Blogmas Day 2 & 3 – Friday & Saturday Night in

Hi everyone,

So as you know I shall be doing blogmas. However, this is not how I intended it to start.

On the first day of December I had to wake up with a stomach virus. And my sickness and lousy temperature decided to ruin my entire weekend and first few days of this festive month !! 

How terribly sad. Well yes it was and I honestly am so sick of these four walls that surround my bedroom. 

But tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow I shall enjoy a day out. At least in the morning as my dad panics that if I go out at night I will get sick again. Old man supersitions am I right?

Anyways, with all the time in my room I managed to clean me room, decorate, mum helped me organise my wardrobe and helped take out any summer clothes and replaced them with winter ones. And by doing that she ended up getting the virus too.

So now we are both quarantined and dad is running around. 

But apart from that I also discovered a new tv show. That is Gilmore Girls. 

I have enjoyed watching it. Am on season one episode seven. I love shows that were made in the late 90s/early 2000s. The clothes, the hair, the jewellery, the furniture and phones. No smart phones, no 3g or 4g is it now? Renting movies out of a shop. Sometimes I just wish we still lived in that era and these new fancy things were not created.

But alas one has to adapt to this changing world and no one can do anything about it. 

Anyways I am so sorry if my blog post was boring but I promise my blogmas should get more interesting.

How has your first few days of December been? 

Thank you for reading.

Love Kezia 


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