New MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer Shades!!

Hi everyone, 

I come forth with good news!!!!!!

Tomorrow on the online shopping website – new products will be launching!!!

MUA (Makeup Academy) released on their facebook page ( this picture of three new shades from the Velvet Lip Lacquer Range!!


I love the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer range! I really want to do a whole swatch video dedicated on them … must film this!!

The formula of these lipsticks are so moisturising on the lips even though they are a little drying once the lipstick has dried to a matte finish.

In the above picture there looks to be the light blue shade, which if it were me I would not wear. BUT it looks stunning on Sophie Hannah Richardson! And for these final 2 months of summer I think I would wear it … Conclusion – I still want to get it!

The other looks like a frosty pink nude shade that I just am itching to get a hold of.

Then the colour in the middle is a white lipstick and on MUA’s facebook it states that it is a white colour enhancer. From what I can understood is that you put that at the first layer on your lips. And then you apply your coloured lipstick on top.

This will really help in emphasising those highlight colours such as the blue one in the picture. This I cannot wait to try as well as pair it with Zest. Zest is an orange red toned shade which is really bright, so adding the white I think would make it pop!

Who else is excited for these new products?

Love Kezzie


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