Lip Monthly September 2016 – Review

Hi Lip Lovers,

I usually film my un-baggings of Lip Monthly however this time I felt that it was not really worth doing a video of.

I think the bag actually lacked good products.

Out of the four items I received I only like 2 of the products!

So I thought rather than do an entire video dedicated to this disappointing bag I would just write a small blog post about it.

And because I want to use this blog page more!!

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Firstly, Lip Monthly is a Lip Subscription bag. You can either subscribe for a monthly or a 4 month or a yearly subscription.

Generally a bag will cost $12.95 per month! This of course may be different depending on which subscription you choose.

Every month you’ll receive a unique bag of 4-5 items from awesome brands such as Stila, Revlon, Glam Natural, Appeal Cosmetics, Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics and more.

Join today using COUPON CODE:

“2FREE” to get 2 months FREE on Annual Subscriptions!
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Subscribe to Lip Monthly here!

September’s bag actually arrived early, as usually it arrives super late in the month. I was actually surprised that I had gotten it so early especially since I live in Malta.

They ship these bags all the way from America but you can track your bag every month as they provide you with a tracking number.

Every month, we get a different bag, this month looks like it was a purple themed month!


September’s bag retailed for $54.99 – usually they skip the $60 mark.



The products I received were – 

ModelCo Lip Liner – Retails for $20



This was the most expensive item in the bag. I really like this lip liner, the formula is creamy and soft. It blends well and gives a nice looking matte finish.

The box I received it with also states that it is a lip enhancer. But I really don’t think it is. It is a nice shade though – lovely nude/beige shade.

It does not have a name, on the packaging it just calls it Illuminating Lip Liner. The packaging is very sleek.

Starlooks Lip Crayon – Retails for $19



When I first saw the shade – I was like what is this?!?! – But then I tried it on and I really liked it.

I think that the formula again is soft and it kind of reminds me of a previous item that we had received in the lip monthly bag of August – the Manna Kadar Lip Crayon.

The colour is a bright lilac/purple shade.

It has a cute name – DUBL BUBL.

JCat Lip Paint – Retails for $4.99



I am not a fan of lip paints or these lip squeeze-y products! The only thing I like about this is the brand’s name as it has the word CAT in it!!

When I swatched it, it actually showed that the formula was not clumpy. It will not dry up but will remain sheer.

Here are the swatches of the 3 lip products –


Shop NCLA Nail Wraps – Retails for $11



I am going to pass this onto a friend as I have acrylic nails on so I cannot really apply them on my fingernails. Neither on my toes cos my toes are not pretty !!

Lip Monthly always sends one product which is not related to lip products. Sometimes it’s for the face or body or hair. But I never received a product for my nails so this was a first off.

They’re cute but I can’t use them, so will have to pass them on. The cool thing about them was that they resembled the bag print we got this month.

It’s not that this month’s bag included bad products, it just wasn’t full of exciting things as previous bags have been. That’s why I am disappointed.

Fingers crossed that October’s bag will be better!

The only thing I can say I am happy was that the bag arrived SUPER EARLY when compared to all the other months I have been subscribed to Lip Monthly!!

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Happy weekend !! 

Love Kezia


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