Blogmas Day 23 & 24 – End of Holiday + OOTD

Hi everyone, 

I am writing this blog post from the comfort of my own bed … which means I am back at home, back in Malta!

Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS, I cannot grasp at how quickly December went by. Also, my Holiday to Rome is over too !! We had booked the tickets back in April and always said, ‘There’s a long way to go until our holiday!’ and yet here we are, it has passed!

I am actually happy I went. I needed a break, I needed to stop thinking about certain things such as the FUTURE, which is a big question mark for me.

But once you come back to reality, I don’t know if it’s just me but everything that I stopped thinking about during the holiday has come back to haunt me.

So I do not know if going on holiday was good or bad. .. but I should be trying to focus on the positive and so YES it was a good thing we went !!

Anyways I do not want to share with you all so many photos because I do wish to put together a vlog dedicated to my time in Rome because I did manage to capture some footage whilst I was there.

So I will give you just outlines to my last day in Rome and Christmas Eve.


Yesterday we ended up going to the Bioparco in Rome. And it was beautiful !! We also went through the big park that went all around the area, it also included lots of villas, like Villa Medici and Villa Borghese.


All in all the place was beautiful, it was heaven for me. I was surrounded by trees, greenery and most importantly autumn leaves! I don’t see that much here in Malta, so it was a fresh cup of tea to do so! I loved it !!

The zoo was also amazing, full of wonderful animals ! I also came face to face to a tiger, granted there was a glass wall separating us which of course is necessary. I mean it was a tiger after all. But the experience was amazing. I had gone to that zoo back in 2009 when I visited my penfriend, it was amazing then and it still is and more now!!



Dress – Bershka

Knee High Socks – H&M

Tights – Ebay

Wellies – Maltese Outlet

Black Hat – NEW!! from H&M

Today we had a long day of travelling, first catching the train then the plane then driving home. Travelling really does take a toll on a person but I think I am feeling my normal self, so I am not that exhausted unlike Luke who has slept the day through!

Now I shall get all cosy on the sofa with the Christmas Tree’s lights on and watch Love the Coopers with my mum. I love nights like this and I also might take some cappuccino because I mean why not? Perche?

What shall you all be doing tomorrow? I would love to know!!

Thank you so much for reading!

I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS with your family, friends & loved ones!! 

Love from Kezia


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