My Gluten & Egg Free Diet!

Hi everyone, 

So yes, I am intolerant to Wheat and Egg foods.

Was it a life changer? Of course!

On a daily basis I used to enjoy an egg or some pasta! I love pasta, one of my favourite dishes!

I knew something was wrong with my body. The constant itching, the bruises, the spots! There was something inside, my body was fighting a battle and it was losing!

The worst I think was the itching. I needed to scratch – my back, my hands, my legs! The worst was my head !!

It was horrible! Even in public had to sneak away to just scratch!

Besides that I had bloating and worst of all I felt tired! I felt tired when I did not even do anything that should make me feel this way!!!

And so I did a food intolerance test … I did this in August and from then on I found out that I was intolerant to Wheat and Egg!

It was a shock and a relief! A relief because now I know why my body is acting the way it is acting! But a shock because I had to change my food diet, and those 2 food groups I loved and adored!

I mean especially eggs – I only knew how to fry an egg, boil an egg and scramble one too!

Going from one day thinking you can eat anything to the next having restrictions – it was hard! I think the hardest point came when I could not eat whatever I liked in restaurants whilst my friends ate anything that they liked!

Also cakes – good bye to cakes! No more going out with my friends to take some cake because I would not be able to !!

I live in Malta and gluten free things are still being introduced in local restaurants. There are a few places which I can name on my ten fingers who can offer a wide range of a menu for us – food intolerance peoples – but these are very limited!

I know of places who serve gluten free pancakes or gluten free cakes – but then they would have egg in them so still I would not be able to!

Then there are a lot of restaurants who serve gluten free pasta and pizza but then the price of these would be more than the other ‘normal’ foods! Ridiculous!

I however, have gotten used to this change! Yes I do break it sometimes and suffer the consequences later but I just cannot be too strong when there is my favourite cake standing in front of me !!

Anyways, I made this video about some gluten and egg free foods that I take daily and wanted to share it with you! I will be doing a story time video based on this new change in my life and all that I said above !! Please comment below if you would like to see this !!

Here’s the video – 

I hope you like it ! This was also a collaboration with my friend Elle on youtube.

Here’s a link to her channel –

Here’s a link to her video –

Thank you so much for reading !!

Talk to you laters!

Love Kezzie


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