Blogmas Day 20 – Rome Day 1 – Gluten Free Burgers & first time in Sephora!!

Hi everyone, 

I am in Rome, ‘la bella citta.’

I am here with Luke and it is our very first holiday together !! I was so excited and woke up with my stomach full of butterflies.

The flight left at 7:50 am and so we had an early morning. We arrived at around 10 and then caught a train to the centre of Rome which is where we are staying. We figured that being in the centre was the easiest option to go round the sights. 

We were so happy once we found the hotel! Mission accomplished !! 

We then settled our suitcases, rested a little and then went out for food. My quest was to find a McDonald’s as my mum told me that they do gluten free burgers and she was right! 

The pig that I am ordered two because one was enough. But I thought that it would be with only one patty like a euro saver hamburger. But it had two. So you could imagine how I was feeling after two gluten free burgers and a bag of chips. Then Luke also got us a baci mcflurry to share. It was delicious!

We then went back to the hotel as Luke was feeling cold and needed a jacket. And I also had to Google the whereabouts of the nearest shopping mall. 

It was also raining so we had to buy an umbrella, I hope I get to keep it as it quite sturdy!! We decided on going to Roma Termini for shopping. And of course guess where I went for the first time in my life?!?!?!

I went to Sephora!!!! I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t buy much and nor could I. Prices are quite high !! But there are so many amazing things that I see youtubers rave about so I want to narrow it to two items which I will get. 

I got a brow product from benefit, the beauty blender finally, a sephora miscellar water sample. I also got some face masks and an eye mask. 

Then I went to Tally Weijl where they had so many cute stuff and bought like 4 different sweaters. Then we went round for Luke and I didn’t bother going to other shops such as Mac, kiko and wycon but I need to go!!! 

Then we went home and bought some water and snacks before we went up. We washed up and now we are watching some videos then heading to bed as tomorrow a long day awaits. We are going to the Colloseo!! Although it isn’t my first time I am still excited !! 
I really hope you like blog posts such as these!

Have you ever been to Rome?? 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all have a lovely day!!

Love Kezia 


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