AdoreMe & Feeling Sexy?

Hi everyone, 

So recently I was emailed by AdoreMe and was asked to participate in their #sexysummerylingerie flatlay project.

At first when I read the words ‘sexy’ and ‘lingerie’ I cringed. I mean here I am with the smallest chest size praying every day to the Gods out there to please make them grow at least a pea size more!

I cannot say that I hate them being small but I guess I would lie if I would say I don’t want them to at least be a tiny bit bigger!

So yeah, when I saw the word lingerie and participate in the same sentence I was a little hesitant to take part! But then I read that it is just a flatlay project and I was like, “I so can do that!”

Feeling sexy is something that I can’t say I see myself feeling a lot. I do feel cute and pretty but sexy is not a word I would use to describe myself.

Maybe it’s because of the lack of chest size I have. I guess you can say I do feel uncomfortable with being small chested but I have come a long way. I used to struggle and lacked any confidence as I could not wear certain tops or dresses because everything looked flat.

But now I just know what clothes to wear and what makes me look & feel good!

I do feel comfortable in my size and am not ashamed by my chest size. I do love my breasts (I call them “righty and lefty) equally and in the end I am happy with the way I am.

So I could not pass up this opportunity on taking part in the #sexysummerylingerie flatlay project.

I paired my favourite bra with my Mac Nude Lipstick ‘Angel’. I love wearing this lipstick and it comes in a creamy & soft formula.

I also put in my fave mascara from essence. This lengthens your lashes and makes your eyes pop! This paired with the lipstick is I guess you can say ‘sexy’.

Besides makeup I also had to put in this perfume from Roberto Cavalli. Besides its packaging being a stunner, it smells amazing. My boyfriend bought this for me in Christmas and I love it.

Finally I had to add some floral-y item to the flat lay so I added this fake flower in the mix. I guess this would be my #sexysummerylingerie flatlay which could make me feel sexy and it also looks sexy too.


AdoreMe has a luscious line of bras and panties and sexy plus-size lingerie
(your first one is only $24.95 when you sign-up!). You could click on the links to check them out. Also, here is there  Pinterest where you can check out other #sexysummerylingerie flatlays that have been created.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Love Kezia


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