Blogmas Day 6 – Lip Monthly November Bag

Hi Liplovers, 

How are you all doing? 

I had quite an eventful day at work, we went to the Maltapost museum .. quite interesting even though we then had a long walk ahead of us!

Anywho’s today’s Blogmas post is going to be about the Lip Monthly November Bag.

As you know, or may not know I guess, Lip Monthly is a lip subscription bag, that ships a bag out each month with 4 to 5 items.

Three/four of those items are always related to lip products whilst the last item could be a bonus/mystery item.

You could visit their website by visiting their website on where you can find all the information that you may need.

You could join by clicking here.

Also here is a 50% Coupon Code for your first bag – 50OFF

I would like to add that this subscription used to ship everywhere however now it is only restricted to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia. Those who live in the US are entitled to free shipping however, those outside of the US will be charged for shipping.

I live in Malta but since I have been subscribed to them for a while I am allowed to continue with the subscription and pay a $3.99 fee for shipping. However, if I decide to stop and restart my subscription I will not be allowed. At the moment I do not know yet if I want to continue this subscription.

Anyways …… let’s finally start and show off the products I got in Lip Monthly.

We now get different shades in the bag, and there is also the option of customising and choosing the colours you want to get in your next bag. Now mind you I did this and I was not in fact sent the correct colours. In fact I got sent colours which I am not too pleased about and see them as shades that I will not use apart from one which you will read about soon.



So the bag came in a pretty cool design. The retail value of the bag was of $98 and over which is quite amazing since the bag only costs $12.99 plus shipping.

Luna Lipgloss 



This retails for $22. This came in the shade ‘Titania‘.  I never tried out this brand before. It sort of is a metallic lip gloss and because it is the festive season I would love to use this during this time of year.

I can use this on its own or paired with a lipstick. This was my favourite lip item of this month’s bag mostly because I do not own any metallic lip products. So I could be biased because of that!

Ofra Lip Liner



This retails for $13. This came in the shade ‘Cherish‘ and oh my goodness, when I swatched this on my hand as soon as I opened the bag I was so disappointed. First off I had remembered that I tried out the new customisation feature on their website where you can pick the shade you want to receive.

And I am 100% sure that I didn’t choose this colour as this is not a colour I usually wear. And come on definitely not a colour I would use during this time of year !! I was so disappointed as Ofra is a really good brand !

Hikari Lip Crayon



This retails for $13. This came in the shade ‘Pouty‘. I have tried Hikari cosmetics before and even their lip crayon but I did not like this colour again.

Same story as the Ofra Lip Liner. It’s a better shade than the lip liner for sure but still not a shade that gets me excited to wear!

Freeze 24-7 Eye Serum 


This retails for $50 and over but I am guessing we got a sample size because I would not believe that a small tub like that would cost that much… or would it?

Now I don’t know if I want to try this product or not because I do not like applying anything to my face that I never heard of. So I guess this product I still have to test out.

Have you ever heard/tried this product before? Let me know in the comments down below !! 

What did you think of this month’s bag? 

Do you prefer me doing blog posts about Lip Monthly bags or videos? 

Again, let me know in the comments down below !! 

Thank you for reading!

Love Kezia


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