and that was the next brand to come out. This black leather studded jacket looks amazing!

And I also loved this army green sort of bomber jacket with badges all around!


The shoes that were paired with the army green jacket were a silver pair of trainers. And I loved these – so shiny and bright!


Besides showing casual wear a model also came out with a gorgeous red dress that’s so simple yet the red shade makes it so much better!


There was also this outfit with a red leather jacket over a black and white checked shirt paired with a black pair of shorts and cute black booties. For those of you Pretty Little Liars FANS this outfit really reminds me of Aria! She would totally wear this outfit!


Next up we had Misto and they presented us first with a bodycon dress that had a floral pattern in the middle but then had black and white triangles at the bottom. Even though there was a lot going on at the same time, it made the dress more interesting.


I also liked another piece that had a floral shirt and black trousers but they were paired with a long cream/nude jacket.


I also loved this black dress that was paired with the floral patterned bag. I love the chain that it comes with and the different coloured flowers!


But my favourite were these nude shoes that were paired with a fun coloured dress. I loved the shoes even more!


After there was Dolce Plus. There was a lot of floral patterns and fun shades in the collection that was presented. I loved the floral patterned trousers. I also thought that the high waisted skinny black trousers looked great with the pink patterned top tucked up inside.

Dolce Plus

But my favourite had to be the black floral dress. The colours and the shape of it spoke to me!

Dolce Plus

Then there was London Cafe which showed some formal pieces.

London Cafe

I loved the patterned crop top that was paired with a matching puffy skirt.

London Cafe

Terranova was next and I think the collection was based on tops that had little frills at the end. Vey hippy and festival like!

I loved this outfit from Guess. With their baggy jeans and short red t-shirt.


Calliope followed, and they had some lovely pieces. I absolutely loved the outfit that showed the green patterned jumpsuit. The heels and scarf went really went well the outfit. I don’t know if I could pull it off – but I like how everything blended together.


I also thought that the outfit with the green trousers looked different especially with the top from behind.


A model was wearing this floral patterned dungaree over an off the shoulder white top. Very summer-y and very me! However, I wasn’t too fond of the shoes that were paired with it.

There was also Trussardi that had a lot of smart casual outfits.


Sunlab showed off some bikinis and outfits that were paired with two shoulder bags on each side. I personally do not ever wear two such bags together.


I also loved these pair of black shoes on one of the models.


Bortex had this smart outfit with these striped trousers and blazer. Even the shoes looked great. I never have worn anything like this but I think it would be interesting to try out.


Pedro Del Hierro matched yellow and purple so well together. I never knew that these colours could match so well!

Cortefiel had 2 outfits that had similar colours. One had a red blazer paired with a blue and white striped trousers. Whilst the other outfit had it the other way around! Both outfits looked stunning!

The show ended with lingerie and swimwear from Women Secret. My favourite was this black one piece bikini and that headband! So me!

And then what was cute about the ending of the show was that every model came out with a set of heart shaped balloons which were then left to float around up up and above in the moonlit sky!

Women Secret
Women Secret


I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!

What was your favourite outfit? Comment down below!

Love Kezia



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