Blogmas Day 4 & 5

Hi everyone,

Ok, now I am back to my normal self so I hope to get Blogmas up to date !! So far it has been quite stale but I hope that from here onwards it will be a little different.

I first would like to show you how I set my room yesterday evening whilst watching some Gilmore Girls. Here is my small White Christmas tree that lights up that I got from the one pound shop here in Malta. Together with my Halloween candle that has a little bit left to burn. I ordered some new Christmas calendars which I should receive tomorrow !! Cannot wait to try them out !!


Yes that is the Lip Monthly November bag in there – be sure to expect a blog post about it coming soon !!

Yesterday I was invited to a birthday lunch of a friend of mine at the Radisson Golden Sands Hotel in Malta.

Here is the makeup look I did. I used my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette plus I have Kylie Spice Lip Kit.


We went to Agliolio which was a restaurant inside the hotel. The hotel is pretty big and very stylish. It is one that I hope and wish to visit with Luke.


Anyways we went there, and I chose to take a chicken breast with vitella and this marvellous sauce which I forgot the name too. It was delicious. It was my first meal in three days after the whole stomach virus.

And let me tell you the meal was good. I was also happy that they served gluten free bread as I am egg and wheat intolerant. However, I was disappointed as there weren’t any gluten free desserts which was such a pity. I was in the mood for such a good dessert.

I have to be honest sometimes on rare occasions I do fall for that dessert that most definitely has something that I shouldn’t be eating. But I am sure we all do that, those who aren’t always able to eat anything will understand.

Anyways, today I went back to work as usual and so I was quite busy. But tomorrow will start blogging more Christmas related posts. Although I do enjoy blogging about where I went and what I ate, I think it would be interesting to read. Of course you could correct me if I am wrong.

How was your weekend? 

Thank you so much for reading!!

Love Kezia 


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