Sun Laboratories Fake Tanners Review

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I have just uploaded my latest video and am here to write about it and share it with my followers on my blog as well as all the wordpress community.

So a few months ago, I received these 3 products from Sun Laboratories. I was truly grateful for them contacting me and sending me these products.

( I took a while to release my video because I had other collabs that needed to be uploaded before but also because I wanted to make sure that I try out the product and see the results and of course give you an honest opinion!)

They were packed and shipped in such an efficient way!

Their website is –

Before starting to write about their products I would like to share with you all a 10% off Coupon Code when purchasing in your next order!

Just type in KEZZIE when it asks if you have a promotion code and you will get 10% off in your next order!

Again I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Sun Laboratories for their lovely service and management!!

So they sent out 3 of their products from their fake tanners range. I would like to state that all three products are PARABEN FREE and all of them are animal cruelty free!!


I was so hesitant to try these products out simply because I never had the opportunity of trying any such product nor was I looking to get a fake tan. I quite like my fair complexion. I am quite fair even though I live in Malta, however I have to admit that I do get a bit darker during the summer months, because if you don’t know Malta, the sun is ALWAYS shining bright like a diamond during these hot months!

Although when I first tan, I don’t tan into that nice bronzed shade but rather that annoying pink/red sunburnt look!

But anyways …. moving on …

From L to R – Exfoliant Body Gel, Ultra Dark Lotion, Ultra Dark Spray

Firstly I tried the Ultra Dark Lotion which retails for $30.

I was so impressed with this product! It comes in a dark brown liquid form substance. The smell of it is not that pleasing but it is an amazing product.

You simply can use a glove which came with the products and you just rub it gently onto your skin. You have to make sure to blend in the product on your skin, or else when you see the tanned effect you would have patches which are darker and some which are lighter. So make sure you blend in the product so that you can get an even complexion and an even finish!

Now this once you apply it I can tell you that you will be seeing the results after only 30 minutes! You will be getting that fake tanned look in so little time.

And also you can go and apply this in the evening and you can go to be with your mind at rest as the fake tan is NOT … I repeat NOT going to transfer on your sheets.

The only annoying thing that you might find is the grotesque smell .. I don’t know how to describe it, like you have jumped into a pool of playdoh… that’s how it smelt like! But don’t worry the smell wares off and after a good shower in the morning you’re good as new!


That’s when I tried out the second product – the Exfoliant Body Scrub that retails for $9. I used this when applying the fake tanner lotion and they go perfectly well together. This has these tiny speckles and it smells minty fresh. It also moisturises your skin ever so nicely. I really like this product and I love how it makes the tan look more naturally.

Part of me was so worried that I would be turning orange however this did not happen! Only to my legs where I had over applied the lotion, therefore you have to be careful of the amount you apply, and to apply the same amount all over your body. Or else like I wrote before, it would come out as uneven!

I was so happy with these 2 products and their effects on my skin! It left with a lovely natural bronzed look!


The final product was the Ultra Dark Spray which retails for $25. This product I have tried and did not like! With sprays I find that it is more difficult to make sure that you are applying equal amounts all over your skin. This resulted in me having patches which were darker than others, this of course I did not like.

Also like the lotion it has a horrible smell. And unlike the lotion, because of the spray I found that it was not that easily blend-able once applied to the skin. So overall was not happy with this product.

Here is my video with my review –

Thank you once again to all of you who have supported my blog/youtube channel!! Thank you so much!

I hope you enjoyed this review and maybe will try out these products!!

Let me know your comments down below if you have ever used any fake tanners and your experiences with them!

Until next time,

Love Kezia


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